Paths Vol. 1: Everyday Life

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Ever dreamed of having superpowers? Well, in this world there exist and are known as SAs. Caleb Green is a spice deliverer and gets bullied by Maxwell Ale in middle school. Despite having a childhood friendship, Maxwell bullies Caleb for a having plant SA. Caleb dreams of entering Robins Rising Heros High School. Along the end of middle school, Caleb meets a compassionate young woman named Liliana. Can Caleb manage to the test to enter the high school?

Scifi / Thriller
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1: Hard Work

Caleb's basket of saffron was the edge of the bike. "I'm almost there!," I told to myself. Caleb spawned vines from his hands to stop his bike. "Whew!" I said with relief. "Here's your 12 pounds of saffron, Mr. Williams!" I said with enthusiasm. Caleb set the heavy basket on the counter. "Thanks a lot, Caleb. You're a really hardworking man." Mr. Williams told to me. "You really think so?" I questioned. "Of course! You deliver spices to ny Cafe every day. Harvesting the saffron, cardamom, nutmeg, gangal, and nutmeg must be timetaking." Mr. Williams said. "In the contrary! You're a nice guy, I couldn't deny someone like you." I said. "That's a really nice thing hearing from you." Williams said. "Wait, you have school today!" "I completely forgot!" I shouted. "Bye, Mr. Williams!" "Bye!" he replied. I can't believe I forgot that there was middle school. Hopefully, Max didn't come to school. He bullies me every day by calling me florist. There's not much time until middle school ends.

Max's P.O.V.

That smart-ass idiot keeps trying to be a U-Class Ultimate but what for? With a stupid SA like his, he'll fail the exam and it'll be game over. I'm not worried about a thing. It'll go smooth as I planned it to be.

Caleb's P.O.V

Class just started. I really hope I pass middle school so I can enter Robins Hero High School and R.H.H.S. for short. They moved the students in the classes because there was a lot of drama during class. I just hope Max isn't here too. "Class, you will have substitute today. If I get a note that you did not behave well, I will call home. Understood?" The teacher declared. Substitute? It didn't seem so bad. I have experiencewith substitutes so I'm bothered by what the teacher said. Although there is something I hope. I wish the day went fast so that I don't even notice that Max's here.

At the last class

I was glad its was all almost over. Until this. All the kids in the room looked tired. But one of them had to start a argument. "Finally! School is almost pver! Wait, MAXWELL IS HERE?! Ugh, screw this." A student in the back yelled. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN SCREW THIS?!" Max yelled back. That kid screwed up. REAL BAD. "YOU RUIN EVERYTHING, MAXWELL. DON'T DENY IT." The kid shouted. "F### YOU!" Max yelled back. "Class, settle down!" The substitute yelled. Today was gonna be bad. At least the substitute ended this. "Tomorrow, I'll pass out papers to fill out to enter R.H.H.S. Class is dismissed." The teacher said. Just like that class ended. Then, I noticed a paper. It read, "Apply for community service!" I thought about that. Heroes help the community. Right? Maybe I might have a chance to be noticed. I really hope.I grabbed the paper and ran to Mr. Williams's Cafe. I think have a idea.

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