Chasing Time

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Chapter: 18

I took a seat on a rusty old chair and held my head in my hands, "his under her control, you know" the AI whispered.
How in the world was an AI able to communicate with me like a human being…?

I questioned her but she refused to answer any of my questions instead she went on and on about how beautiful Vulgaris was until it was taken over by Alexis
All I needed was my Seth… I sighed loudly, getting her attention and then it hit me. She was connected to every single electronic device on Vulgaris. She was my only hope of finding little Seth.

"Could you please tell me where my brother is?" I asked politely.
She hummed for a few seconds and a loud beeping noise came from the pantry, the moment I walked in she automatically shut the door behind me and played loud music to cover up our voices.

"Silly human, you will get me disconnected and yourself killed by asking such questions out aloud, Earthlings are not allowed to be on Vulgaris unless they are traded or bought" She said.

I stood silent for a few moments trying to process my thoughts. A few days ago I lived in a disease infested world and now here I was talking to a robot chip who had knowledge about everything.

I took a deep breath and waited for her response but nothing was said instead the pantry door flew open and I was yanked out, "what makes you think that I haven't tried getting the answer out of her?"

"Eveth, get back on line immediately and answer this humans question" Alexis shouted at the top of her lungs.

Her voice came echoing out of every corner of the room repeating the same words over and over again, "I'm sorry I do not comprehend, please try another question" Eveth said.

Alexis' face turned red from frustration, she stormed out and back in again with Liam by her side.

He placed a soft kiss on her cheek and shone a huge grin towards me, "his mine now" she whispered sending a cold shiver down my spine.
"Not like I care" I whispered back.


I squinted my eyes the moment they turned around, a blue spider looking device was attached to the back of his neck. She made sure to hook her half metal hand around Liam's waist and strolled out leaving me to my thoughts.

"I told you she had him under her control Miss." Eveth said softly.

"How do I get out of here?" I shouted.

"Your ticket just walked out the door, unless you bring him to his senses you'll never be able to leave here alive" she whispered before the same beeping sound was heard and she was gone once again.

I cracked the door open and took a look around, breathing a sigh of relief once I saw no one was around. I slowly creeped out of the kitchen and into the dinning room area, I shoved a piece of the apple pie into my mouth and carefully climbed the huge staircase leading towards the second floor.

The hallway lit up the moment I stepped in causing me to rush through, my heart felt as though it were going to explode as soon as I heard their voices. I stopped dead in my tracks and put my ear against the door hoping and praying that I would not get caught.

They paused for a couple of seconds then started up again, I pressed my ear hard against the door to make sure I heard correctly. Tears flowed down my cheeks as her satisfied moans filled up my ear, I held in my screams while my heart raced in my chest.

She got louder and louder as she reached her climax, all I wanted to do was bust into her room and pull all of her circuits out but I could not do that. I waited patiently until I heard a door shut closed and quietly creeped into her room, Liam's eyes shot wide open as I rushed over towards him.

I placed one hand over his mouth and yanked her control device out with the other, the moment I removed my hand he pulled me down "what the hell is happening?" He whispered into my face.

"You had sex with a demon robot, that's what's happening!" I whispered back as I tried holding in my frustration.

"That's not possible, I despise that woman" he shouted. The bathroom door swung open and she stared daggers at me, I grabbed onto Liam's hand activating his time traveling palm and pressed the first button I could see. "No, not that one" he shouted but it was too late we were once again floating in the void filled with bright lights.

He looked at me like I had done something wrong.
My back hit something the moment I landed, Liam laid beside me "you are the most beautiful creature I had ever laid my eyes on" he whispered.
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