Chasing Time

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Chapter: 26

"Oh it's possible" he whispered as he stood beside me looking up at the painting.
My hair color matched the red lipstick I was wearing and the smile on my face was ridiculous apart from the little beauty spot underneath my left eye everything looked the same.

"What's going on?" I whispered.
He mumbled something under his breath and took my hand into his, "we have to prepare for the ceremony, Avery will get you dressed" he said before dragging me out of his secret room and down the hallway.

He opened the huge door and escorted me inside, amazingly his sister waited patiently with a grin plastered on her pale face. "Be nice Avery, get her ready and downstairs within an hour and not a second later" he shouted before shutting the door behind him.

She shoved me down onto a golden chair with black artwork and ruffled her hands through my hair, "God, you Earthling have no grooming skills" she shouted as she lifted a comb and practically scrapped it against my skull.

"Hold still, you peasant " she yelled as she pulled my hair into a tight ponytail almost splitting my head in half.
I held back the tears along with the rage which was building up inside of me.

As soon as she was done she yanked me up and pulled me towards the ridiculously big bed, she ordered me to wait and soon returned with a beautiful white dress.
"Put this on" she shouted and turned around facing her back towards me.

I was in complete shock, "what on Earth is going on here?"
"There's no need to ask all these silly questions, just get dressed" she shouted once again.

I hadn't asked any questions out loud yet she gave me a reply.
This place was really strange, first I was harassed by this woman whom I had met a couple of hours ago and now she is ordering me to get dressed for a ceremony which I knew nothing about.

I sighed loudly as I shimmied into the tight fitting white dress which got her to laugh, she walked towards the cupboard and removed a pair of white stilettos, she shoved it into my face and walked towards the door "you have five minutes to be downstairs or else I will drag you down there if I have too" she said rolling her eyes at me before slamming the door shut.

Here I was trapped on a planet I knew nothing about with strangers claiming to know me, all I wanted to do was punch Liam in the face and force him to take me home but I couldn't because he was being held captive.

I sighed loudly and walked down the long hallway stopping at the top of the steps, I lowered my gaze the moment I realised all eyes were on me and nothing else. The only sound which could be heard was the sound of the ridiculously high heels I was being forced to wear.

I reached the bottom and a hand stuck out to greet me, I looked up and looked into his blue eyes staring at me.
"You look amazing," he said with a smile upon his face. I rolled my eyes at him, even though he was beautiful to look at I had a very uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.
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