Chasing Time

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Chapter: 36

Without hesitation I shut the door and walked towards their bed. He cupped his hand around the back of my neck and pulled my face forward until my lips met his.

I gave him an opening and he kissed me passionately while he worked his way in and out of her, our tongues danced around one another while her moans floated around the room like a soft pleasurable melody.

He removed his dick and shuffled down a bit giving me room, my heart raced in my chest as she yanked me down and pressed her lips against mine. "What the hell are you doing?" I mumbled against her lips.

She giggled softly and whispered "pleasuring myself." I looked at her and giggled the very same giggle, everything was getting weirdly out of control and yet I wanted to be with the two of them.
Liam wasted no time, he held the two of us around our necks and forced us forward.

Before I knew it I was making out with my future self and liked it, our tongues made love to one another until she dragged me onto the bed and forcibly held my hands down. She slowly unzipped the ridiculous hazmat suit I had on and placed soft butterfly kisses upon my neck.

"Has he made you his as yet?" She mumbled against my breasts, without giving me a chance to answer her she took my already hard nipples into her mouth. A soft moan left my lips as she circled her tongue around them causing me to squirm beneath her.

She moved her lips down my stomach while removing my already soaked underwear, there was no time to think, she placed her mouth against my sensitive clit and gave it a quick nibble.

Her tongue swirled around my now swollen clitirious a couple of times before she stuck her tongue in and out of me causing my body to go into complete lust mode. She looked up at me and grinned
Before she moved her attention back to my heated up pussy.

Her tongue flicked up and down while she rubbed my opening gently causing my folds to swell up. I let out a soft moan and my body lifted off the bed, she laughed softly as she shoved me back down and rubbed harder.

I squirmed beneath her while my body tensed up, "I want you to cum for me Jen" she whispered as her hand moved faster and faster against my swollen pussy until my cum dripped down my legs and onto their bed.

I looked up and there he was grinning down at the two of us like a racehorse.
He placed his hands firmly on his wife's hips and lifted her butt up into the air, without warning he slapped it and shoved his dick inside her.

She let out a loud moan and bent down to take my pussy into her mouth. Her tongue flicked up and down my clit as he slammed hard into her from behind, she placed two fingers inside my mouth forcing me to suck down on them while she moaned loudly.

She removed her fingers and stuck one inside me, her fingers and tongue moved to the rhythm of Liams deep pounding inside her. He slapped her butt harder this time forcing her to dig deeper inside me. Our moans were in sink with one another, he removed his still hard dick from her and tapped her pussy a bit before forcing her upward.

Her legs spread over my face and her bare pussy dangled in front of me. "What are you waiting for?" She asked softly
Nervousness grew inside me and I froze, I had never been with a woman before…

"Come on it's easy" she whispered as she lowered herself down, I took a deep breath and lifted my head up a bit meeting her pussy half way. My tongue gently licked her and she let out a soft moan which built up some confidence.

I placed my tongue gently inside her and moved it around, "faster" she demanded as Liam took a hold of her breast and squeezed them, my tongue worked its way in and out of her faster and faster causing her moans to get louder.

He lifted my legs up and pulled me closer making sure to curl them around his waist, he gently rubbed his hard dick against my wet pussy a few times before shoving it deep inside me.

His deep strokes satisfied my craving which I had built up ever since we've met.
I reached up and vigorously rubbed her swollen clitirious working my tongue in and out of her while our husband plunged in and out of me.

His panting increased as he picked up phase slamming his hard dick into me, my pussy heated up and a burning sensation crept up on me but all I could think off was being pleasured by him.
He pulled me closer making sure he was fully inside me when he came. Jennifer stared at me as her cum dripped down her thighs, my pussy wrapped tightly around him and I joined their high.

I placed my hands over my face in disbelief and she gently removed them "there's no need to feel shy, we have the very same body parts" she whispered as she let out a little laughter.

The blush faded from my face and I came to terms with what had happened, the two of them laid on either side of me and cupped their hands in mine. We fell asleep that way and when I woke up they weren't beside me.

I shuffled around in the dark until I heard yelling coming from the hallway which stopped me dead in my tracks. The door flung open and the passage light exposed me in all my naked glory, "sorry for waking you my love" he whispered "please go back to sleep."

Jennifer gave me a murderous look and stormed down the hallway, what have I done?" I asked calmly, trying not to aggravate the situation.

He laughed loudly and placed a kiss upon my forehead "sweetheart you are a drama queen, you do know that right?" He whispered as he walked me back towards the bed.

He climbed in next to me and pulled me closer, his warm hands cupped my breasts and his soft licks pressed against my skin.
"There's no need to stress over her, she will be here once she calms down" he whispered against my back as he placed soft kisses in a row.

He pulled his silk boxers down and kicked it off the bed, without any hesitation he rubbed his dick against my opening "I just can't get enough of you Jen" he whispered as he rubbed it up and down a couple of times.

My pussy heated up and my nipples hardened, "I can't get enough of you too, husband" I whispered as I tilted my head back.

He slid his tongue into my mouth and gently inserted his dick into me, as soon as I moaned the door got shoved open and she yelled at us to cut the crap.

He immediately pulled out of me and tapped the open space of their bed, I flung my legs off and stood up as she stepped closer.

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me down "where do you think you're going?" He asked sternly.
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