Freeing Your Soul

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Your Fate, The Fae

As you hold his gaze, you reach out to grab his hand. His hand is large, long fingers wrap around your small hand with ease and with a gental pull you come to stand on your feet. You continue to look deep into his eyes, watching the different colors swirl within. A beautiful white smile graces his perfect face. As you look further you notice the sharp canines.

"I am Ryler, guardian fae from the north. You called for me Valina."

You are taken-aback by his knowing of your name. How does he know you? You called him, but how?

Your puzzled look causes him to erupt in a chuckle. A deep, animalistic rumble comes from him.

"Oh, my dear sweet Valina. You dont remember me at all do you?"

His eyes glimmer as his sweet smile lures you into their depths. You heart beats faster and your cheeks become warm.

"N-no... I d-don't know who you are."

You go to pull away but he pulls you closer to him. You feel his warmth against you, his breathing deepens as does yours. The feelings of safety and comfort fill you as you turn your gaze back to his eyes. Taking his hand he brushes the side of your cheek with the tips of his fingers, then slowly moves them through your long red hair. He moves his face closer to yours. You blush more and your breathing becomes more rapid as your heart feels like it will bust out of your chest at any moment. You slowly close your eyes and wait for his lips to touch yours, but instead he whispers in your ear.

"Valina, wake up."

A bright light seeps through the slits your eye lids have formed. Mumbling can be heard like you are under water.

(Where am I now?)

Thoughts rush through your head as you become more aware but are disrupted by a deep voice.

"You there Valina?"

Recognizing that it is Ryler, you answer back in thought, "yes... I-I am here."

"You need to remember who you are before it is too late."

His voice fades down until the last word was in a whisper, you try to call to him but he does not answer.

Alone again, surrounded by the unknown as fear begins to fill you soul. A sharp pain radiates through you right arm and you flinch, pulling your arm up just a little.

"I thought......why wasn' she is waking up...."

Only parts of the man's voice was heard by you as you came in and out of consciousness. But you understood enough because of the last experience and the fear you felt quickly turned into anger. Your eyes open widely and you begin to look around and as your vision cleared you saw men in white coats and all the tubing and wires that were connected to you as you had seen before.

They look at you and scramble to different tables while grabbing several syringes filled with a green glowing liquid.

(No. No. No. NO!)


You blurt out the word so loudly that for a moment they pause and look at you. Now, you thought is your chance to escape. You muster up all of your strength and to your surprise your body moves quickly as you set up and begin to yank all the wires and tubing from your body. Blood splatters all over the white coats and room. Many coward away but some rushed in and stabbed you with the needled syringes. A loud growl/cry escapes from you. You swing your arm out to them, connecting with their fragile heads your strength craves in their skills and sends them flying across the room. You quickly pull the syringes from your arm and side, tossing them to the floor you quickly stand. Looking around you see no door but your vision is beginning to get blurry.

(No. Please no. N-n-not ag-ain....)

Hitting the floor you pass out from the drugs they injected into you.

(Why am I here? Why am I going through this dream like state?)

"To find answers...."

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