Chasing Time

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Chapter: 25

Before I knew it his sister yanked me up and dragged me through a swing door and flung me onto a bed, she mumbled and stormed up and down continuously.
"This is all your fault" she screeched as she came to a halt.

"Why couldn't you just stay on your own planet?"
"You've ruined everything" she screamed as she lunged toward me.

I shut my eyes tightly waiting for her sharp nails to tear into my skin, I waited for a few seconds before opening my eyes. Two hands stretched towards me, I looked up and there they were one with a huge grin and the other with anger to murder me.

"What do you think you are doing my dear little sister?" He asked calmly as he clung to her hand.

"What does it look like" she shouted as she tried ripping my throat out. He pulled her back and shoved her against the wall, holding her up by her neck. "Sister" he whispered then looked at me with a sweet cunning smile.

"Sister, I have warned you many many times about hurting my Jennifer, hadn't I?"

His Jennifer…?
Without thinking I shouted "what the hell is going on?" Causing him to let go of his sister and bring his attention onto me, he slowly walked towards me making sure to hold his eye contact.

He took my hands into his and squeezed it gently before letting out a soft sigh "come on there's something I need to show you" he whispered as he pulled me along.

He dragged down a long corridor which was painted a light shade of blue, huge wall lights were placed along the wall brightening up the place. We stopped in front of a big black door and he let go of my hand, he placed his palm against the door and it highlighted his palm print.

An automated voice welcomed him as prince Ellie before it clicked open and allowed us in. My jaw dropped and eyes shot wide open the moment I stepped inside, I shut my eyes tightly then opened them once again trying to wake myself from the dream I was in.

"You may have a look around and choose whichever one you like" he whispered softly into my ear as I moved my head from side to side.
"How do you have so many books?" I questioned as I walked closer towards the aisle.

"Better yet, why would you have a lock on the door?" I blurted out. He looked at me in amazement, "this room has many wonders Jennifer" he said softly as he walked towards the center aisle.

He ran his fingers over the covers and stopped in the dead center, his finger lingered over the big black book for a few seconds before he tugged it forward. The aile opened up and I stuck my head in, all I saw was darkness, he laughed softly and yanked me inside.

I couldn't understand what I was doing all alone with this stranger in a dark room until he snapped his fingers turning the lights on. My heart stood still for a couple of seconds, I pinched myself to see if I were dreaming but instead I jumped and yelled loudly.

Ellie stood beside me gawking in complete amusement, "you are the one I have been waiting decades for" he whispered.

I looked at him dumbstruck before my attention went back towards the huge portrait hanging on the walls.
How is this even possible..?
I've never met him before… was the only thoughts running through my mind as I looked up into the beautiful painting of the two of us beside one another.
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