Chasing Time

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Chapter: 32


He squeezed my hand tighter as though he were afraid of going back to Aztaar, the moment we landed I understood his panic.
"Keep your hands in the air and don't move a muscle" they shouted as their red laser dots filled up our hazmat suits.

My eyes scanned the place, men and women dressed in yellow hazmat suits dragged lifeless bodies behind them. They loaded one by one on top of each other as a blazing flame engulfed their corpses.

The lady who had just dragged a person double her size looked at me and smiled before she moved on to collect another body. Within minutes she dragged along a blond lady by her hair, her skin was a dark shade of grey and her mouth gaped wide open as though she were screaming when she took her last breath.

Blood oozed out from the bullet wounds which were caused to her, why would they do this to people was the only thought which ran through my mind.

Loud popping sounds went off after a few minutes sending me into complete shock. "Don't worry darling, that's just their brains exploding" she said with a cunning smile on her face.

From an infected Earth to metal people to murderers to psychotic people, what's next…?

My heart raced in my chest as they shoved us closer towards the open flames, a yellow suited man grabbed Liam by the wrist and slammed their helmets together.

He pushed a silver button on the side of his suit and spoke, "What do you want here Earthlings?" He shouted.

Liam aggressively shoved him away and removed his helmet. "Is that any way to treat our guests?" He shouted and immediately the man dropped to his knees
"I-I'm so s-sorry, king has ordered us not to let you out or let any Earthlings pass the border" he stuttered.

What the…?

Liam walked towards me and wrapped his arm around my waist, "they shall pass" he said sternly before turning his attention back to me. "Do not remove your helmets" he whispered as he escorted us toward big black gates.

We walked for a while and everything looked so different compared to the monstrosity I had just seen beyond those gates, blue sky's were above us and green grass could be seen for miles.

Animals grazed carefree with no one watching over them while kids ran around chasing one another in the open fields, he opened up the palm of his hand and spoke loudly ordering a pick up immediately.

Within seconds a car pulled up and he helped me inside, as soon as the door shut a soft voice came flooding through "what is your destination?" She asked.

"Central city" he replied and just like that he opened the door and hoped out extending his hand out for me to take it. First he made me get in, now he wants me to get out what is it, a flat tire…?

Annoyed at him I took his hand and hoped out, my jaw hit the ground and my heart did fifty flips as I squeezed tightly onto his hand. "Are we in a different time zone?" I whispered trying not to sound idiotic.

He giggled as I twirled myself around taking in all the beauty of the lights which twinkled around me, it was a great big party of lights. Blue, Gree, Purple, Pink, you name it and they had it.

Every single building lit up while people roamed around chit chatting, he spotted a vendor who had beautiful red roses and approached him, he opened up the palm of his hand and a million numbers were written on it, with a swipe of his finger the numbers floated towards the vendors open palm. "Thank you prince" he said loudly as he received the payment.

He placed it into my hand and the color changed immediately into a lime green then again into yellow.

My face lit up as it bounced from color to color, without thinking I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed tightly. "I'm glad you like it Jen but I can't breathe" he said softly as his father let out a little chuckle.

I let go immediately, what he had just said reminded me about my Seth. I looked down at the roses which were now a dark shade of blue, the petals began to wither and fell off one by one. I dropped it and stared as it shriveled up and turned into ashes.

"What happened?" I shouted.
He placed his hand upon my shoulder and whispered that everything was going to be ok before getting a new rose. He held on to it this time as we walked through the streets watching people romance, dance and party.

Why was everything so different here compared to the mess at the border…?

We walked for a while until his father grew impatient and threw a little tantrum. "Can we get on with it?" He shouted causing people to stare, they looked confused as to why we had hazmat suits on, Liam looked at them and lifted his hand up as confirmation that everything was ok and they went back to their business.

Liam pulled his father to the side and gave him a quick lecture before walking over to a yellow dome shaped object, he waved his hand over and the front section slid up giving him access. "Come-on" he said abruptly before stepping inside.

As soon as we were inside he waved his hand over the open section and it sealed immediately, trapping us inside, I grabbed onto his hand and squeezed tightly.
He squeezed my hand gently and said lights on softly, "I'm sorry my love" he whispered.

Being through so many crazy dimensions made me a bit of a scardy cat…
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