A New World Made by the Guardians

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Chapter 3

After my non-intended slumber, I lay awake on my bed in the comfort of my room. I’ve been asleep for four days. It was that intense. And I know that I’ve been asleep for that long since I’ve been best friends with Kronos even before we got chosen. I was supposed to be the Guardian of Time. I know about clock work just as well as Kronos.

I turned to my side and saw him sleeping on the couch in my room. He was topless again. I sighed. Jacob, that’s his human name. We were all humans before we got chosen. It was about a couple of thousands of years ago. Or maybe three. I couldn’t keep track anymore.

“Kronos,” I called. “Help me up.” He opened his eyes and in a split second he was beside me. He speeds his own time to appear like he runs like the Flash. Although, maybe that’s his given ability in addition to his foreseeing ability. But I do fancy teasing him about that.

He helped me sit down and gave me a glass of water. “You did great,” he said. “We’re sure we can finish everything today. Then, we appear in front of them.”

“I have the energy, I think I can make the city now.”

“No. You need to eat first. Mother said that you can continue later in the afternoon as soon as you’re finished with your lunch.” In a blink of an eye, he appeared in front of me with a tray of food.

“Stop speeding your own time to make it look like you’re flash.”

“I have the ability of speed. I don’t speed up my own time!” He laughed and gave me the tray. “Do you want me to feed you?” I nodded with a blush. My arms are too weak to even carry a spoon. Every guardian is weak already. That’s why I was hesitant with my task in this. I have to use too much power. If the humans did change, we’ll revitalize and be normal again.

After what was supposed to be my lunch I was outside of my room to join the others. I was leaning on Kronos the whole walking time. I sat on the sofa in the living room where the other guardians and Mother Earth were.

“Four days,” Mother Earth started. “It took you four days to regain consciousness. We were worried. It’s weird to see you weaken like this, Ember.” I sat back on the sofa and looked up at the ceiling. I was considered as the most powerful in the group because of my abilities. Kronos guided my head so that it’ll rest on his shoulder. “Are you ready for later?”

“Yes,” I said. “It’ll just be a bit more, right?”

“Of course, dear. After that, you won’t have to use your powers for a while.”

She stood up and went inside the room where the window is. Vito and Zachariah followed. Kronos took my hand and walked with me. “I’m sure you’ll be okay,” he told me. “The humans, though, they’re terrified.”

“They should be. That’s not even my full power.”

We stood in front of the window. They were all looking at me with anticipation. I sighed. Too much pressure, I thought. I opened the window once again and flew outside. The three other guardians followed with Kronos a few feet away from me. Then all at once, we flew downwards towards Earth.

We landed on an unoccupied land with green grass and tall trees. The wind was clean and the temperature was right. It was indeed the New Earth. The New City. Yes, that’s what we’re calling this place. I made this. For the humans that were the reason behind all this. But this time, we’ll be in charge.

Vito was gathering dirt and turning them into animals. Zachariah and Kronos were sitting down on the grass watching. I touched the ground with both hands and the land started to shake. I created the New City in my head and tried to physically form it. One by one, buildings started to appear without even bothering the trees. The buildings grew tall and strong. The city was huge. Every last human beings on Earth could fit here. At the center of the city is a tall elevated land with our house’s replica situated on it. That’s where we will stay. We will literally look over this world.

I feel on my knees after. Every building in a spiral order with our house in the middle. The churches was well distributed and every religion will be respected. Parks, stores, and mini-malls were also created. Everyone will be sorted accordingly. Each human will be assigned to a place along with people whom they might hate or like.

“Good job,” Vito said. “A few more to go then we’re done.”

I took a deep breath and stretched my arms to either side. River. Mother Earth told me to surround the city with something natural and something that won’t make them feel like prisoners. Water started to occupy a depressed land and flowed naturally. It was connected to the sea where I placed this new city. Beyond my river was millions of trees. Trees that are so tall and many that you’ll get lost when you try to go out.

I turned to the other side where a few miles away was the combined land that I made that contained the surviving humans. I made a bridge that will connect them to this city. Later when we explain everything to them, they will occupy this place.

“It’s time,” Kronos said.

Our wings sprung out and we headed out to the humans.

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