Freeing Your Soul

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The fire before you crackles and pops as the embers glow a hot orange and red you watch the flames in a trance. A feeling of calm has seduced you, even though your stomach objects to the calm thought and choose to rattle it by rumbling in protest to hunger.

"I know, I know. Something will come along that we can eat."

You rub your stomach to sooth it but notice something strange. you blink and are now sitting in a stone room with a small window and a barbed door. As you get to your feet and go to move forward something cold and solid tugs at your wrist and pulls you back. You catch your footing and look down to see what it is and to your horror, you are shackled and chained to the stone wall.

"Why am I here?"

You look around hoping for a sign or a voice that will tell you or perhaps another shift in time. But, nothing happened. Then a voice outside the barred door could be heard. It was faint, but it was there. You try to listen in. A man's voice and he seems to be repeating something.

You blink, again you end up somewhere else that has stone walls but this time your hands are tied above your head and you are hanging from the cieling just inches from touching the wooden floor. Then you notice a stinging pain radiating down and across your back. The feeling of anger and hate fill your very soul, then, that mans voice comes again to your ears. This time you hear what he is saying.

"Shouldn't be long. She is very weak and the only reason she is fighting is knowing her family is alive."

Then a younger sounding mans voice asks the older one in a confused tone.

"I thought we killed her family and clan with that ambush fire?"

The older man hushed the guy.

"Shut up you idiot! If she finds out were are in trouble."

At that moment, memories begin to flood you mind. The thoughts swirl within your eyes as you hang there in utter shock. Before you could see any further the landscape changes once again. Now, you stand at the edge of a cliff, looking to the blue sky and as you watch the clouds float by high above you, tears stream down your face and you slowly fall to your knees.

They murdered your family and clan. You remember coming back from a hunt one night to find the village ablaze. It was a trap from the human clan. A peace treated was to be made and a large gathering was performed with a giant feast. We needed more meat and you volunteered to go hunt. The drinks that were given were filled with a sleeping potion and once most were drugged, a signal was given for the ambush. You remember standing there watching the roaring flames, how could you not have sensed the fire? The smoke was blowing in the opposite direction. Everyone died. So easily trusted an enemy because we were trying to change our savage past.

"No. No.... why is this happening? Why must I be forced to remember?"

You begin to cry, sobbing, you let out all the bottled emotions and scream loud. It echos through the canyon and you remember why you were there, at the cliffs edge.

"I wanted to release the pain. But... I changed my mind."

You stop crying, and as the last tear runs down your cheek you stand up.

"You were there. To guide me through this time of pain..... I remember you more now."

Then, black dragon wings comforth from your back and extend to there full length. You gasp at the feeling it gives you as your mind awakens to what was locked away deep with in you.

You take a step off the cliff and as you fall you close your eyes, letting the wind flow over you. Your vastly approaching the canyon floor, but you don't care, you are becoming free once again.

You hear a swishing sound and you open your eyes to see.... Ryler. Large golden feathered wings hover behind him, his hair is long and his eyes have the same yellow glow. He smiles at you and swoops in, taking you into his arms just before you collide with the rocks below. You let him take you back up to the sky and yet again you find yourself lost in his eyes.

"Do you remember?"

His voice was deep and seductive. Your heart beat faster and a smile forms on your face.

"Yes.... my love I remember you."

He leans in and this time your lips connect with his. A tingling sensation run through your body and the kiss deepens.

(Stop them before it is to late... you must AWAKEN!)

You jolt back as immense pain surges through your body causing you to fully transform into the dragon you are. You roar as something is causing your head to throb in pain.

Your eyes open as you scream out, again you find yourself on a cold metal table with wires and tubes connected to you. White coated people surround you with syringes in their hands ready to attack. You hold your breath and your heart beat pounds in your ears.

(Enough.... this will end here and now.)

"All of you are going to die...."

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