Freeing Your Soul

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We are captured within our minds as we live blindly day to day, swallowed by our fears and wants. The only way to free ourselves is to simply open our eyes to what is around us. Come, follow Valina through her awakening to the realizations of this dark world and how she escapes its deadly grasp.

Scifi / Fantasy
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Why do we desire to be free, to roam the forests, meadows and plains? Instincts always on high when your feet touch the untouched, the fresh crystal clear steams coat the small pebbles as you draw closer to the forgotten place. What we call home, is a four wall prison that we chose to trap ourselves inside. Create families and teach them the way of domestication. You lean down and grace the cold water with your delicate virgin fingers and you begin to weep. Tears of sorrow, no, tears of release from prison within yourself. You look to the blue sky and gaze at the tree tops as a smile forms upon you tear soaked face.

You ask yourself, "Why have I not opened my eyes sooner to this majestic place?"

Soon you find yourself running through the trees. Weaving side-to-side as low branches brush across your body as your dopamine rises, your heart pounding hard against your chest, but you ignore any discomfort because you are now free from your four wall prison and societies views.

A switch again, but this time you are in the dark of the night sky. Your vision is weak but once again you look to the sky and behold the many tiny diamond like dots in the sky. The crescent moon shown bright along side the tiny diamonds we call stars. Even alone in the night at a strange place as this, you felt safe. You never want to leave the beautiful place.

A voice, in a whisper, calls to you within your mind. "Valina. You are home now. Forever you shall stay within the depths of the forest."

You startle for a moment, but a warm feeling blankets your mind and body. As, if, someone embraced you to let you know you are safe.

But soon, the warm embrace leaves you alone for the cold to consume. Your senses change and you begin to hear voices, whispers that were not within your mind. Beside you. The voices you can not identify, for they did not belong to anyone you knew.

Your thoughts scatter as you search for some answers. A whisp of perfume tickles your nose and you sneeze.

"She is waking up. Quickly, give another dose before she is fully awake."

You slightly turn your head to the man's voice, you try to lift your heavy lids but they will not budge, not even a little. You begin to hear various alarms from machines that seemed to surround you. But, then a warm tingling sensation runs up your left arm and you return to the forest. As you open your eyes, blinking a few times to adjust your vision you begin to watch the blades of grass sway in the wind. Why, you think to yourself, am I laying on the ground?

The sun warms your skin and you decide to close your eyes and continue to rest. So tired you are, after that experience you feel drained.

For what seemed like a short time you are awakened by a strange noise. Humming? Maybe, or was it buzzing from a machine? You lazily open your eyes and find yourself on a flat, cool rock and near by was a small fire. As you rise, the mesmerizing flame dances about, but you turn your attention in the direction of the humming. It was a masculine tone but no one was near by that you could see. It was dark, and as you looked around you, you notice the sky was not shimmering tonight. But you were not scared, just curious to where the sound was coming from. For sure you knew it was not a machine, but something living. As you stood on your wobbly limbs a deep voice breaks the silence.

"Hello. Finally you have awakened."

You look to each side of you and as you spin around, you stumble of your feet and losing your balance, fall off the stone to the ground. After collecting yourself you look up to find an outstretched hand waiting for you. Further your gaze goes up the arm to meet a pair of glowing yellow eyes. As you search further you begin to see the face of a man.

"Who.... are you?" A whisper of words escapes from you only to be greeted by a devious grin, then a curious response.

"You need not know who I am.... but rather who YOU have become."


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