Chasing Time

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Chapter: 10

He took me by the hand and led me back up the wooden steps where Seth waited for us, he jumped up and ran towards us making sure to wrap his little arms tightly around my waist. A cool sensation hit the top of my navel and I looked down, his little face was buried into the white shirt which hung off my body.

I lifted his face and wiped away his tears. I reminded him that he was a big strong boy who could conquer the world. His face turned red the moment Liam ruffled his dirty blond hair, I took him by the hand and led him down the stairs knowing actually what was going through his mind.

We walked into the bathroom and his eyes lit up, unlike Liam's, our home was kind of normal with regular taps tables and chairs.
I got him undressed and opened the taps. He hid behind me until I reached my arm out and placed it under the warm water which gushed out.

I placed a soft kiss upon his forehead and helped him in and soaked him up making sure every inch of his tiny body was covered. I then squeezed some shampoo into my hand and rubbed it onto his head. As soon as we were done I carried him out and wrapped a blue towel around him.

What on earth is he going to wear…?
As soon as we got into the room his clothes were laid out on the huge bed, he squirmed out of my hands and rushed towards them jumping up and down like a complete maniac. Liam walked in with a huge smile on his face, "so you know how to control it, I see" he said.

He looked up at him and his smile broadened, it was as though the two of them had connected on another level. He got dressed and sped into the kitchen, he pulled out a chair and plopped himself down. "Supper please" he shouted, I walked towards the fridge and just as I opened it up he shouted thank you.

I gawked at him as he swung his legs back and forth holding up a slice of chicken pizza.
So much for normal…
I plopped myself down next to him and lifted it up, the aroma hit my nose immediately.

He held it at eye level and licked his lips before asking if it would taste good, I shrugged my shoulders and dug in. The mixture of sauces hit my palette and I let out a soft moan.

Liam stood at the doorway with his arms crossed watching the two of us enjoy the pizza until we couldn't get another bite down. With his stomach now full his eyes grew heavy and within minutes he was fast asleep on the kitchen counter.

He let out a little laugh as he walked over and scooped him up into his muscular arms, I oogled him as he walked out. Regular people's clothes suited him well…

I strolled towards the shower and hopped in and out without thinking what I was going to wear, as soon as I got on to my new bed my body relaxed beneath the lime green towel. I plunged myself down and stretched my arms out, before I knew it his head fell into my lap.

I looked down into his blue eyes and something seemed different, he looked at me intensely and he licked his lips. Little butterflies fluttered around in my stomach forcing me to close my eyes, he shuffled up and gently cupped my face.

His breath was against my face "you are a sight for sore eyes Jen" he whispered.
All I wanted to do was punch him and kiss him at the same time…
I needed to know what he meant by Seth is not from my time, my mother brought him home from the hospital and cradled him in her arms in front of father and I.

I looked into his beautiful blue eyes which intoxicated me and asked the question, he placed his lips firmly against mine and the butterflies started up once again. I brushed it off and shoved him away from me demanding to know the truth.

He started off by asking me if I remembered my mother being pregnant, I rolled my eyes at him and before I knew it he had his hands upon my shoulders he looked deep into my eyes and asked the question yet again.

I thought long and hard about it and realized that I had never seen any bump in her stomach. I held onto my face and sighed loudly "why can't I remember?" I shouted.
He removed my hands forcing me to look at him, "that's because she was never pregnant Jennifer, Seth had been given to her by Adco Laboratories" he said calmly.

I jumped up and my mind went into a complete frenzy, I phased up and down as his eyes stayed focused on me.
Coming to a halt I froze as flashbacks of me standing over Seth's crib came flooding in.

A bubble surrounded his tiny body as he screamed for dear life, both of our parents reached down into the crib to lift him up but they were stopped, they looked at each other and then turned their attention towards me, within seconds I was kicked out of the room. I placed my eye against the keyhole and watched as mum phased up and down frantically while dad yelled into the telephone.

He slammed the receiver down and turned towards mum "we have to be calm and try to calm him down that's the only way" he whispered. All I wanted to do was shove the door open and yank him out of the bubble he was trapped in. I placed my hand upon the doorknob and her sweet melodic voice flowed softly through the cracks in the door.

Our little Seth's cries soon turned into laughter, I shoved the door open and shoved half of my body into the crib, my long curly hair fell into his face and sure enough the bubble reappeared forcing my head away from him. He screamed his little heart out before mother placed her hand upon my shoulder and sang the same beautiful song which got us to sleep when we put up a fuss.

He kicked his legs up and down and sweet gurgling laughter filled the room.
Liam smacked his lips hard against mine forcing me to snap out of it, tears rolled down my cheeks and before he knew it I sped out of the room straight into Seth's room.

He laid wide awake looking up at the ceiling which displayed the solar system, I plopped myself down next to him and ruffled his now clean hair. "You smell like strawberries," he whispered.
How does he even know what a strawberry smells like…?
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