Chasing Time

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Chapter: 21

"Are you ok?" He asked as my moans grew from satisfying to painful soft cries.
He stopped immediately and looked down at me waiting for a response. "No, you broke me" I whispered as a laugh escaped my lips.

He smiled sweetly and pressed his lips against mine, his body moved back and forth slowly and gently this time, I opened my mouth giving him access. I sucked down onto his tongue as he picked up speed this time not stopping, he slammed harder and faster into my heated up pussy.

My nails dug deep into his skin as his breath hit my neck. My legs shook beneath him and with on final penetration he pressed himself deeper making sure he was all the way inside me, he pressed his lips against mine and whispered "it gets better every single time."

I looked up at him and rolled my eyes at him, "why do you always say weird things?" I shouted.
He gawked at me and smiled that cunning amazing smile of his "because I can" he said with a bit of a smirk on his face.

My past little self screamed loudly getting our attention, we quickly got dressed and rushed out of the house towards the kitchen window, I stacked up bricks in order to give me some height while Liam stared at me in amusement. He didn't look too concerned about what was happening inside instead he took a few steps behind me and stretched his arms out ready to catch me if I fell.

He was the cutest, craziest person I had ever met. Every moment I spent with him was amazingly strange yet I loved it.

I stood on my tiptoes as I watched my father place a blue blanket into my mother's hands, little me jumped up and down like a bunny the moment she realized what it was. I held onto my chest as soon as I got a good look.

"This isn't how it happened! why are they not taking little me to the hospital, what's going on?" I said softly as I looked down at Liam who's eyes were still focused on me.
I closed my eyes and tried to remember but bits and pieces came flooding in then everything became hazy.

My head started spinning and before I knew what was happening I fell backwards into Liam's arms.
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