Chasing Time

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Chapter: 19

Back to the past

I ignored him completely and moved my arms around feeling the soft hay beneath me, I tossed myself around and stared in amazement as the cows grazed while a man watched them and a lady held her daugher up towards the apple tree. Her little arms stretched out and she picked a huge red apple.

Her mother placed her down and watched as she jumped for joy, "come on honey your father's waiting for us" she said as she pointed in the distance. I jumped off the haystack and ran towards them, as soon as I grew closer my heart almost stopped beating in my chest.

Her dark brown hair fell into her face and her beautiful brown eyes stared down at her little girl as her red lips curled into a smile causing the little orange freckles to stand out making her features even more radiant.

The moment I stepped closer she shoved her daughter behind her like an overprotective lion and immediately asked what I wanted on her property.
Would this meeting affect the timeline…?

I shook my head from side to side confusing her a bit, I stretched out my hand and introduced myself as a real estate agent who was new to the area. She smiled sweetly and took my hand into hers, "you share the same name as my daughter" she said as she pushed little me forward.

I stretched out my hand and waited patiently as Liam joined me.
I can't believe what a scaredy cat I was…
He pulled me to the side and gave me a lecture about how I was messing up the timeline but I didn't care all I wanted to do was hug my mother after all these years.

I walked back towards them and bent down, "Hi you can come out now, I won't bite I promise" I whispered.

"Jen, don't!" Liam whispered as he bent down to meet my past self.

She peeped her head out and let out a little chuckle before taking a few steps towards us. "I'm Jennifer but my mummy calls me Jen" she said softly as she stuck her hand out.

I smiled a sweet smile and took her little hand into mine, she looked at me and shouted "ouch" the moment our palms touched. Our mother yanked her up and away from me, I laughed loudly just the thought of me hurting my younger self seemed funny.

She pulled little me all the way into the house and closed the door behind them, "honey we need to get Jen to the hospital" she shouted at the top of her lungs causing my father to leave the cattle and speed into our home.

"I told you not to do anything Jennifer, and as usual you don't listen to me" he shouted as he yanked me towards the barn. He kept repeating "you never ever listen" over and over again.

I stopped dead in my tracks and stomped my foot down like a little child getting his attention "that never grows old Jen" he whispered as he took my hand into his, he flipped over my right hand revealing my palm which had a red dot in the middle.

He placed his lips against the red spot and whispered "I will try to fix this my love" before placing a kiss upon my lips immediately heating me up from the inside. I opened my mouth giving him access to my tongue, he grinned like he had just won the jackpot "I love this part" he whispered into my mouth before his tongue danced alongside mine.

He gently removed the ridiculous jacket I was wearing and ran his fingertips across my exposed stomach. I gasped loudly into his ear causing him to look up at me "that never gets old" he whispered as he placed me down onto the haystack, he unzipped my top exposing my bare breasts to him before I had a chance to feel shy he had his one breast in his hand caressing it gently and the other in his mouth.

He swirled his tongue around my nipple slowly as he worked my other sending me into a complete frenzy, soft moans left my lips as I clung onto the back of his T-shirt.
He placed soft kisses from my breasts all the way up to my neck then upon my lips.
Are you ok my sweet lady he whispered against my lips, the moment I nodded my head he pressed his lips hard against mine.
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