Chasing Time

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Chapter: 33

"Take me Home" he said loudly, the light flickered a bit then a sweet voice said "welcome home prince Liam" before opening up the front section once again.

"It literally takes you seconds to get from place to place?" I asked calmly to avoid the whole prince thing.

He looked at me and smiled that amazing sexy smile, "I prefer milliseconds" he said sarcastically as his smile broadened "do not remove your helmet until I tell you too" he said as he escorted me out.

"Honey, I'm home" he shouted at the top of his lungs while we walked quietly behind him.

What the freak…?
Who is honey …?

Before I knew it a lady rushed towards him and wrapped her arms tightly around him, "Where have you been?"
"I searched the either palace looking for you" she said sweetly before turning her attention towards us.

Liam's father practically shoved me out of the way to introduce himself, he stuck his hand out and introduced himself "Hi I'm Jeff O'..." he said before he finished his sentence Liam interrupted by shouting "no need for an introduction this minute, we still need to meet my father, King Jeff O'Brien" he said with a bit of a chuckle.

"Right mother?" He asked as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder leading her in the direction of an open doorway.
"You're absolutely right my son, you know how your father is about me meeting people before him" she whispered.

Liam shook his head as they walked side by side, past Mr. O'Brien who looked as though he were about to have a heart attack, he strolled behind me as he tried taking it all in.
"I have a wife, a son and I am king of whatever dimension this is?" He mumbled.

I turned to look at him and sighed loudly, "Well I'm a disease carrier who started a major crisis throughout dimension, oh wait I just found out my brother who I have been raising isn't really her brother, did I forget to mention I might die?" I said abruptly before turning around and leaving him to wonder about his wonderful life.

Liam looked over his mothers shoulder and gave me wink turning my mood around, I smiled to myself and followed them into a huge dining room area where his father sat surrounded by different types of men.

One man was as grey as a stormy sky, his eyes sunken into his skin and the long cuts on his face moved in like gills on a fish. His long sharp fingernails scratched against the round oak table while he listened to the conversation.

A man wearing a long black coat stood up and slammed his hands against the table, his silver hair dangled in his face as his snake shaped tongue popped in and out of his mouth as he hissed at Liam's father.

Another man whose eyes looked as though they were going to pop out of their sockets at any moment stood up and licked his cherry red lips, before we knew it, clicking noises filled up the room. Doctor O'Brien who was now king stood up and responded by clicking his tongue.

Liam cleared his throat getting their attention on him, he spoke in a foreign language and as soon as he was done everyone got up and left. They quickly sped past us without giving us a second look.

Mr. O'Brien walked around admiring every inch of the place while I stood there observing their body language. The door burst open and Liam stepped away from his father, they all walked back in taking a seat at the huge table.

After a short while men and women dressed in white chef uniforms walked in carrying silver trays, one by one they placed them onto the table and took a stand behind each seat.

King O'Brien said grace and the chefs walked forward removing the tops ever so slowly, I looked down and was grossed out immediately by what I saw. There were different types of milk snakes trying to slither off the plate, the silver haired man lifted them up one by one and slurped them causing a popping sound to leave his lips after each one.

I turned my attention to a man on the far end of the table, small black spikes stuck out from every inch of his face. He looked up at me and grinned, showing off his shark looking teeth before looking down at his plate, he spun it around for me to take a closer look.

Milky white eyes stared at me, he placed his fingers on each side of her blue face and stretched her lips out making her corps smile at me. Her blond locks fell on the plate like a decoration.
Did they think by leaving her hair on it would be edible…?

I almost threw up the moment he lifted his sharp knife and cut into her skin causing her red blood to ooze out onto the white plate. I calmly excused myself and walked out removing my helmet immediately tossing it to the ground, deep breaths avoided my food from exploding through my mouth.

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