Chasing Time

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Chapter: 16

He took a hold of my wrist and yanked me along making sure to keep some sort of distance between us. I pulled myself away and stood still for a few minutes while he stared at me, disgust filled his face as he stepped forward trying to get me back into his clutches.

I back stepped and stretched my arm out warning him not to take another step. He looked at me and a smirk formed on his face, "little Earthling if you do not come with me right this instant there will be trouble" he shouted as he pulled out a metal rod which glowed brightly.

I put on a brave face and took a few steps closer towards him, "if I were infected everyone on board the space shuttle would be infected by now, that includes your precious commander" I shouted back at him.

"Wow, she brought back a feisty one" he said calmly this time before reaching his hand out, "your eyes aren't use to the moon yet, give it a few days and you will fit right in"
Why would I want to fit in with a bunch of half robot creeps..?

He pulled out a pen looking object from his pocket and shoved it into the palm of my hand forcing me to scream loudly, "I'm sorry but I can not take any chances" he said softly.

I put on a fake smile and followed quietly behind him until he stopped a humongous four story building. The outside looked as though it was never maintained, moss covered the dirty bricks and the windows were barely noticeable, black half broken doors greeted us as we walked closer. This rotting mansion reminded me of home.

A cold chill filled the stale air while children ran around playing warrior, they too were covered in metal. Their sweet smiles warned my heart as they ran by me screaming out the word charge, tears filled up my eyes as memories of my little Seth playing in the open fields came flooding in.

She cleared her throat getting my attention, her arm wrapped firmly around Liam as though she had something to prove.

She was now dressed in a beautiful black catsuit and her hair no longer dangled in her face revealing the metal which surrounded her.

They walked right by me and Liam lowered his gaze not making any eye contact with me at all. She snapped her fingers together and her guard shuffled me along behind them, "show her the kitchen Alfred, from now on she will be put on kitchen duty" she yelled as she swayed her body from side to side.

He hummed and yanked me towards the huge dirty cream colored doors and tossed me inside, he stood there with a huge grin on his face as he pulled out a familiar device from his top pocket. I flinched the moment he placed it above my head "stay still" he ordered as he moved it from the top of my head down to my feet.

"This look suits you better" he mumbled as he walked back through those dirty old doors, I rushed towards them and tried pushing it open but he had locked me in.
"For tonight our commander and her guests will be having roast beef leg with a side of mashed potatoes and a salad, you may surprise her with the salad" he shouted from the other side of the door.

I shook the door continuously but he just laughed and shouted "get started you have an hour"
I stood there dumbfounded not knowing whether to make heads or tails of the situation I was in, how was I going to get myself out of this mess..?
I knew nothing about cooking, I've watched mother cook a few times but the only thing which I could remember was apple pie.
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