Freeing Your Soul

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Who Am I, Who Are You

A gental breeze flows over your body like a blanket it covers you in its warm embrace. You want to move but your body is numb and weak.

(What happened? I feel.... naked?)

Slowly you open your eyes, at first the light was so bright it hurt your eyes, so you would close them. Your breathing was shallow and you remember some of the past events.

(Who were those people? Did I growl?)

A finger on your right hand twitches. Slowly, feeling begins to return to your body and the pain fades. You open your eyes again and the light is gone. The first thing you see is a naked woman laying down in front of you. You blink in surprise at what you see. She kind of.... looks like you. But her hair is longer and a deeper red, her eyes are no longer green but yellow and the most distinct thing is the long black horns that rose above her head at least three feet. She was beautiful in a terrifying way.

(Is that.... me?)

You weakly lift you shaky hand and reach out to the woman. She mimics your every move and once your fingers connect, she disappears. You are now touching a mirror with no reflection.

"Remember who you are, not what you are "

A dominate womans voice echoed softly around you. Slowly you sit up, looking around you notice the many black mirrors that surround you.

"W-who.... are you?"

Your voice quivers from exhaustion and it from the crazy events that are happening.

"Who am I? Why would I tell you when you don't even know who you are?"

Again this voice echoed around the room with no body to be seen.

Your peripheral vision catches movement and you turn your head to see- Ryler. Your heart skips a beat as some relief sweeps over you and you call out to him but, he only stares at you. Confused, you stand but fall back down do to the wobbling of your legs.

"Ugh! Come on now what is going on! Someone please help me!"

Tears swell in your eyes, as you stare at the mirror with Rylers reflection that begins to fade.

(No. Please don't go.)

The tears stream down your rosey checks as you cry in silence.

"Don't be afraid Valina. You just need to wake up."

You lower your head and watch as the tears wet the black floor below you.

(Wake up? But, I-I am awake.)

Again, you see Rylar appear but he looks different. His blonde hair is longer and he is dressed in clothing you'd see in a fairytale. His is beautiful and soon that woman from before stands with him, being held close in and intimate grasp. You watch as they look lovingly into each others eyes before again they fade away.

"What are you showing me? Why am I seeing this?"

You close your eyes and wait for an answer.

"Who are you?"

"I am Valina."

"That is your name, but who. Are. You?"

You think about what the woman is saying. You try to bring forth any memory that would answer her question, but none come.

"I. I don't know."

You rub your tired eyes and turn to sit on your bottom.

(Please, just let me sleep.)

"No. You must awaken Valina!"

Your eyes pop open and you nearly scream when you looked into the mirror in front of you. You scramble backwards trying to escape the giant red beast before you. It slowly crawls out of the mirror bringing forth one giant red-scaled hand. Black talon-like claws scratch at the floor as it brings forth its head and other hand. You slam into the mirrors behind you, pressing your back as hard as you can against them hoping for an escape. You watch as the head or what looks like a dragon comes forth and towers over you. Smoke spews from its nostrils and it looks down at you with large yellow eyes. Long black horns scrape acrossed the ceiling causing a few sparks to fall down to you. Tears spill forth from your eyes and you almost forget to breathe.

"You must wake up Valina, this world is dark and ruthless. If they find out who you are before you do....."

The voice was now growly and deep but still famine.

(Did the dragon just talk?)

"Remember us, or you will never return."

Then the dragon opened its mouth wide then anything you've ever seen possibly do. A deep growl came with in its gaped mouth that shook the room. Then a deafening roar shattered all the mirrors and you covered your ears with your hands and screamed and the dragons opened mouth came down over you.

Your eyes open and you scream, scrambling to your feet and frantically looking around you. You are surrounded by trees. No dragon. No mirrors. Just the bright sun warming your skin and a gental breeze sweeping across your face. You grab the white dress that now covered your once naked body and you look around again to only see nature is with you once again.

"What the hell just happened? Am I that dragon?"

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