Moon child

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Eve has kidnapped 13 years ago but she was rescue by something or someone years later she met Alexander by accident he cannot stopping calling her mate But things get bad and she had to left her life to go living in the moon pack

Scifi / Fantasy
Nina Mansour
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13 years ago part : 1

13 years ago

I start to open my eyes hardly. Everything was dark, the only light coming from a door in front of me.

I tried to move but every part in my body hurt, my hand was tight, my legs to.

I try to remember what’s happening.
my name is EVE, last thing i remember that I was listening to my parents fighting and yelling.

I was so scared, sitting behind the stairs listings to them.
My mom:«it’s all your fault you are who involved us with your problems.»
My dad:«its family business, we can’t escape from it , we have to , it’s our duty, making this word better...»
«you promise me from the start when we marry that you would not involve with that, you promise me »
«I’m sorry ok ... I don’t have any other choice»

My parents were not like that, yelling, fighting.
They were in loved, they never fight, just love and happiness.
But everything has changed since that day.
When someone knocked the door and made my dad leave the house in a hurry

I don’t know what was this family business, I never meet my father or my mother family but all I know that they did a bad thing....

Since that day my parents change they become fighting everyday, yelling,

my mom always crying, I was scared and angry, I even start to hate my father for making her crying....

I can’t handle that anymore. I needed to escape, I needed to stop their scream...

So I just make my way forward the door and I go out.

I was running, I wasn’t known where to go , I just want to escape...

Then something hit me , and everything went black.

Those are the last things that I remember...

Now I’m stuck here unably to free myself
I wasn’t scared being in this dark place, I never be scared from the darkness, for 6 years old girl that was pretty weird

I tried again and again to free myself, but without useless.
I’m not the kind of girl who lost hope easy.
So I just keep trying,...
Until the rope finally start to open
I freed my hands then I go fast to free my legs it was really hard to,
but finally I was free

Without wasting any moment here, I go straight to the door, lucky me it was open

I open the door quietly, then I fond myself-in the middle of Forrest, I lock around, there were just trees.

I decided to start to escape before its to late.

I was walking carefully in the woods not only 30s, then something stranger coming from the trees.
It was a man, and he was hiding his face, I froze in my place than he says with a deep voice that make my hair stand:«are you going somewhere little girl ?»
Then something in my brain tells me to run, run ,I was freezing in a moment, unable to move, run,..

Without even felling myself, I ran, with all my strength, avoiding all the pain, all my exhaust,

It was really hard to run between the trees, dark, only the moon light, I wasn’t care about where i put my foot, I was just running,to save my soul.

The man still behind me, then a strong voice come, it was a gun shout, it freaked me out, then I just find myself falling to the ground, my head hit something, my body hurt,

I was unable to move, then the man stop running.
And he faces me putting the gun in front of me , ready to shouts.

I wasn’t expected to die like this, or in this age.

But I was ready to die, ready to accept my fate...

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