Chasing Time

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Chapter: 11

"I'm not from here Jen" he said calmly
My eyes popped wide open, my little brother had changed right before my eyes.
"Do you want to see something mind blowing?" He asked and before I had a chance to answer he jumped off the bed and walked towards the closet.

He opened the palm of his hand and touched a few symbols before reaching towards the closet door. A bright light shone through, he looked back at me and before I knew what was happening he walked in, Liam rushed into the room shouting for him to stop but it was too late.

Within seconds the lights were gone. We rushed in behind him but there was nothing but an empty space.
Liam phased up and down repeatedly shouting no like a broken jukebox.
I grabbed onto his shoulders and demanded that he bring Seth back that very moment, utter dismay filled his face as he ran towards the lounge area.

He threw himself onto the couch and waved his hands a few inches away from his face opening up one of those blue see through screens, a beautiful brunette popped up "show me Seth" he shouted into the screen. "Seth is beyond my reach" she said in an automated tone.

My heart dropped that very moment and I got onto my knees begging him to bring back my Seth. He got down next to me and placed his hand onto my shoulder and I automatically swatted it away, his persistence annoyed me until I got up and ran into Seth's room making sure to lock the door behind me.

I threw myself onto his bed and buried my face into his space printed pillow, Liam knocked continuously on the door annoying me even further. I rushed towards the door and flung the door open making sure to slap him straight across the face.

His big blue eyes stared at me as I stomped my feet in frustration, "I want my Seth" I yelled into his face. Before I knew it he wrapped his arms around me forcing me to look at him, "I am trying my best to get him back Jennifer, he means alot to me too, he could be on any one of the other dimensions" he said calmly.

"First, time travel now dimensions, what the hell is next? Aliens!" I shouted.
He sighed loudly mumbling something about this wasn't a good idea, I shoved him away and out of the door unwilling to listen to any of the nonsense which left his mouth.

I opened and closed the white closet door a million times wishing Seth would return to me but he never did, instead I curled myself up inside the closet and cried myself to sleep.

An annoying siren filled up my ears and as I opened my eyes only to be greeted by a red light which continuously flickered off and on, I shut my eyes tightly and wrapped my arms around myself screaming for the God awful siren to stop. Huge arms scooped me up and carried me out of the room, "good morning sunshine we have to get out of here, we've been detected" he yelled while the siren continued.

I yelled for him to put me down but instead of listening as usual he rushed out of the house and into the open field, he placed me down and opened up the palm of his hand revealing the same blue screen Seth showed me earlier. The numbers he typed in played over and over in my head, without hesitation I wrapped myself around him and pressed them as fast as I could.

His eyes shot wide open as I pressed the enter button, a flashing light devoured us and what literally took seconds felt like a lifetime. Everything moved in slow motion between us, numbers and dates flashed around me, I reached my hand out to touch it but he yanked me back giving me a disappointed look.

There was nothing he could do, we floated along and everything started speeding up before I could blink. My body hit the ground hard and a metal sound surrounded me. I looked at him as I rapidly blinked trying to get my eyes back to normal vision, "well, well, well look what we have here" a loud stern voice said over the sound of metal grinding together.

My vision restored as I held my eyes closed for a few seconds then opened them up again, her black eyes greeted me followed by a cunning smile. I tried catching my breath as the air around me started thinning out, Liam grabbed onto my hand and squeezed gently. He gave me the very same look I used to give Seth when I needed him to be quiet.

I took a good look at her and tried holding in my screams, her nose had three holes which were clearly visible, her one eye was surrounded by silver metal pieces and her blond hair dangled in her face while her sharp shark looking teeth grinned at me. The cracks in her skin looked like a failed attempt to sew her back together again.

"Welcome back to my tin can prince of Aztaar" she shouted which caused her eye to pop out of the nuts and bolts which held her together, she snapped her fingers together and a short man who looked as though his body were too heavy to carry around waddled towards her holding up a weird looking black object.

I held onto my neck trying to get enough air into my lungs as I watched him move it over her eye, a bright light shone out and before we knew it her eye shifted back into place, he bent down nearly dislocating his short plump legs and waved the same device over my face causing a bubble around my mouth and nose.

I dug my nails into Liam's forearm and he gently removed it taking my hand into his, "breath my darling" he whispered calmly.
She bent down and yanked the man up by his half torn T-shirt forcing him to look up at her while she yelled "why" into his face over and over again.

Horror filled his face as she dragged him towards a shiny silver door and flung him in as though he were a rag doll before hitting a huge red button on the side.
She strolled towards us with a smirk plastered on her face and tapped her long metal fingernails against the see through cage we were been kept in.

"So what brings you back here Mr. O'Brien?" She asked as she slammed the palm of her hand against the cage forcing it to rattle a bit.
"I see you haven't changed a bit from our last meeting Alexis" he shouted.

She turned around and flipped her hair making some kind of statement only the two of them could understand.
It boggled my mind that he would have anything to do with such a nasty character, I looked at him and he placed his finger upon his lips before speaking once again.

"Where is this rusty old bucket off to this time?" He asked, getting her attention back on him.

"Oh you know me prince I'm trying to take over the galaxy but these fools are slowing me down" she said as she stepped closer towards us.

So many questions filled up my mind.

Why was she calling him prince..?

Why was he not wearing a breather..?

What the hell is going on between the two of them..?

I rolled my eyes in annoyance listening to the constant flirting which was happening right before me.
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