Elle Wolfe Destroys the World

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Elle Wolfe Destroys the World is a story about a teenage girl, Elly, who discovers that she has unparalleled abilities. Adda and Keaun are two all-powerful beings, known as Enigmas. The two are also rivals, Adda’s purpose being to cause chaos and destruction everywhere that he goes, while Keaun’s goal is to stop him...with his band of misfit aliens of course. When the rivals feel the energy surge of an upcoming Enigma on earth, they race to find her. Elly soon finds herself stuck in a battle between good and evil and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. But what side will she choose?

Scifi / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

The beautiful planet of Saradyll had been quiet and peaceful only a few hours ago. It’s rolling hills of teal sand and vast oceans of ivory water had been still and undisturbed, glistening beautifully in the sunlight. But now the inhabitants of the planet were in peril. The ocean smashed against the land, swallowing up entire civilizations, killing entire populations.

Feuding species came together, attempting to protect each other from the rage of the water. But it was no use. The waves were fast and fierce and destruction befell everything in its path.

They were aware of an all-powerful being, who jumped from planet to planet, from universe to universe all throughout space and time destroying entire planets, killing off entire species. But they had never expected that he would come for them, for their planet. But the time had come and he was here all the same.

He hovered above the masses, above the chaos that he’d caused, staring down at the destruction, his facial features shifting, blurring and ever changing. The sky was swirling menacingly above, comparable to a thousand whirlpools. The outcome looked bleak; all hope was soon to be lost.

And then, very suddenly, a hole opened up in the universe, revealing a lavender orb in the sky. At the arrival of the orb, the all- powerful being’s satisfaction faltered, his smile waned.

The orb hovered above the carnage, looking very serene and out of place when suddenly, a group of individuals hopped out of the orb, itself. They scattered in all directions, attempting to rescue any individuals that had not yet fallen victim to the water.

Last out, was a man. A man who hovered menacingly above the all-powerful one, who now looked downright scared. The man hovered closer and closer, until he was only a short distance from the man that had caused all of this turmoil.

The man who’d caused all of this destruction, considered fighting but thought it better to run, which he was wholly prepared to do when he felt it...A surge of energy...Coming from somewhere off in the universe. A surge unlike any he’d felt in a very, very long while.

One look at his rival’s face and he could tell that he had felt it too. It was the energy surge of an upcoming Enigma...another all-powerful being, such as himself.

He knew he needed to find the source of this energy surge. Knew that if he harnessed this new potential before his opponent did, that he would undoubtedly beat him. And be free to finally travel through the universe doing whatever he pleased, without the constant opposition of this man hovering before him.

The all-powerful being snapped his fingers and in an instant, he was gone. The whirlpools in the sky broke apart, revealing the beautiful sun. The waves stopped crashing and retreated ever so slowly back to the calm state that they’d always been. The ocean retreated, ebbing and flowing backward, revealing all of the destruction that it had caused in its wake. The inhabitants of the planet that had survived the attack, were all a bit worse for the wear but thankful for their lives, all the same.

After helping the inhabitants as best they could, the visitors that had arrived in the orb took their leave, off to find the all-powerful one once more...and stop whatever new mischief that he had planned.

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