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In a city surrounded by unknown monsters, each child between the age of 14 and 18 has to take part in a simulation where they have to escape the monsters and gain freedom from the city. One day, Seraphina does the unthinkable: she fights them. Waking up in a mental hospital from the way she reacted, she realises that, with the help of her friends, she must escape the city and the Government, and fight the monsters again. But what will happen when they come face to face with them for real?

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Chapter 1

We had lived here forever. At least for me it was forever. For some people their whole lives. For others only half of theirs. Our city was surrounded by large metal walls, keeping us safe from the outside, though it felt more like keeping us in. Out the safety of the walls, we were told of a maze-like path where monsters lurched behind every corner waiting for their next victim. So we weren’t allowed to leave.

Instead the government, created a new law to try and free us from the world we were trapped in. It was called the Simulation.

The law stated that every day, each child between the age of 14 and 18 must complete the simulation. Each child would be plugged into this machine with a helmet secured on their head, where they would be in a simulation. The simulation would show them the edge of the city, where the large metal walls stand. The aim of the simulation is to try and find a way through the walls without the monsters behind them getting you.

That’s why we can’t leave this place. It’s surrounded by monsters. For decades, the government have been trying to find ways to get past them, but it hasn’t been achieved yet.

Anyway, back to my story.

As I slipped my hard clunky boots onto my feet, I peered out of the little window by my bed, into the fresh morning. Down in the streets below, thousands of children were making their way to the Simulation Hall.
“Seraphina.” Called my dad.
“Sef.” I corrected. “I know I’m late.Very late.”

Grabbing my bag and an apple from the kitchen, I hugged my father goodbye and ran out of the flat.

Stepping out into the fresh air of the outside world, a blast of cool air brushed against my cheek and I shook it off. I gazed into the dark sky above my head, covered with thick, black clouds waiting to rain down on me if I took another step out. But I had to go. I had to or else they would come for me.

I jumped down the stairs in front of the building of flats we lived in and gazed into the crowds of children in front of me. Where was he?
‘Pax?’ I called into the crowds, getting many funny looks. ‘Pax where are you?’
But he wasn’t there. He must have been swept up in the crowds and be much further along in the streets.

Sighing, I walked along with the crowd, my head bowing down so I wouldn’t catch anyone’s eye. Around me, I heard thousands of voices chattering happily, about a test coming up in school, about their new pet, about a party tonight. But I shut of my ears and tried to remain silent. Something, however caught my attention from next to me. Two boys, about my age maybe older, were whispering and I wanted to listen too.

‘This is stupid, why do we even bother.” Whispered one to the other. ‘There’s no point in doing this; the government are wasting their time.’
‘Yeah, but what can we do about it?’ Replied the other.
‘I dunno.’ Said the first one, finishing their discussion.

They looked so similar, I thought they must have been twins. And they didn’t agree with the governments methods. I wanted to ask them about it, but realised it was too late: we had arrived.

The Simulation Hall was the largest building in the city. It was a large rectangular building with 20 floors.Walking into the main reception hall, hundreds of children made there way to the lifts at the end of the hall, and I spotted a small group of young, frightened children listening to the instructions. This was their first day.

I remember my first day so clearly. It was a bright sunny morning in April and I was extremely nervous and excited at the same time. I went to the Simulation with my best friend Pax, with a wide grin painted across my face. Inside, the place was so daunting. Thousands of children, some accompanied with adults were everywhere, and then suddenly it was only me, Pax and a few others. We were the newbies. A tall, stern woman led us into another room to be register and tested, before she led us into different rooms. I remember walking into a tiny, rectangular room with barely anything inside except from a frightening machine and another stern looking man. Then I was placed on the machine which looked like some sort of bike, and fitted with a huge metal helmet on my head, blinding my vision. And then it began.

Now I am used to the process. I mean I have completed the same routine everyday for 2 years and 54 days. Now I have a small room up on the 3rd floor which I go to everyday instead of the first one I went in and the adult only stays a short while, to hook me in and start the simulation.
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