Chasing Time

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Chapter: 34

A hand grabbed my shoulder "are you ok dear?" a sweet voice asked echoing around me"
My face immediately turned pale and without warning everything I had in my system fell upon their beautiful blue carpet.

"Oh no" I whispered as I tried avoiding whomever it was standing behind me, "it's ok dear, we will have that cleaned up in no time.

I stood there silently trying to figure out how I was going to avoid her from seeing my face.
Oh crap, Liam is going to murder me…

She sighed loudly before speaking once again "I'm guessing you're from Earth, how is everything there?
Are there beautiful plants now, has population started once again?"

"Oh my it's been twenty years since I've seen Earth, please tell me" the tone in her voice went from excited to hurt.

I stayed with my back facing her, Liam would definitely kill me if I allowed anyone to see my face without his approval.
"Everything is in turmoil, we face great difficulty just trying to survive under Mayor Gibson rule" I said softly while I tried fighting my tears off.

"Mayor Gibson, that can not be" she said in a high pitched tone. "My husband and I had destroyed her twenty years ago, how is that possible?" She asked as she started phasing behind me.

She bombarded me with a few questions which I refused to answer, anything I said would get me into a whirlwind of trouble...

He stood before me tapping his foot against the blue carpet which I had destroyed, I looked up and into his dreamy eyes which did not look impressed at all.
"Uhm baby father requires your presence, he said something about Mr. Wiltjer and the peace treaty." He said as he stretched his head over my shoulder to talk to the lady behind me.

What the hell, is he married…?

As soon as she entered the doors I lifted up my helmet and slammed it into his stomach and rolled my eyes at him before forcing it back over my head.
"Jennifer I can explain" he whispered as I pushed the doors open and stormed in.

Her long pin curls set perfectly against the back of her black dress and she had curves in all the right places, she slammed her hand against the hard oak table and faced a man resembling a reptile. His sharp vangs grinned at her as she slowly approached him, she ran her fingertips across his scales and took a stand behind him.

"How dare you speak to our king in such a disrespectful manner" she whispered into his ear and before anyone could react she lifted the steak knife off the table and slit his throat. She tucked the loose curls behind her ear and stuck her tongue out against the blade which had green blood dripping down onto the handle.

She seductively shoved the knife into her mouth and moaned as she pulled it back out, "I love the taste of Vulcanian" she moaned loudly while everyone gawked at her.

Her cherry lips curled into a smile and she giggled softly, "I am glad to be of service father-inlaw" she said loudly. Her attention turned to me and my face turned pale from the instant shock.

My hands started quivering and my breathing picked up phase, "you aren't going to puke again are you?" She said as a bit of laughter left her lips.

Liam turned to look at me, he had a priceless look upon his gorgeous face. "Meet my beautiful crazy wife, Mrs. Jennifer O'Brien" he said loudly.

She strolled towards us still holding onto the steak knife she had just used on her guest, "who are they dear husband?" She asked as she moved the knife from side to side.

"Up to your usual tricks I see Mrs. O'Brien" he said with a huge smile upon his face.

She pouted her lips and frowned "you're no fun" she whispered before flipping her hair and walking away.
How in the many dimensions have I turned into an alien blood sucking woman…?

He turned towards me and grinned, "you still take my breath away" he whispered.
"Future you is not ready to meet her past self Jen, you know how you freak out over the smallest thing" He whispered.

I sighed loudly "what has my life turned into?" I asked as calmly as possible.
He looked at me and smiled that million dollar smile without uttering another word he walked away and stood beside the older version of me.

This man is on the brink of destroying my whole life span…

Nothing made sense to me anymore. I had met my younger self and my older self. Surely this would mess with our timelines and how did I get here in the first place…?

So many questions filled my mind yet the question of where my Seth was remained a complete mystery.

I wanted to love Liam and kill him at the same time, taking in a deep breath I walked back towards doctor O'Brien who stood still watching the horror feast unfold. He placed his hand upon my shoulder and
And whispered that we should return to our timelines.

Without warning Liam sped towards us and grabbed his father by the throat and screamed into his face, "how dare you lay your slimy hands on my wife?" His eyes darkened and his face turned red from anger.

Everyone turned to look at us, most of them had their mouth open in disbelief from what Liam had just said. Future me stormed towards us and the man with gills on his face shouted "this is turning out to be a very interesting conference"
Future Jennifer turned and glared at him for a few seconds before turning her attention back on to our husband.

She spun him around getting his grip off Mr. O'Brien and slapped him, "what the hell are you talking about? Your wife is standing right here" she yelled.

"Right I have had enough of this drama, my people await my return. I shall take your leave, your majesty, '' a man on the left hand side of the king said in a squeaky voice. His head looked as though it were about to explode at any moment, his eyes glowed a bright shade of yellow as he glared at us for a few moments.

He hummed a disgusted humm as he pushed his chair out, he waved his hand in mid air and a black portal opened up "until we meet again" he said before stepping inside and just like that he vanished along with his portal.

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