Ways To Survive

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***** What happens when a teenager falls into the world of one thing that he never really thought he would? This is a story about a teenager named L and his adventure in a world full of walking dead. ***** This is my first novel so guys I hope to learn much more. One more thing that I am more addicted to find books than novel while reading things so you all may find certain things like comic so I would request if you find any mistake you can write it in the comments.

Scifi / Horror
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Chapter 1 - AND The Virus spreads cliche

Start writing here…“This is ABD news.”“As per the weather reports it's quite a sunny day and…… , We have a emergency message to be delivered as requested by BDC and as per our report there are several cases of unidentified virus spreading quickly. Citizens are asked to remain indoors and avoid contact with the infected at any cost.”“The infected may have symptoms of nausea, high fever, aggressiveness and may even resort to cannibalism. It has been advised to immediately isolate the infected and those with any bite or scratch.”“In response to this situation the police force have been deployed at various places and schools are colleges are now ordered to be shut down.”

“GOD damnit” shouts Daniel.“Calm down honey, you should not take so much stress. ” says Emma giving Daniel a glass of water.“Well yeah, you should shut up it would also reduce noise pollution you know.” “Oh yeah? Then do me a favour L and remind me who here among both of us has a girlfriend.” “Well don't challenge me I have to keep up my grades other wise I would have got a girlfriend by now.” Just as their argument starts to increase they are cut off by the principal who announced that due to the news the college is now closed and all the students are requested to move out in an orderly fashion.
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