Chasing Time

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Chapter: 3

He stood on his tiptoes and fiddled with the knob for a few seconds before shouting "there's no key."
I knew what I needed to do but my Seth had to be brave and stay without me for a while, I bent down and took in a deep agonizing breath before sticking my hand through the doggie door.

Without hesitation he tried pulling me in and I allowed him to until he realised I would not fit, "honey it's going to be ok" I shouted as he let go, a soft thud could be heard from the other side. He quickly got back up and tried crawling back through, "let me out Jen," he shouted at the top of his little lungs as I shoved him forward.

I took another breath as the air round me thickened, "please Seth be a good boy and place whatever you can find against the opening, I am going to be ok" I shouted as the third and final siren went off, hopeful that he would listen the first time and amazingly he did without putting up a fuss.

I laid in a fetal position on her broken decayed porch knowing that no matter how fast I ran I would never make it to the half destroyed barn and even if I did there was no guarantee that I would survive due to the fact that half the barn was missing.

I closed my eyes awaiting the inevitable softly singing his favourite lullaby as he sat with his back against the door. I felt the cool breeze against my back for the very first time after many years, I took a deep breath in and held it there waiting to be engulfed.

A sudden warmth wrapped itself around my tensed up body and I was now being cradled, I looked up and into stunning blue eyes. He whispered a quick Hi before everything around me went dark.

I tried getting rid of some of the pain as I sat up, my eyes scanned around. He sat shirtless on a chrome chair with his back facing me, I cleared my throat trying to get his attention but it didn't seem to work.

I nervously walked closer towards him and tapped lightly on his shoulder, immediately he jumped up startling me, I took a few steps back and lost my balance falling onto what felt like his bed.
Why was it so soft…?
His eyes shone at me as I ogled him from head to toe.

"Hello girly" he whispered as he bent down trying to take a closer look at me, he reached his hand out and I flinched causing him to laugh loudly.
"I'm not going to hurt you" he whispered as he reached his hand forward once more. I jumped up immediately and stood face to face with the handsome creature who had just saved me.

He smirked as I tried making myself look bigger, my dad had always said stand tall like a bear.
He hummed softly while tapping his sharp jaw line as he made small swift circles around me.

"She wasn't lying when she said you were a feisty one, now did she?" He questioned himself which I found ridiculous.
Seth popped into my head and without hesitation I rushed towards his door, wait why is everything so clean in here..?

I placed my hand onto the door knob and before I could turn it his hand was upon mine, I looked up into those dreamy blue eyes and immediately malted.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you." He whispered down at me, I pulled my hand away from under his causing him to burst into laughter.
"Man oh man if only you were from my time" he said loudly.

He probably spent too much time underground…

"Seth" I whispered into my hands as I took a seat on his ridiculously comfortable bed,he plopped himself down next to me and placed his hand upon my shoulder, I gave him a death stare which made him grin and remove his hand immediately.

He stood up, grabbed a white remote and faced it towards the wall behind me. "Have fun" he said before walking into a different section of the house, I turned around and my eyes popped open, a huge flat screen television was now behind me which played a channel I wasn't familiar with.

Wait why does he have a flat screen television and how in this god awful place is it working..?
Only our mayor and her fools were allowed access to electricity, but still it didn't answer my question as to why nothing had fallen apart here.

His walls stood strong like the disease hadn't reached here, I got up and stormed in the direction he headed into only to be stopped dead in my tracks by the sound of running water.
Without thinking I shoved the door open and was immediately overcome by pure embarrassment.

He had a bar of soap in one hand and a lofa in the other as he held his hands up in surrender mode. He stared at me staring at him for a few seconds before I turned around and sprinted out of there.

He turned the water off and walked out wearing only a towel which was wrapped around his waist and a huge grin plastered on his face. "I am guessing you haven't seen a shower in a while huh?" He said with a bit of a smirk.

I lowered my gaze hoping that he would go away but instead he sat right next to me making sure that his arm touched mine. I shuffled a bit trying to create space between us but he shuffled closer.
"How old are you Jennifer?" He whispered.
I looked up and straight into his eyes wondering how in the world does this perfect stranger know my name.

I blinked rapidly as he leaned forward causing my heart to palpitate profusely in my chest, his breath was upon my cheek and his hand grazed mine lightly as he continued looking into my eyes.

His arm stretched out on the side of me and I shut my eyes tightly and covered my face with the palms of my hands. He laughed loudly as he tapped my shoulder.
I moved my head from side to side which made him laugh louder. He removed my hands and my eyes remained shut, he gently opened up my hand and placed something inside before getting up.

I opened my eyes and to my surprise he stood there with the same foolish grin he had on his face earlier. I watched as he moved his hands towards the towel which hung below his v-line, he never took his eyes off me. The look on my face was priceless the moment he yanked off his towel revealing the silk boxes which sat perfectly on him.

Who was this insanely handsome crazy man teasing me…?
I stared at him for a while before getting up and locking myself in his bathroom, I looked around and everything amazed me.

Black and white tiles were placed on the floor and marble tiles were placed on the walls along with matching granite slabs which were perfectly fitted, I searched around the whole bathroom looking for where the water would come out of but to my surprise there were no taps neither was there a shower head in the beautifully decorated shower.

I walked out and he could clearly see the confusion on my face, he took me by the hand and led me back inside, still holding onto my hand he took five steps forward and reached both our hands out towards the marble tiles. He waved in front of it and automatically a glass sink appeared along with a beautiful stainless steel tap.

My eyes lit up as he said "warm water on" causing water to flow out of it, he placed my hand beneath it and warm water ran smoothly onto the palm of my hands.
He walked me towards the shower and repeated the same words as before causing water to shoot out from each side, he waved his hand over a tile and all sorts of bathroom necessities were there.

The last time I used shampoo or even took a decent bath was when I was eight. My mother made sure before dad came back from the market I was clean and had my pretty dress on, now all I had was a tattered and torn T-shirt and what looked like an overgrown trouser which I found in one of the abandoned farm houses.

I looked at him and stretched my hand out towards him which caused the grin to reappear on his handsome devilish face. He walked out only to return with a white dress shirt. Seth was on my mind the whole time I took a shower I wondered how that witch was treating him. As soon as I was done he shouted "stay in there you will dry off better" from the other side of the door.

I had no clue what he meant by dry off better until I felt warm air surrounding me. It felt as though I were standing in our fields, I stretched my arms out and enjoyed every moment of it.
Who knows when I'd get to experience this again…
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