Chasing Time

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Chapter: 15

They surrounded us holding out iron tipped spears which glowed under the red moon above us, Liam latched onto my hand and squeezed it gently.
"Where are we?" I whispered.
He hushed me before shoving me behind him.

"Alexis, please don't do this!" he begged
She smirked her cunning smirk before she flipped her hair and ordered them to move us along. We walked through the crowded streets as vendors begged her for a coin, amazingly she pulled out a shiny circular shaped piece of metal with a hole in the middle and tossed it to an old lady selling metal spare parts.

What kind of place is this…?
We walked behind her not saying a single word until we approached a huge black gate, she stretched out her arm and turned a nob which opened up the gates. She turned to look at us and waved them to have us forced inside.

As soon as the gates closed she looked at me and a frown formed upon her face, "have her thrown in the pit, and bring him to my quarters" she yelled.
Putting up a fight was of no use, I quietly walked alongside them as he fussed over the situation I was in.
Well I got us into this mess after all…

They opened up the steel gate which was placed on the ground and waited until my feet hit the last step before closing it up again. I tried looking around but the only light I had was the light of their blood red moon. I felt along the muddy walls looking for some sort of comfort but there was none.

Seth played on my mind over and over, my poor baby brother was alone in an unfamiliar place with people who not only looked savage but acted like it too.
I curled myself up into a ball and laid on the cold wet ground as the thoughts of what he would be going through filled up my mind.

Liam on the other hand would be treated like a king, the way she looked at him told many disgusting stories. I was grateful to her father for getting me into something half decent. I closed my eyes and tried falling asleep but each time I did so the music started up keeping me awake all night.

Drunken noise could be heard in the distance which made my stomach turn, was he entertaining that scrap metal girl all night…?
I couldn't understand what was going on, one minute we were in our new home and the next i'm stuck in a hole.

I waited for morning to arrive but it never did, even though it seemed brighter the moon was still up. The metal was lifted and a man shouted at me to get up which I did without hesitation, I scurried up the metal steps and threw myself to the ground.

He looked down at me and let out a little laughter "it can't be all that bad down there." He said softly.
I rolled my eyes at him in annoyance as he helped me off the ground, half his face was covered by metal too, I looked down and noticed he had shorts on revealing metal parts in his leg.

"What is it with all the robots around here?" I blurted out without thinking.
He let go off my hand immediately and I fell back onto the hard ground.
His red eye stared at me for a few moments.

"Where are you from?" He asked sternly, never breaking eye contact, I bravely stood up and dusted myself off. I stood in front of him and whispered "Earth."
He immediately distanced himself from me and rubbed his palm over the open section of his face.

"You're telling me the commander brought an infected Earthling to Vulgaris?" He shouted as he opened up the palm of his hand and pushed the center immediately causing a see through covering to form around him from head to toe.
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