Chasing Time

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Chapter: 31 - 1/2

"I want to go home Liam, I want my Seth" I said to him as he stared at me.
"Darling, you can not go home" he mumbled yet I heard it.

I stood up and walked towards them trying to get my hands on his time traveling device but he held me at arms length. "Jen please, I am trying my utmost best to get you back." He said calmly as I stretched my arms out.

His father placed his hand upon my shoulder and walked me towards his big desk, he seated me down then walked towards a white cupboard which was up against the wall, he pulled out an oval mirror and pointed it directly into my face.

My heart hit my throat, my eyes which were blue were now a light shade of grey. I took a closer look and it looked as though lightning bolts bounced around. "Don't worry baby we're going to fix this" Liam said from the one end of the room.

Without thinking I grabbed the doctor by his shirt collar and pulled him down to the level I was on and yelled into his face that all of this was his fault, I mentioned everything which happened the day Seth and I entered his hospital with our parents.

His face grew pale from complete shock, he looked at Liam and demanded that he be taken to that time at once but Liam refused by telling him that what had happened to my world had nothing to do with him.

He got onto his knees, took my hand into his and turned it so that the palm of my hand was facing me. He pointed at a tiny red dot which had been on my palm from the time I was five years old and said "this is all my fault."

He placed his head onto my lap and sobbed like a little child as he continued talking, "I just could not leave you alone Jen, my father warned me about it but I kept going back over and over again knowing that I could mess up the timeline" he said as he rested his head upon my lap.

He looked up at his father who was only a few years older than him and begged for help while I sat there in complete shock. "What's going to happen to me?" Was the first question which left my lips as soon as he quieted down.

Doctor O'Brien cleared his throat and took a seat at his desk, he pulled out a little black book and started writing down a few things. He looked up at us and shook his head before placing his hands upon his face, "it's not that simple, I have worked out every single probability and each one ends the same way, Jennifer is already deteriorating due to all the time jumps."

He stood up and pushed away his chair and approached us, "she will be whipped out of time, like she never existed at all" he said before placing his hand upon Liam's shoulder.

My mind went into overdrive, I sat there wondering where we went wrong. Who's fault was this…?
I blamed myself for not listening to him and he blamed himself for coming into my timeline.

Doctor O'Brien made him open up the timeline again and show him the different worlds which looked like big balls of light floating around in the universe, he pointed his finger at a small oval shaped planet and shouted "that's where the virus originated from, every time I tried going back with her the same thing happened. She would infect her past self the day Seth arrived"

They stared at one another for a while before he spoke again "that's the same day you opened up the portal into *Aztaar* and snatched him away from his father" he added on.

At this point nothing they said could shock me, all I needed to know was how to be saved so that I could be there for my Seth. Which world or timeline was my Seth in…?

I got the two of them to stop butting heads by screaming like a complete maniac, they looked at me and both beautiful lips curled into a smile. Liam shoved his father hard getting his stare away from me, he walked towards me and cupped my hand into his.

"Everything is going to be ok, all we need to do is get you to Aztaar" he said calmly.
His father looked at him and put on a cunning smile before insisting that he would go too, Liam reluctantly agreed to him going with.

Mr O'Brien suited up as though he were going to war, wearing a white hazmat suit with matching boots. The moment he walked out we both stared at each other and burst into laughter, he gave us a stare and stood boldly "there's two more hazmats in the cupboard over there "he said sternly as he pointed towards a cream white cupboard against the wall.

Liam refused but he played the father card getting me to laugh even louder than before. He walked towards the cupboard and removed the two "don't laugh you will have to wear one too" he said with a huge grin plastered on his beautiful face.

Of Course I rolled my eyes, who wouldn't want to be smothered in a hazmat suit…?
After a few minutes of arguing I undressed and hopped into the white suit, without giving Liam any time to ogle me his father barged in and stared me down.

Liam wrapped his arm around doctor O'Brien's shoulder and whispered something into his ear causing a blush to form upon his cheeks. "Come on, we're losing precious time" he said as the redness started to fade away.

Liam opened up the palm of his hand and revealed the millions of galaxies floating around, "will this not alter the time zone?" Doctor O'Brien asked as calmly as possible yet I noticed the sweat which formed above his brow.

"Make sure not to touch anything, I mean anything" Liam said sternly as he eyeballed me knowing my fidgety fingers couldn't keep still.

He opened up the palm of his hand, swiped a few numbers around "fingers crossed" he said as he took a hold of my hand and wrapped his arm around his father, why couldn't we just enter a portal like Seth had…?
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