Chasing Time

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Chapter: 28

Back to the past

His back hit something soft with me still wrapped around him, I looked at him and my heart melted. They really had done a number on his gorgeous face…

"Where are we?" I asked calmly even though I was freaking out on the inside.
"God we're back here again" he whispered up at me.
I didn't know how to react to what he had just said so I moved on to the next question.
"How do I know you?" Had to be my next question.

He rubbed his sore eyes then removed something from his pocket, "could you please push the red button and wave this over my face?"

I had asked him a serious question and here he was wanting me to wave something over his face…
I rolled my eyes at him and yanked the pen out of his hand and pushed the red button, suddenly a light beamed out and I looked into it.

"Be careful" he shouted but it was too late. I was already blinded for a couple of seconds.
"What the hell is that?" I shouted as my vision recovered causing him to laugh loudly.

"Just do what I had asked you to do," he said with a bit of a chuckle. I pointed it toward his face and slowly moved my hand from his forehead down to his chin and just like a miracle his gorgeous face was back to normal.

He looked up and smiled an amazing smile, my insides went numb by how breathtaking he was. Before I had a chance to blink he lifted his head up and placed a kiss against my lips whispering a quick thank you.

My eyes widened yet I stayed attached to him. Something about him was so familiar, I tilted my head giving him access to my tongue and he quickly took the offer. His tongue danced around mine for a couple of minutes before he lifted me up and flipped me over onto the haystack we had landed on.

"You, my dear are a sight for sore eyes" he whispered down at me, an instant blush appeared on my cheeks and I covered my face with my hands. He slowly removed them and pressed his lips against mine, "I am the luckiest man alive Jennifer" he mumbled against my lips before inserting his tongue into my mouth.

His hands found their way to my half exposed breasts and he caressed them gently until my toes started to curl, he removed his tongue and placed soft butterfly kisses upon my cheek then down my neck causing me to exhale loudly.

An uncomfortable urge of want and need came over me, I placed my hand upon his neck and forced his lips to mine. His kisses set something inside me alight, He slid his hands behind me and slowly unzipped the back of my dress.

Before I knew it his mouth was against my bare skin, his lips moved down my neck and onto my exposed breasts. He stopped and looked up at my flushed face waiting for my approval, I closed my eyes and opened them up again giving him a quick nod.

His lips curled into a smile as he placed my nipple into his mouth, he swirled his tongue around them forcing me to grab onto the loose straw beneath me.
His tongue worked its way down my stomach and around my navel then back up again.

He placed his tongue back into my mouth while his hands caressed my aching breasts, "do you want me Jennifer?" He asked softly against my lips.
Without answering him I sucked his tongue back in and gave it a hard suck.

He looked into my eyes and let out a soft laugh, "I want you too" he said before placing soft kisses once again down my neck, onto my breasts and down my stomach. His mouth lingered for a while before he slowly removed my dress along with my already wet underwear and tossed it to the side.

Without warning he took my swollen clit into his mouth and sucked down gently.
My body tensed up and lifted off the haystack, he looked up at me and gently forced me back down "I want you to relax and enjoy every moment" he whispered before bringing his attention back to my exposed pussy.

His tongue flicked up and down a couple of times before he slowly slid it inside of me. I clung to the straws as though they were my life line as he worked his tongue in and out of me, he removed his tongue and replaced it with his warm hand.

He moved his face back up to mine and gave my hot pussy a quick tap while his eyes stayed focused on the look on my face, he shoved his tongue into my mouth and stucked down hard as his fingers played a faint melody against my now swollen pussy.

He rubbed and sucked down on my tongue at the same time forcing my insides to go crazy, without warning something hot split out of me and he smiled against my lips. "Good girl" he whispered, the blush upon my face was ridiculous.

He slightly lifted himself up and removed his trousers, I looked down and there was a huge bulge in his boxers. He quickly removed his T-shirt and got onto me, his bulge pressed against my leg as he kissed me passionately.

He removed his boxers and rubbed his hard dick against my opening a few times causing me to moist up for him. "I love you Jennifer" he whispered before pressing his lips against mine.
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