Chasing Time

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Chapter: 2

The room grew cold after many hours of waiting for their return, I squished his tiny body against mine hoping it would stop some of the cold from getting to him.

Once again I placed him down onto the carpet and knocked upon those huge doors hoping that mum or dad would answer, after a few tries I grew impatient and shoved the door open.

Bright lights shone down on me as I walked around the empty room. I rubbed my sleepy eyes before opening them up again but all that remained was a room filled with empty beds and blood stained drips which hung down the railings.

A blinding light shone onto my face and my eyes grew wider, that's when all hell broke loose, the brown circle on the wall expanded within minutes causing the wall to rot right in front of me, before I knew it
it spread into the room where my little Seth laid fast asleep on the ground.

Long hands reached down and grabbed him off the ground, she pulled onto my wrist and dragged me out, we sped down the hallways while the building rapidly decayed right before our eyes. Seth cried his little heart out as the employees screamed and panicked while they rushed past us not taking into consideration that my baby brother was in their coworkers hands.

I could see the horror in her eyes as she looked down at me once we reached the exit doors, she placed Seth into my hands and shoved me out before locking herself inside. She mouthed a quick I'm sorry, I have to try and fix this before rushing back into the horrific place.

My poor little Seth laid cradled in my arms as I walked through the chaos all around us. The building which we were in soon rotted on the outside and spread to surrounding buildings, I took Seth home and milked one of the cows in order to feed him.

Heating his bottle up for a few seconds he reluctantly latched on and suckled until he fell asleep, I laid him in his crib and phased up and down thinking about what could have happened in that room, I was now left all alone with a baby and had no choice but to care for him.

Months went by and the disease finally reached our tiny farm rotting everything in its path, our house was taken over by the decay and the animals grew sick and soon died leaving me with no choice but to beg and steal whatever I could in order to survive.

After forcing the mash down his throat he placed the chipped plate next to me and like always he curled himself into my lap, I stroked his head once again until he fell asleep.
I hoped that by tomorrow he would have forgotten about Mariah but the first question he asked when he opened his eyes was, what had happened to his best and only friend.

I had no idea what had happened to her or every other child who had stepped out of line, all I knew was, ask no questions because Mrs. Gibson who was our mayor since the outbreak and her minions did not like questions being asked.

He clung to my hand as we walked down towards the borehole, like always we had to stand in a long line in order to collect our weekly five liter water, I had to make a lot of sacrifices growing up and unfortunately Seth had to obey the rules I had set out for him.

He put up a fuss the moment we walked back insisting that we make a stop at Mariah's home so that they could play tag.
Her mother stood at what was left of their front gate looking into the horizon, we stopped and I greeted her with a smile, instead of greeting me back she turned and walked away.

Seth called out to her but she ignored his little voice, his eyes teared up as he looked at me. I grabbed onto his hand and practically dragged him away from her home. He looked down refusing to utter a word to me the entire way back, as we approached what we called a home he took to his heels running in the direction we had just come from.

I called out for him to stop but he continued running shouting that he would find his Mariah no matter what. I placed the water in our secret hiding spot and slowly made my way towards her home giving him time to cool his temper down.

As soon as I reached there Mrs. Webber wrapped her arms around me and squeezed tightly, the siren went off and we looked at each other in complete horror. My little Seth was in her barn pretending to groom her horses, without warning she sprinted towards her decayed home and shut the door.

Panic took over and I stood there for a few minutes while the second siren went off, I felt a tug on my half torn trousers and looked down into his bright blue eyes. There was no way we were going to make it back before the disease wave hit.

I picked Seth up who now weighed a ton and ran towards Mrs. Webber's home, I banged on the door continuously but she refused to open up.

I looked down at him, placed a soft kiss upon his forehead and whispered everything is going to be ok. Before he knew what was happening I shoved him through the doggie door, "open the door Seth" I shouted before he tried crawling back out.
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