Chasing Time

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Chapter: 37

"To find a room in your palace" I mumbled into his face, "don't be silly, you are my wife this is our palace" he said against my lips.

Future me got into bed and shuffled me closer towards Liam, "yes Jen this is our home, you have to stay for the sake of our future" she said calmly as she wrapped her arm around my stomach.

This is getting weird…
I sat straight up with my back pressed firmly against the wooden headboard "I can not stay here, I need to find my Seth as well as our parents" I shouted.

She got up and sat in the same position, "Is he your lover?" She questioned with her brow raised at me. I immediately turned to face her and Liam grabbed my wrist.

"What?" I shouted, bringing confusion to her face.
"Liam what is going on, how can she even ask me a question like that?" I shouted.

I turned to look at her as she sat there stunned, "baby what's happening?" She asked sweetly. Something about her manner was off even though she asked the question she looked as though she were in a trance.

"It's nothing my love" he said as he dragged me off the bed and into a corner of the room. "I will explain Jen please just don't mention anything about Seth or your timeline" he whispered into my face.

"Liam I want to go home" I whispered back but he paid me no mind instead he got in next to her and placed her head onto a pillow "go to sleep my love everything is fine" he whispered before placing a kiss upon her cheek.

Nothing made sense anymore, I remembered Seth as though I held him in my arms a few moments ago yet she had no recollection on who he was..
I tossed on one of her robs which laid on the footstool and walked out shutting the door behind me.

I walked down the long passageway which was filled with bright lights and many white doors which reminded me about the hospital my parents vanished in.

As soon as I placed my hand on the last door hoping it would lead me back to my timeline I felt a soft touch upon my shoulder stopping me dead in my tracks
"Is there something you need darling?" she asked sweetly.

I wiped away my tears and turned to look directly into hazel brown eyes, "oh n-no your majesty I was j-just looking for the kitchen" I said.

She let out a soft laughter and cupped my hand into hers "there's no need to be formal with me Jennifer, everything seems strange to you now but I promise you'll get used to being here, you always do."

"I don't want to be here, your majesty, please send me home" I asked as calmly as possible.

She tapped my hand and hummed a bit "come on I will show you back to your room" she said as she tugged me alongside her. I stopped after a few minutes. "What did you mean by, I always do?" I questioned but no response came from her, instead she pulled me towards the door and left me standing there.

I walked as she walked down the passageway disappearing into a room on the left hand side. What the hell is going on here…?

I shoved the door open hoping to get the answers which strongly haunted me but only to enter into an empty room, "where are they?" I shouted.
Hands wrapped around my waist scaring me half to death.

He placed a soft kiss on the back of my neck and scooped me up forcing me to look into his dreamy eyes, "you must be exhausted my love" he whispered down at me as he carried me towards the bed which was covered with a white silk sheet.

"Why are you doing this to me Liam" I asked the moment he placed me down. Completely ignoring the question he walked around the bed and laid down next to me. With his arm wrapped tightly around my waist he fell asleep while I stared at the ceiling.

A slight knock came from the other side of the door startling him from his deep slumber causing him to sit straight up. "Who is that?" He whispered while he rubbed his sleepy eyes.

I shrugged my shoulders and continued looking at the ceiling, seeing the annoyance on my face he got up and walked towards the door. He opened it up ever so slowly as though he were about to be attacked in his own home.

"Mother, what are you doing here?" He whispered, without giving him a chance she yanked him through the open door.
Their muffled voices could be heard as they got louder, I got up and walked towards the door but it got yanked closed the moment they heard me approaching.

I stomped my foot down like a little child and flung the door open only to stand face to face with my future self balling her eyes out, "what's going on?" I whispered.

She looked at me with dead eyes and spoke in a very strange voice, "who is this?" She asked with a bit of a grin creeping onto her face.

"Oh honey, you've brought me a new friend?" She squeaked which sent shivers down my spine. Before I knew it she wrapped her arms around my waist and squeezed tightly.

"Yay, new friend" she shouted as she jumped up and down still holding on to me.
I lifted my head in a what's up gesture at Liam but he stood there quietly watching her jump up and down like a child.

After a few minutes he raised his finger to his lips and shut his eyes tightly, his mother huffed and puffed down the hallway in a rage and slammed the bedroom door.

We half danced into the room until she tossed herself along with me onto the bed, something strange was definitely going on and I needed to get to the bottom of it soon.

She laid in my place and twirled my hair around her finger, "please stay with me new friend" she mumbled as sleep took over. I rolled my eyes at Liam for putting me in this position yet beside to stay, this messed up situation reminded me a lot about my Seth.

"Sing the fly away home song please friend" she whispered up at me, tears formed in my eyes and I wiped them away quickly. I took a deep breath, rubbed her head gently and sang the song mother always sang to put us to sleep.

How was it possible that she went back into a child's state of mind yet she did not remember our Seth…?

Liam watched and listened attentively from the doorway as she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. He slowly crept towards the bed trying not to disturb the state she was in, without hesitation he jumped into the open space next to me and placed my head upon his chest.

His heart beat wildly in his chest and he sighed loudly "I'm sorry, but I refuse to lose you again" He whispered as he closed his eyes.

Nothing made sense to me… I waited for an hour before I removed her hand from my waist and slowly crept out of the room, as soon as I opened the door and stepped out a gruff voice rang through my ears, "where do you think you are going?" He asked sternly, causing me to jump backwards.

"I-I uhm I need to use the bathroom" I squeaked.
He raised his gringer brow at me and whispered "Nice try" as he forced me back into the room.

Liam shuffled around only to settle down once he wrapped his arm around further me, I rolled my eyes at him and walked towards the huge silver curtains. I slowly moved it away anticipating a beautiful view but there were only ash bricks behind.

Why would they hand curtains here…?
I frantically looked around for some sort of escape but there was nothing but brick.
What the hell is going on…?
Am I a prisoner…?

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I plopped myself down onto a white sofa placed against the wall and bawled my eyes out until I fell asleep.

My heart felt at peace as soon as I felt his little arms around my stomach, I placed my hand on top of his head and rubbed gently while he moved around like a worm. The morning light shone upon my face and I was awoken by loud shouting forcing me to get up.

He held onto my ankle and dragged me out of the tent like an animal tossing me to the ground, his huge body towered over me as his accomplice raised his gun and pointed it directly at Seth's head.
"No" I scream at the top of my lungs causing Liam to rush to my side.

"Honey it was just a bad dream" he said softly.
I placed my head upon his chest and burst into tears, "I want to go home to my Seth" I mumbled.

He placed a kiss upon my head and rubbed my back trying to comfort me but it did not work, my mind was made up I needed my Seth and he needed me..

I laid awake trying to figure out a way to get back, "good morning, we have a long day ahead of us" he whispered before placing a kiss upon my cheek.

I bawled my hands into fists as I tried holding in my anger, "good morning" I whispered back.

"What do you have planned?" I asked sweetly as I hoped on top of him, I pushed my hair to the side and placed soft kisses upon his bare chest hoping for some sort of answer but he gently removed me.

He tapped the back of my hand and gave it a light kiss, "nice try" he mumbled against my skin.
"I will see the two of you downstairs within an hour, make sure she gets ready" he said as he rubbed his still tired eyes.

What, am I a babysitter…?
I rolled my eyes at him and clenched my teeth together "sure" I said as I put on a fake smile.

He giggled as he closed the door leaving me all alone with a complete mess, I walked over to her and shoved her lightly. "It's time to wake up Jen" I whispered.
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