Chasing Time

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Chapter: 23

My arms wrapped tightly around him as strange lights beamed into my eyes and yet I felt safe being held by a complete stranger. My head started spinning and my heart raced in my chest as the lights grew dimmer and dimmer until we were engulfed in darkness.

He squeezed me tightly until my breasts were up against his chest, "we are going to be separated for a little while Jen, please be brave" he whispered and just like that I was yanked away from him.


I screamed my lungs out until loud laughter filled up the tiny space I was in.
My back hit what seemed to be a steel cage and before I knew what was happening I was dunked into ice cold water. The cage was pulled out by a long chain then dunked back in again a few times until a lady yelled at them to stop.

My frozen body was pulled out and thrown onto the ground, I curled myself into a fetal position as my body shook uncontrollably.
I was yanked up and forced to stand, a man wearing what looked like bear fur approached me and tossed something around my shoulders.
"Welcome to Xanolia" he whispered as he patted my wet back.

What the freak is a Xanolia…? I thought to myself.

"It is the land of the brave my dear" a female voice shouted over the ridiculously loud chatter which took place amongst the people. "Silence" she shouted once again and everything became dead still.

I looked up and into a bright light which was focused on her, I immediately lifted my hand to my brow hoping to get a better look at her but instead I was blinded a bit.
"So, you decided to bring your disease infected body to my people" she shouted at the top of her lungs.

The people around her went ballistic and shouted "yes burn the witch" over and over again. I tried speaking but to no avail, my tiny voice was being overpowered by waves of angry people.

Why were these people accusing me of bringing a disease when the disease already engulfed the world…?

The bright light followed her as she walked down the long wooden steps, as soon as she hot closer my heart almost stopped. She stood tall hovering over me, her eyes were as black as the night and her skin tone was pale as though someone had drained all of the blood out of her.
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