Chasing Time

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Chapter: 38

She looked up at me and smiled sweetly, "are we having a picnic today?" She asked with her voice still filled with tiredness.
I nodded my head in approval and helped her out.

"What happened to you?" I asked as I opened up the shower water for her, she shrugged her shoulders and hoped in.
How is this possible? Last night she was absolutely fine…

After our shower we dressed in matching blue dresses as per Liam's request, everything about this place made no sense to me. We walked hand in hand down the long passageway and stopped in front of the dining room. Two men dressed in black and white suits stood on either side of the door.

As soon as we stepped closer they greeted us with a warm smile and opened the door. Liam stood up immediately and took both of us by the hand, he placed her on the left side of him and pulled out a chair for me on his right side.

I sat there quietly observing everyone's behavior, shockingly everyone dug into their breakfast not interested that he had two Jennifers on either side of him. After a while of staring his mother shot a sweet smile my way and hand gestured that I should start eating.

"After breakfast I will show you around my love" he whispered with a mouth full of pancakes. I nodded my head and popped a piece into my mouth, future me tossed her pancakes all over the table and giggled like a child and still no one cared.

I lifted myself up and he yanked me back down as he shook his head from side to side. "She's making a mess Liam" I whispered.

"Let her" he whispered back.
I rolled my eyes at him, what type of husband allows his wife to make a complete fool of herself…?

He held his hand up and placed a finger down every minute, as soon as he placed his pinky down she yelled loudly "would someone clean up this mess."
Ladies dressed in long black skirts and white long sleeved shirts rushed in and cleaned up the mess she had created.

She turned towards us and shot a cunning smile "I'm glad to see you haven't run off as yet, mini me" she whispered.

She placed a kiss upon Liams cheek and opened up her mouth so that he could feed her, "Hi my love" he whispered as he popped a piece of pancake into her mouth.

"Did you have a good nap my love?" He whispered and she shook her head up and down while she opened up her mouth again.

As soon as I was done eating I stood up and removed my plate, she looked at me and rolled her eyes. "Stop living like a peasant" she shouted, causing everyone's attention to fall on me.

Liam grabbed her arm and squeezed it gently "that's no way to speak to our guest" he said sternly. She ripped her hand away and stormed out, he soon followed. We sat there in silence listening to them bicker for a while until king O'Brien got out of his seat and yelled.

Liam stormed back in and yanked me out of my seat, he dragged me through the huge doors and into the hallway before I asked what was happening he dragged both of us down the hallway straight towards the last white door.

It was strange, no door handle appeared visible. He looked at me and a cunning smile formed upon his face, while I amused myself with the way the door engulfed his palm print.

She snapped her fingers in his face getting his attention back onto her, "what is all this?"
"For all these years no one was ever allowed in here, what is in there? " she said with a bit of a grin on her face.

He turned to look at her and whispered "Patience my love" as the door scanned his print, soon the door turned a light shade of blue and went back to its original white shade. A voice asked for a facial recognition to be confirmed.

He stood in front of the door and placed his face inches away from it, a red light beamed in his face and welcomed him before unlocking it.

"Now girls, no matter what do not, I mean Do Not touch anything!" he said as he looked at both of us with his brow raised. Knowing us we'd probably touch the first fluffy thing we saw, so we looked at one another and gave him a quick nod.

He cracked the door open and darkness along with a cool breeze flowed around me. He yanked us in and we squealed like two newborn piglets.

He held both of us around our waists and walked in the darkness like he had done it a million times before. I cupped my hand tightly around his and squeezed tightly, waiting for whatever it was to jump out and eat me.

He let out a soft chuckle and squeezed my hand back "you lived in the dark for so many years my darling" he said loudly.
His voice echoed through and sinister laughter came flooding back at us.

"Hi" she said over and over again like a broken record player. Her scratchy voice sounded familiar yet I could not put my finger on it.

"I am going to have the lights switched on ok" he said. Both of us answered with a quick ok, he laughed softly.
"I wasn't talking to you two" he said before he shouted lights on.

My heart caved in and my breaths quickened, Jen stood beside me wide eyes, she stretched her arm out and Liam yanked it back "no touching my love" he whispered.

Her dirty brown dreadlocks hung in her face as she stared at us for a while, she smiled sweetly and shoved her skinny hand through the bars. "Hi," she screeched, sending a cold shiver down my spine.

"Are you hungry my darling?" He asked softly as he caressed her arm which stuck out. She nodded and kept repeating "yes" over and over again until he returned with a huge piece of raw steak, I gave him a stern look as he placed it into her hand.
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