Chasing Time

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Chapter: 24

Her tight fitted red dress clung to her body showing off her curves, my eyes followed her as she circled me, soft humming sounds left her pale lips as she stopped immediately. "What are you doing in Xanolia?" She asked sternly.

Her sharp teeth stuck out as she grinned at me waiting for an answer, instead I focused on the freezing air which surrounded my still wet body. She gawked at me as my body trembled, "are you afraid little Earthling?" She shouted.

Yeah right…
I stood there not saying a word yet she wrapped her long fingernails around my neck and squeezed tightly, "you aren't afraid now but you should be little Earthling" she screeched into my face.
Her features changed all of the sudden and she let go of my neck.

She swung her body around and bowed down with her back facing me, her spine stuck out as she stayed in a kneeling position for a few minutes waiting for whoever it was to appear out of the darkness.

The scent of lavender filled up my nose the moment he stepped out of the shadows, his long black hair covered his brows and dangeld in his face covering half of his blue eyes, his red lips curled into a smile as he walked past her and approached me.

He took my hand into his and placed it against his soft lips causing my eyes to pop wide open, he brushed back his hair revealing his dazzling blue eyes for a few seconds before it fell back into his face "don't mind my sister, she hasn't learned how to treat our guests properly" he mumbled against the back of my hand before giving it a soft kiss.

"Brother you know you aren't allowed to touch that filthy creature" she hissed as she rose off the ground. He looked at me and sighed loudly before dropping my hand, they looked nothing alike, his face was full of color and the gorgeous smile he wore told a thousand different tales.

"Bring the prisoner down" he yelled, almost causing my heart to fail.
They added dramatic effects by dimming the lights then shining a bright light on to Liam as he was escorted down those long steps with his hands tied behind his back.

Two guards shoved him closer towards us, the moment he saw me his eyes *lite* up and a smile formed on his face. He stood beside the handsome stranger and my heart pounded rapidly in my chest, my eyes shot from Liam to him then back to Lima who looked like a complete mess.
What had they done to him…?

His big eyes stared at me as I stared at Liam, he hummed softly then looked at his sister. "Prepare the ceremony" he shouted at the top of his lungs getting everyone to run around like headless chickens.
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