Freeing Your Soul

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The Beginning of the END

Your muscles tighten as the blood pulses through your veins, shifting was painful but you were used to it. The white coat people plunged the needles deep inside your veins, you could feel the toxic fluid surging through you, but it did not stall your change.

They step back from you, with horrified expressions on their faces, as your bodies joints dislocate and the sound of bones cracking echo around the room. Your face elongates and the black horns grow from the top of your head like the dragon you seen in the mirror.


One man hollered to the rest.

As your body grew, the wires and tubes snapped off, spilling liquid and causing sparks to scatter across the floor. They scramble to get to the exit but your form blocked it, your back presses against the cieling as you are still growing. You let out a roar and with it fire pours out of your mouth consuming each and everyone of the fools.

The ceiling groans under your pressure and cracks causing the cieling to crumble above you. You lift your ginormous form out of the room, flames and debris scatter around you. Your bright yellow eyes take in the dark forest that surrounds you, the building you just demolished was the only one around. A deep rumble starts in your throat then travels up your long neck and out your mouth in a earth shaking roar.

This was real. This was no dream any longer. Now, to find the one who placed you here and destroyed your clan.

Large black wings stretched out beside you and in one flap you lifted off the ground and into the air. Looking down, you see the rubble below and with a snort from your nose, a fire ball shoots forth and finishes the destruction of the facility.

You give a sound of satisfaction and with another flap of your wings you leave the area, not sure where you'll end up next but you have a few places in mind. It was time for you to be the hunter and not the prey.

Thoughts run through your head as you glide above the clouds. Just you and the sound of the wind hitting your wings. You wonder how you were trapped there, you remember the relationship you have with Ryler the Guardian Fae, but you can't remember how you met him and how he was able to come to you in that dream-like state. And so many more questions clogged your mind and there were no answers or memory to them.

(I'll go to an old witch's how that I remember calling Grandma many years ago. She may be able to find something out for me, if she is still living.)

Nikya, was a witch that practice ancient dark magic. She took a liking to you when you were very young. You remember the stories your mother told you on how the witch thought you held a special place in the universe and one day we would witness this great phenomenon.

You shake your head, thinking the lady was crazy at that time and now you wonder if she wasn't trying to tell you and the rest something more.

You fly lower, breaking through the clouds and as you do you look below searching for a sign the witch usually gave for the ones she trusted to see. It changed every time someone visited her. As you looked you finally caught a glimpse of something purple shimmering in the distance.

"There you are."

You give your wings one good flap to speed up the flight. You've wasted enough time and it was running out.

As you flew over the purple shining object you decide to land a bit further from it. One time you tried to enter right where the sign was and you were electrocuted and thrown a few yards away from the spot. If you were anything else you would have died.

Once you land in a small clearing you shift down to a more human-like figure. In this form, the things that resemble a dragon are, skin color, wings, horns, fangs, yellow slit eyes, claws and a tail. Otherwise, your figure is human like. You push back your reddish black hair and taking a few steps you start towards the shimmering light.

The forest was quite, which was normal when you were close to a witches home.

Finally, you reach the beginning of the force field and you stretch out your hand. Just before you touch it you recite the incantation that will open the way through.

"In the dark of night, I call upon you, to save me from the evil within me and the evil that surrounds me. A price I shall pay, for if I fail to pay my dues, I will forfeit my life to you..."

A blinding bright purple light shines, causing you to close your eyes and step forth. You knew if you did not trust the door to be opened, even if you couldn't see, then it would close and force you away. The light dims and you feel the energy slide over you, it stops and that is when you open your eyes. The force field closed behind you and a small, simple cottage stood before you. It looked very aged, with moss and vines growing on ever inch of the small building. Now you could hear the forest come to life. Toads croaking, tiny insects buzzing and the slight wind whistling through the trees. It was dark and gloomy but alive and peaceful.

A warm smile crosses your face as many childhood memories fill your mind. You proceed forward, she already knows you're here so there was no need to announce yourself.

You approach her door and lift your hand to knock when you stop suddenly due to a flash of memories bombard you vision. Holding your breath you try to calm yourself so you can make sense of these memories.

Voices fill your ears, laughs, cries, people calling your name, and then they stop on one. Your alone in the forest, and you must be in your early teens. You are crying and yanking at your leg, but why? You come closer to yourself and see that your foot is caught in a trap. You don't remember this. Your startled by something, so you turn to where you are looking and see... Ryler. He looks the same, he approaches you cautiously as you growl and curse at him, warning him not to come any closer. But, he doesn't listen and comes to you saying something that you can't hear. It seems to calm your young self and you allow him to remove the trap. You look up to him as you sit on the ground and you remember that this was the day you two first met and fell in love.

You gasp as you come back from the flash back. Letting out the breath you held in, returning your attention to the door you knock twice.

You wait for a few moments, thinking about the memory that just came back to you.

(I wish these memories would come back quicker. I need to know where Ryler is and who did this to me and my clan.)

The door creaked as it slowly opened up and you take in a deep breath, anxious to see your old friend you called Grandma.

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