Chasing Time

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Chapter: 17

My mouth watered as the memory of the taste came flooding in, I looked around the kitchen which was filled with various meat and vegetables products and no fruits.
How on Earth am I going to make an apple pie with no apples…?

I laughed to myself remembering that I was on Vulgaris now, I rummaged through their pantry until I came across a tin which had sliced apples in a sweet sauce.
There was more food in the pantry then I've seen in a very long time, I guess it has to do..

I walked around the kitchen trying to figure out how to get the tin open for a few minutes before I slammed it onto the tempered glass table and sighed loudly.
A calm voice flowed through the kitchen asking me what the matter was, I looked around the kitchen frantically searching for the person who asked me the question but no one was around.

I shouted for whomever it was to show themselves but no one stepped out instead the very same voice spoke again telling me to be calm and relax, all I had to do was ask for whatever I needed. "I would love to open this goddamn tin" I shouted and just like that a blue beam dropped down and slid across the top of the tin.

Immediately it was popped off by a suction cup and placed into a bowl before the tin got discarded into a metal bin. "Is that all you require?" The voice asked.

"It would be nice if the apple pie magically baked itself," I sighed. Before I could blink a bowl was taken out by a long metallic arm and was placed onto the table, it then removed the ingredients from the half broken cupboards and started pouring them in, once that was done a metal mixer dropped down from the ceiling and mixed everything up.

The apple pie mixture was poured into a silver tin then placed into an oven, "is that all you require, Miss?" The voice asked once again while I stood there dumb struck staring into the oven while the apple pie baked.

"She's not going to like you disobeying her orders Miss" She said.

"Who are you?" I shouted up at the ceiling

She laughed an electronic laugh "you don't need to look up, I am all around you" she said softly.

"I am an AI, which is programmed to help the city progress Miss."

"Progress my foot, everything looks like it's falling apart" I shouted causing her to laugh once again. As soon as the door got shoved open she stopped and stayed silent, "well I see you're one who does not listen" he shouted as a frown formed on his face.

He walked towards the oven and removed the pie and without warning he yanked me through those huge doors, he placed the pie onto the glass table and took a few steps back.
I stood there waiting for the table to crack but it never did, instead she lifted up a silver fork and slammed it into the middle.

Liam grabbed onto her arm and smiled a sweet smile at me then shooed me away like I was a dirty fly sticking around, I rolled my eyes at him then stormed back into the kitchen making sure to slam the door behind me.

Anywhere is better than that dirty pit outside…
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