Chasing Time

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Chapter: 22

Back to the present time

He clung to my hand for dear life while we stood in the line waiting for our usual vaccine, Maria's yellow stained dress flowed in the toxic air while her mother held onto her hand tightly, she was always mischievous. She waved at Seth and I as we entered those awful black decaying doors.

They yanked Seth away from me and dragged him into a room on the far end of the building while I repeatedly asked them what was going on, one of the Mayor's Goons took a hold of my hand and pulled me into the vaccine room.

This is it, Jennifer prepare for the worst… I thought to myself as I stood there pressing my palms together waiting for him to make his move.

He phased up and down mumbling some sort of nonsense over and over again before coming to a halt.
"Do you realize what you have done?" He said sternly as he removed his white helmet.

His beautiful blue eyes stared at me as he continued phasing up and down, an overwhelming feeling came over me and my heart began to race.
This is the first time one of her men decided to speak to me without threatening my life.

Why does it feel like I have met him before…?

"What is going on? Seth always gets taken to the room across this one" I shouted without thinking. He sped towards me and covered my mouth before pulling me to the ground, I tried speaking but he just pressed harder shushing me.

His big blue eyes stared at me for a while before he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me into a tight hug. I tried shoving him away but he just squeezed tighter. "I am so glad to see that you're ok my love" he whispered before placing a kiss upon my cheek.

I forcefully shoved him away from me and slapped him straight across the face sending an echo through the tiny room we were in. His gorgeous blue eyes filled with amusement and he seductively licked his lips "well this is something new" he said as he got up.

He stretched his arm out towards me but being the stubborn mule that I was refused his help and lifted myself off the ground, the smile upon his face faded the moment he heard footsteps approaching, he quickly lifted up his helmet and shoved it on before taking a hold of the black vaccine gun.

He unhooked the syringe and tossed it into the bin, as soon as the door opened he pointed towards it and ordered me to leave. Saying anything would get me into a whole new world of trouble…
I looked down and rushed out immediately not making eye contact with the man who had just walked in

My stress levels skyrocketed as I stood outside the door Seth was being held in, his weeping could be heard from a mile away. The door cracked open and I caught a glimpse of him laying on the bed, his little arms and legs were stretched out and tied down by brown leather straps.

I jumped up immediately and rushed into the room screaming my head off getting the two nurses attention. They stared at each other and then turned their attention towards me "What are you doing here little girl?" The plump one with thick glasses and ginger hair asked me.

Two helmeted men stormed into the room and dragged me out kicking and screaming. A third man joined them and grabbed me by my arm "I will deal with this one" he said sternly getting them to loosen their grip.

"Be quiet and walk" he whispered as he shoved his laser gun into my back moving me along. I whispered my Seths name but he hushed me once again until we reached the back of the building, I shut my eyes tightly knowing exactly what was coming.

To my amazement he laughed loudly "you look like a trapped deer" he shouted getting me to open my eyes immediately. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer, "I'm Liam" he whispered into my face.

"It's nice to meet you over and over again Jennifer, but next time could you please listen to me so I can try and fix this mess you got us into" he said with a bit of a sigh.

I looked at him as complete confusion filled my face, without hesitation he pressed his lips against mine and removed his glove from behind my back. A soft beeping sound went off and he wrapped his arms tightly around my waist, "do not let go please" he begged.
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