Chasing Time

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Chapter: 14

He walked out and back in again carrying a small round jar with a yellow substance which smelled like fish which had been left out for way too long. I looked down and shot a sweet smile at him as he applied it onto my feet relieving the burn.

Liam finally sat up and got our attention by coughing loudly, my eyes stayed glued to him while my feet were being covered by the smelly balm. He walked back out only to return with the device he used on his daughter earlier, "this won't hurt a bit" he said as he waved it over my feet.

Within minutes they felt better, he lifted me up and stood in front of me letting out a little sigh, he lifted the device up at eye level and changed a few symbols. "Close your eyes" he whispered up at me.

Liam gave me a little nod as approval, I closed my eyes and waited patiently until he told me to re open them. As soon as he did my jaw dropped, I stood looking at a reflection of myself wearing a beautiful black leather pants matching half top and a long leather jacket. My hair was neatly tied with a red rose placed on top for everyone to see and a silver bracelet infused into my wrist and all the way up to my elbow.

"Uhm, this is too much" I whispered down at him before I looked at Liam who seemed star struck. I lifted my head in a what's up gesture as he ogled me, he shook his head from side to side yet his eyes stayed glued to me.
"You have to blend in my dear or else you will be thrown into the pit" he said softly letting out a loud sigh.

He excused himself and walked into Liam's section and pressed a few symbols before waving it from head to toe. He was soon dressed in an ash coloured jeans and white ripped T-shirt and metal pieces covered half his face, he almost looked unrecognizable.

He stared into the mirror for a few seconds before turning towards me with a huge grin planted on his beautiful face.
"Why are you helping us?" He mumbled.

"I just need my daughter to be a good commander and lead with her mind not her heart" he said while choking up a bit. I rolled my eyes knowing exactly what he meant by leading with her heart, she clearly wanted Liam all to herself...

I stormed out of my section and joined the two of them trying to stop myself from punching him. I cleared my throat and demanded he tell me where my Seth was but he shrugged his shoulders and insisted we follow him into a different part of the ship.

We had no choice but to listen before his crazy daughter came back to torture us, he snuck at the bottom for the space shuttle until it landed.

Her screeching could be heard throughout, I could only imagine the horrible things she was going to do to her own flesh and blood while he covered our tracks. Soon enough her tantrum ended and she left the ship, he hurried down and escorted us out but to our surprise his little robot girl waited for us patently outside accompanied by her devoted crew.
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