Chasing Time

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With the world filled by chaos and diseases a young girl named Jennifer is left with the burden of taking care of her baby brother when a time travel project goes horribly wrong. She is faced with difficult situations in every dimension she comes across

Scifi / Romance
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Chapter 1

We stood in the normal food and vaccine line waiting our turn for the one time meal we were served daily, Seth clung to my hand as he looked around in search of Mariah who always seemed to be causing some sort of problem.

Her yellow dress stained with mud floated in the intoxicated air as she waved our way, we were warned not to conversate while the food process was being dealt with yet the foolish ten year old tried mouthing to Seth as her mother pulled her along.

She let go and ran across the broken tar road, their sniper red dots covered her from head to toe as she reached the dead center, her hand stretched out towards Seth and I, I clung to his hand for dear life refusing to let go. Before we made heads or tails of the situation we were covered by thick smoke.

Continuous coughing surrounded us as we recovered from what they had just done. Seth rubbed his little eyes and stared into the road waiting patiently for the smoke to clear so that he could see his only friend.

We all knew what was coming yet he refused to believe it, he stood silently beside me as the thick grey smoke cleared up and as we all predicted little Mariah was no longer standing there, she had vanished.

Her mother stared at me from across the broken road before lowering her gaze, she knew stepping out of line would either get her killed or taken too.

Seth's hand squeezed tightly around mine as tears formed in his eyes, being unable to comfort him at that very moment broke my heart into a million pieces.
I closed my eyes and reminded myself to stay focused for Seth's sake.

I looked down at him and put my finger to my lips warning him not to speak as we grew closer to those brown decaying doors. We went our separate ways boys always entered the left door and girls were forced to the right. We got our daily food as well as dosage of vaccine and met up shortly after.

Like always he rubbed his arm continuously as we walked along the pathway not saying a word to one another until we were in the comfort of our makeshift home, I laid out the chipped plates onto the half thorn blanket and forced him to sit.

He glared at me before getting up and curling himself into my lap, he cried his little heart out while I stroked his dirty blond hair. I forced him up and placed him in front of his food. His blue eyes were now red as he sat across me digging into the heap of slightly moulded mash which they had served us earlier.

Thinking back it wasn't always this bad, I had a good life before the disease took over.
Father of course tended to the cattle while they grazed on greenery which surrounded the little farm we lived on while mother and I picked apples for our sunday apple pie dessert. We were happy living the simple normal life, until Mr. O'Brien decided to test his time travel experiment out on all compliant and non compliant test subjects.

Mother and father stood in the long line hand in hand waiting to be briefed on what to expect once they were inside the huge white building which resembled the white house. Unfortunately children were not allowed inside the room so I took on the responsibility of looking after my sweet little brother Seth.

His little fingers clung to mine as I swung my legs back and forth on the huge green sofa placed against the white walls, Mr. O'Brien's big brown eyes stared at me through the thick glasses he had pressed against the bridge of his nose, he gave me a cunning grin before stepping into what I assume was his test lab.

The morning light which shone upon my face had soon disappeared and mother and father had still not come out, I placed Seth onto the fluffy carpet and knocked lightly on the humongous black doors which separated us.

Mr. O'Brien opened up after a couple of tries and removed his glasses before rubbing his tired face. He wiped them on his white waste coast and gave me a stern look before slamming the door shut, I placed my ear up against the door and not a single sound could be heard.

I picked my little brother up and placed him upon my lap shushing him to be quiet before they had us kicked out.
He took a hold of my finger and sucked hard on it before screaming his tiny heart out once again. Mother hadn't left extra formula for him...

I phased up and down the huge room in search of a solution before a lady in a white coat walked in carrying a silver tray. The warm smile placed on her cherry lips looked genuine as she walked closer towards the two of us.

She reached her hands out towards Seth who refused to be quiet, I looked down at him as his face turned red from the constant screaming and gently placed him into her hands, he calmed down immediately as she squeezed him gently against her chest. She flattened the back of her dress before taking a seat on the green sofa and took a deep breath.

She pulled down her blouse and removed her overgrown breaths only to shove it into Seth's mouth. Amazingly he suckled without causing a fuss, she looked down and stroked his full head of blond hair while his eyes closed and he drifted off to sleep.

His tiny chest moved up and down as she removed her breast from his mouth. She smiled sweetly as she placed him back Into my arms, she placed her finger to her lips warning me to be quiet as she walked out making sure to close the door behind her.
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