A New World Made by the Guardians

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Chapter 2

“Are you ready?” Kronos asked as he appeared behind me while I stare out the window. “I know this will be difficult, but you should….take your time.” I rolled my eyes. The Guardian of Time was quoting about time.

“Shut up, Kronos. I’ll be fine.” I didn’t believe myself but it’s worth a lie. I looked at my six-foot-one best friend beside me. His auburn hair was messy but nice to look at. He was—once again—topless. Showing his perfectly toned abs. His deep blue eyes were staring at my currently gray eyes. “Go get a shirt, for crying out loud.”

He smiled and said, “If you did make a mistake, I’ll make a tiny adjustment with time.” He winked, put on his shirt, and stood quietly as he looked at me. “What are you waiting for? I want to watch!”

I sighed and looked out the window again. It was dark unlike before. When I first looked out this window the day I got chosen, my heart was filled with amazement. Blue sea and green lands. Everything was perfect. Humans cared about nature.. Though there was some violence, it wasn’t like this. It became uncontrollable.

I opened the window and stepped out. My dark red wings with some feathers continuously changing its colour sprung behind my back. I closed my eyes and focused all my energy into making a new world. Mother Earth specifically told me to eradicate all unoccupied lands and combine the occupied ones together. That would mean a hell of a strong earthquake and also a massive amount of my powers. I have to create a new country….and a bridge. This is too much for a weak girl but I must obey and this is for them.

A hand touched the top of my dark-haired head. Kronos was beside me. “I could slow down time in Earth to avoid maximum horror,” he said. His blue with silver wings were out. “I know you’re scared so I brought the whole team to carry you once you pass out or to support you. Whatever.”

I looked behind me and saw Vito, the Guardian of Life and Death, with his pure white wings showing its glory. Beside him was Zacharias, Guardian of the Mind and Memories, his gray wings out. All of us look beat. Whatever that is happening now in Earth has taken an intense effect on us. Zacharias hasn’t had a nice sleep because of all the nightmares. And those nightmares? They’re real. From man’s mind and thoughts.

With my eyes closed while facing Earth, I raised my hands and concentrated. I could feel time slowing down in Earth and the lands moving. A lot of lands have been unoccupied with needed to be destroyed. Because it can no longer be saved. I moved lands while destroying unoccupied ones fast. Faster than I could control.

As soon as it was finished, I concentrated again to make a new land. A land that would be the new place for the humans. A land to call their own with rules they should obey. A land that will be governed by us.

A new world made by us, guardians.

As soon as I finished and before I could even start making the houses and other things needed to be in a city, I passed out.

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