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Dark Omega

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Divided star kingdoms, ruled by nobles claiming descent from the gods of antiquity, are busy feuding and warring with one another, oblivious to the rising darkness. Marcus Aurelian, an agent serving the mysterious Dragon Order, is on an interstellar mission to locate a secret weapon codenamed 'the Maiden' that could turn the tide and save humankind. Join Marcus as he explores the mysteries of the past while trying to stay one step ahead of his enemies in the present. Will he manage to unlock the secrets of the Maiden in time to save humanity?

Scifi / Fantasy
Felix M. Bloom
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More than four thousand years have passed since humankind stood on the brink of destruction. Four millennia since the gods of antiquity fell from the heavens and shattered against the Earth. Reborn as demigods, these divine scions joined forces under the Dragon banner and led the beleaguered human race to victory over the Legions of Shadow.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, humanity stretched its wings and soared between the stars, ushering in an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity. This Golden Age could not last forever. The last Autarch—first amongst the mighty Tetrarchs of Gaea—died without designating any heirs, leaving the Apex Throne empty. Each of the nine Archons, high lords of the realm, quickly laid claim to the throne, plunging the galaxy into chaos and strife.

The devastation caused by the Titanomachy is only a memory now, but the worlds of the fallen Dominion have been thrust into a dark age. Successor Kingdoms, ruled by power-hungry nobles claiming divine descent, squabble and wage war on one another. Meanwhile, the priests of the Conclave subvert the teachings of the Pantheon to serve their own grubby needs, the dispassionate disciples of the Technocracy continue to assert their stranglehold on advanced technology, and the magisters of the Collegium use their mastery of psychic abilities for nothing but personal gain.

The worst is yet to come: Ragnarök—the final battle, the death of the gods, the end of the world—draws near. The children of Earth stand divided and weak, while their enemies are powerful beyond imagining. But all is not lost: even in these dark times, some still fight for the light. Foremost among them, the indomitable warriors of the Ordo Draconis—the Dragon Order.

Lady Xerza, a servant of the Dragon, has learned about a weapon—codenamed ‘the Maiden’—that could hold the key to victory over the Shadow. Not wanting to alert her enemies, who have managed to infiltrate the highest echelons of the Order, she secretly sends her best, most trusted agent—legate Marcus Aurelian—to investigate…

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