Chasing Time

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Chapter: 27

I had no choice but to put on a fake smile and take his hand, his eyes never left me as he escorted me through the huge hall.
My stomach did flips as I noticed an enormous table in the dead center of the hall.

Many people stood around us as we stopped right in front of it, "get the prisoner, I would like to thank him" he shouted at the top of his lungs.

My heart hit my knees the moment I laid my eyes upon him, he looked as though they had been torturing him. His eyes were swollen and his lip bled continuously, I tried forcing Ellie's hand off mine but he refused to budge.

"Please let me go, what have you done to him?" I yelled at him. All he did was smirk and snap his fingers in the air, who does he think he is …?
I am the one who will bring back my love he whispered, his eyes teared up and he batted them away.

Two men rolled in with a white casket, they pushed it forward and opened it up causing my breaths to quicken. I looked down and there she was, the splitting imagine of me, just laying there.
I looked closer and there was no sign of life.

She laid there wearing the exact white dress which I had been forced to wear and her hair and makeup matched mine, before I could register what was going on his guards had me by my wrists. They yanked me up and slammed me hard onto the table.

My hands and legs were then tied down while Ellie hovered around inspecting every inch of me, "you resemble my love but you are not her" he whispered as a guard placed a sharp silver knife into his hand.
"Soon, you and I will be reunited" he mumbled as I screamed and cried for them to let me go.

His sister soon joined his side and grinned a cunning grin down at me, "can I cut her brother, can I?" She asked over and over like a complete lunatic.
He turned towards her and placed a kiss upon her cheek before answering her with a quick no.

She pouted her lips the same way Seth used to when he couldn't get his way, Liam shouted for them to take him instead but he knew the answer. Ellie's guards yanked him from side to side as he tried getting loose.

He carried his beloved out of the casket and placed her beside me, horror filled my face as her head fell to the side and her eyes shot open, her dead eyes stared into mine and all he could do was laugh and guarantee her that she would be returning to his side soon.

"Please Ellie, don't this" Liam shouted with his eyes half closed.
Ellie walked towards Liam and took a hold of his face making sure to squeeze it tightly forcing him to look at me.

"You knew I was waiting, yet you brought her here tisk tisk shame on you" he said with a grin on his face.
"I didn't mean to bring her here, please let my love go" he shouted into Ellie's face.

He squeezed harder and laughed loudly before answering him, "your father has robbed me of my love, what makes you think you are going to get yours?" He asked as he aggressively let go of Liam's face.

I laid there in complete silence listening to a story which made no sense to me at all.
I had only met Liam a few hours ago yet he was calling me his love. The constant bickering reminded me about Seth and Mariah's arguments, without thinking II shouted for Ellie to just get it over and done with.

He wasted no time, he forced my head back until it hung off the edge of the table and placed his knife against my throat, "any last words?" He asked calmly as he looked down at me.

I took a few moments as many thoughts went through my head but my main concern was who is going to take care of my little Seth when I was gone..?

I cleared my throat and mumbled a quick yes, he removed the knife and placed it against his cheek tapping it slowly.
"If you're going to ask me to spare you I'll just let you know that's not happening" he whispered down at me as tears filled into my eyes.

"No, all I want is one last kiss with my beloved before I meet my demise" I whispered back up at him.

Without hesitation he ordered them to let go off Liam's shoulders, he nodded his approval and watched as Liam slowly approached me. He bent down and pressed his lips against mine, "dont let go" he whispered as his blue light shone under the table.

"Grab him" Ellie shouted but it was too late, within a blink of an eye the bright light engulfed us. Once again I held onto him tightly as we floated through the nothingness, even though I was nearly murdered I felt at peace. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed tightly as though someone were about to steal me away from him.
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