Death Is Nothing, When Considered

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“Family Ties”

John rematerialized atop a large stone in the midst of a battle. He saw primitive arrows flying through the air over him. His first instinct was to find cover, but as he moved forward he felt that he was chained to a stone with large railroad-like spikes. After a minute or two, he realized that the stone was protected by some sort of overlaying force, similar to a small force field.

A voice resonated from the stone itself.

“John. Do not fear. Fear is common only to the weak, and your post lineage is far from that of a commoner.”

Out of the rock emanated a giant creature. Two other figures arose with him; one on each side. The giant creature at the center had the shape of a large beast, but his substance was as dark as the endless space John had observed his entire life in the night sky. His name was Malak-Ul-Maut.

The figure to his left appeared blurry with a goats head. He became inappreciably more visible as John turned his head and used only his peripheral vision, but looking at him directly would cause fogginess in appearance. His name was Manah, the creator of an ancient being entitled Aka Manah. His eyes, although blurred, were empty and conveyed a feeling of emptiness when peering into his soulless eyes.

The figure on the right however, was concealed in a cloak and named Asagee. His true form could not be viewed by anyone, including himself. In spite of his current state of being, it was rumored that at one point it was possible, and that he resembled his mythological equal, Asag. Asagee was born out of the Sumerian idea of the demon Asag, and gave resonance to the power of a simple idea that flourished throughout a race of people long forgotten.

John, tired of surprises but looking forward to finding his family in the afterlife, spoke with a passion, “Where is my family?”

None of the creatures responded. John tried again.

“Will I even get to see them again?”…still no answer. All who were present sat silently for a short time, as John forged for his words. “Where are we?” This evoked a response from Malak-Ul-Maut.

“Ask the right questions and we will answer. We are in what you would call ‘the afterlife’, though if we have a correct understanding of your understanding of the definition, then your idea is too broad for what the truth really is. We refer to where you are now as the Low Realm. Souls are not simply dispensed and separated into an admirable or malevolent category for eternity based upon one’s beliefs while they are shortly occupying Earth. What sort of justice or logic would that accomplish to send souls indefinitely to a place where they will either be tortured or rewarded? The answer is none. We are not defined as creatures that sway to either side with human intentions or emotions, thus we are unbiased in our decisions.”

John spoke up, but with a shake in his voice.

“I’m confused. As I look around, it seems the evil are here and are subjected to war and violence, whereas the good are confined to graveyards living…or um…are having mediocre but safe lives.”

Manah responded in a deep, guttural voice from Malak-Ul-Maut’s left side.

“You do not perceive the entirety that is the dead, so why would you assume anything?”

For a creature that is not supposed to withhold emotions, Manah seemed offended. Malak-Ul-Maut reclaimed his position as speaker.

“You see many men and women here correct, John?”

“Yeah…” John responded as he viewed his surroundings.

“All, but one is illusionary. You see, The Six gather at graveyards because they created those people that occupy it.”

John was taken aback by this.

“So all those people I met and shared experiences were…I mean, are fake?”

Malak-Ul-Maut nodded.

“Yes, the Six are merely storytellers who bargained with the great Partitioner to create an ‘ease’ into the knowledge of being self-aware that a person is deceased. The great Partitioner is the one who created the realms and their borders that exist outside the world of the living; the world you and all humans come from. The first of the realms is called, the Entrance Realm, or as you know it, the graveyard.

Your next realm visitation is based upon what attachments you died with. If you have an unresolved issue that does not need to be carried over into further realms, we place you here in the Low Realm to resolve this issue. You work through it as many times as needed until you are fully rid of the problem.

The man you see before you, 38 feet away, is resolving his issue of fear. He served in the military and fought in the Hundred Years’ War. He died, more specifically, in the War of Saint-Sardos in 1324, (according to your timeline on Earth.) He has been battling for many centuries and has yet to overcome his fear and abandonment issues for his wife and young daughter. He will continue to spend his time replaying the moments leading up to his death until he finds the strength to conquer his inward afflictions. Once he does, if ever, he will pass on to what is called the Summer Realm. It is a place of rest and comfort; a place where basic physics are easily manipulated and families reunite in bliss.

The reason I am explaining all of this to you is due to the fact that someone in your bloodline has committed a dangerous and unexpected deed. I therefore, am having my hand forced by the atrocity to let you pass not only the Low Realm, but the Summer Realm as well.”

John was taken aback by this. He had so many questions.

“Wait, who from my family? Is the Summer Realm not the final resting place for everyone? Can I not find my whole family there?”

The creature leaned down toward John to speak; he could feel the creature’s energy analogous to static electricity upon his skin.

“Regrettably no, the majority of spirits are in the Summer Realm, though some rarely extend to higher, harder to reach realms. The realms are nameless and eventually lead to the Partitioner. Your spirit is filled with happiness and perfect contentment as you become one with her. This was all theoretical though since no spirit had ever reached that height. We are even unable to go there. As immense as our power is, we can only view it. Somehow though, all of this information withstanding…your son got there.”

John’s face fell pale as he gasped for air. He could not speak for a moment. He finally found the ability to use his words.

“My son…” He looked toward the stone and back up at Malak-Ul-Maut as he became louder in his disbelief, “My son? My son achieved that? That’s…amazing…”

Malak-Ul-Maut leaned even closer, within inches of John’s face.

Malak-Ul-Maut returned with, “It is not.”

“Why?” John inquired defensively.

The creature withdrew his head and appeared distressed and/or annoyed.

“When the two met in suspension, an odd occurrence followed: The Partitioner was instantly with child. It will be a mix of human and higher being. The repercussions of this are boundless in all directions. We have always lived in a perfect separation of higher being and human in this galaxy. Chaos will surely ensue from this...”

The creature became lost in his own thoughts. John could only cry with a bit of hysterical, under-the-breathe laughing. Nothing was expressed for some time. Meanwhile, the other two creatures stood fervently in place.

“What…what will happen?” John said. His questioning nature quickly turned to anger out of frustration. “You all have some sort of dominance over the entire universe and you can’t think of one thing to do to save my son from this: CHAOS!?”

The Malak-Ul-Maut corrected him in his original pace, despite the hurried nature of John’s extrication of words.

“The laws and realms I’ve explained are only existent in this galaxy. Outside of that is of no concern of ours, nor is it in our best interest to mess with those beings that exist further out in space. We take care of this galaxy and nothing else.”

John was beyond self-suppression at this point with the way he felt and acted, “Who in the hell gave you these powers or…or your existence? You don’t deserve them!” John stumbled over his words.

Manah spoke once more.

Hold your tongue or I shall take it.” Manah said loudly and firmly in his low tone. His voice shook the very stone that held John in place. John quivered as he disengaged from his previous assertiveness.

“Violence and forcefulness will do nothing since the Partitioner is more powerful than we are.” Malak-Ul-Maut said. “She created us after all, having assimilated the ideas of man’s core fears and bonded them with actuality and physical presence. The way to stop this is through reasoning. We will make it so that you are able to speak with your son, but you have to explain to him what is at risk if he does not comply. If our two worlds mix, the original inhabitants of this planet will not take kindly to it.”

“Original inhabitants?” John asked.

Malak-Ul-Maut answered quickly.

“A race known as, Xaphnu - they created the Partitioner after witnessing the evolution of humans. They wanted to create a being that could manipulate space and time, since they had already figured out how to within their galaxy, (and only this galaxy). They expected and still expect great achievements from your race and thus, wanted you to be able to play with physics further in a dimension at the center of the Earth of their own creation. That is where all of the realms exist of your afterlife and where you are currently. They strive for perfection, and if their plans are ruined, they will consider us a nuisance or a beast as a whole that needs to be destroyed. This is why you must speak to your son - not solely for your own survival, but for the entire system in place of beings.”

John did not have to deliberate with himself. He agreed immediately. The creatures and the scenery warped around John. His chains, the stone, and the force field were all gone as well. As everything became clear again, he and the 3 creatures stood inside of a blue orb. Malak-Ul-Maut spoke directly to John.

“Stay quiet until I say you may speak. Your son will be able to see and hear you from this moment on, but only you. He will not be able to view us here with you, nor will he be able to hear anything we say to you. Do not reference anything to us. Your sound waves alone will project through the orb around you and amplify to a point that he will be able to hear you. It is our hope that he will respond. Begin speaking.”

John angled slightly away from the creatures and began speaking.

“Son, are you there? It’s your dad.” A moment went by. “Son?” He spoke once more, only this time he was answered.

“Father?” A voice answered in surprise.

“Son…” John began to tear up. His heart filled with joy just from that one word. “It’s so good to hear your voice. Oh god…I’m told you’re in trouble son.”

“I’m far from that, father. I have never been as happy as I am now. I’m having a child.” His son spoke calmly and in control. His father could sense his matureness. This was unlike anything that John could have foreseen for his only child.

“Son, I’m told that the repercussions from this are…well, far from desirable. Do you know why I’m being told this?” John asked.

A serious tone laced the conversation as his son began speaking again.

“You’re told by whom? Malak and his band of misfits? Their opinion is of no concern to me. The Partitioner will be dealing with them soon. How exactly do they feel I should handle the situation anyway? Are they suggesting I murder my spawn out of the possibility that something might happen? Ridiculous. They will burn for this.” A realization struck him. “Wait…the only way you could be able to speak with me is through a transference orb…NO!”

Malak-Ul-Maut suddenly spoke up and advanced toward where John was standing.

“Thank you, John. Only you could get us close enough to your son. All we needed was a response from him to pinpoint his location.”

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, FATHER!? They will kill me!” John’s son yelled.

John put his hands up in a stopping motion and said, “You used me to get to my son!?” He then directed his words toward his son. “I swear, son, I didn’t know!”

Suddenly a blinding light surrounded them all. The Partitioner appeared. She was beautiful and had human characteristics as well as long blonde hair and a pleasant face. Her body was too effulgent to view by John, but she emitted a heat that was calming and terrifying at the same time. No one could speak in her presence unless she allowed it.

“Oh, Malak, if this was not part of my divine plan, do you not think I would have stopped it by now. All I have ever dreamed of was the day that a human spirit may reach my existence. Now I no longer have to be controlled by the periodic surveillances of my creators. Once our child is born, he will self-replicate with power to change forms and give way to a new race for this galaxy. No realms. No boundaries. No separation…just reality. Our descendants will live alongside the Xaphnu race, and not beneath them: equality at last. You may speak, Malak-Ul-Maut. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Malak-Ul-Maut stood within his own quietude for a moment, and then responded.

“We thought you may respond this way. We have respected you since our creation, but once this occurred, we knew that we had to devise multiple plans to stop it. We have already called out to the Xaphnu and informed them of the situation. They responded during John and his son’s exchange of conversation and thanked us for the information. They then told me that it did not matter what happened concerning your future conception of a new being, for death will come to us all soon either way, though if the child survives, they will take it.”

“What do you mean ‘death to us all’, Malak-Ul-Maut? They will not take my offspring!” The Partitioner said concerned, but trying her best to stay authoritative.

“They told me a creature lives undetected at the center of the Earth. They call it Kahseer and said one day it will consume the Earth and its resources, thus the Xaphnu race will eventually destroy the planet to take make sure that the creature never escapes Earth’s boundaries in order to cause more havoc throughout our galaxy and possibly further.

You see, it matters not if your offspring survives or not, but if it does, they will take it. We are by definition, meaningless in the scheme of events here. If they are willing to destroy the planet they love and once lived on to stop this beast, why would you not believe that our existence is of a miniscule concern to them?”

John and his son were stunned. The Partitioner wept.

After the transference orb incident, the Xaphnu race showed up shortly after. The Partitioner was quickly obliterated, but not before the child was extracted. The realms were destroyed, making it so that all human life simply met in a metaphysical arena of other consciousness’s as they died. Here, there was no discernible original thought or awareness; it could only be described as a confusion of once lived ideas and thoughts, that the Xaphnu watched over. John and his son’s spirits were broken down and sent to the metaphysical arena.

The humans on Earth lived for many millennia after this occurrence. Each person who died and had spawned a floating consciousness was sent to the arena to mesh with the others and lose all sense of individuality and purpose. Religions and talks of the afterlife became extensively more irrelevant and yet, as long as humans lived on Earth, these ideas and assumptions of what occured after death continued.

The child was held in an unborn state indefinitely within an artificial womb. Earth was eventually destroyed as a result of the cleansing and following elimination attempt on the theoretical beast at the center of the planet in 33098. The Xaphnu made sure to destroy the entire planet so that the Earth’s fragments and its atmosphere could not be held together by virtue of its own gravity. After Earth was no more, the Xaphnu left the galaxy in pursuit of other planets in galaxies elsewhere.

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