Chasing Time

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Chapter: 4

As soon as I was done I buttoned up the overgrown shirt and made my way down the hallway, nothing about this place was familiar, I had been in everyone's homes around our little farm. He stood at the glass kitchen counter with a huge smirk as I walked in wearing nothing but his ridiculously huge shirt, my hair looked a mess but he didn't care too much about it. He just stood there gawking at me.

He called me over to view more wonders he had to show me, amazingly I was not familiar with this stranger yet he had an aura about him which calmed me down. He closed his palms together then separated them giving me a clear view of different types of meals, I looked at him doe-eyed as he swiped his finger in mid air changing what was in front of him.

I immediately grabbed his hand the moment it was on burger fries and a coke, my mouth began to water and my stomach started growling loudly. He looked at me from head to toe then tapped on an extra large meal.
Does he think I am a horse…?

I smiled at him sweetly, there was no way I was going to pass up this opportunity.
He pressed the send button and within seconds the meal was beamed onto the table, I placed my hand underneath the blue light and it moved on to another section of the countertop, before I could blink there was a seafood platter placed down and the blue beam disappeared.

A lady said enjoy your meal, I walked around the kitchen looking in every nook and cranny for her but she was nowhere to be found. He looked at me and laughed out loudly like a maniac rubbing the top of his blond head of hair.

He took me by the hand and walked back towards the counter top, taking a seat he whispered. I looked at him then at the empty space we stood in, he took me by my shoulders and forced me down.

I tried forcing myself back up but then I felt it, my butt was cushioned by a comfortable seat. I looked up into his dreamy blue eyes as he grinned down at me, I sighed loudly "why do you insist on torturing me?" I whispered up at him.

Without saying a word he walked out of the kitchen and returned a few minutes later holding onto a red rose, I immediately dropped my burger onto the counter and rushed towards him. He held it at eye level asking me if I knew what it was, I rolled my eyes at him, did he honestly think I was from the stone age..?

He held it above the counter and a crystal vase formed right before my eyes, he gently placed it in and took a seat across me. I stared at him in anticipation, "the house is linked to my mind Jennifer" he said calmly as his eyes stayed focused on the look on my face.

I burst into laughter, then placed my head into the counter, that was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. I tried containing myself but each time he called out to me I laughed louder.

A soft voice could be heard calling out to me, asking if I was ok which stopped my laughter immediately, I looked up and there he was, my little brother sat with his back against the door.

I reached out to grab him but he disappeared and reappeared once my hands went through. I called out to him continuously but he just sat there with his head in between his legs.

I gave him a murderous look as tears formed in my eyes, "he can not hear you Jennifer, we are not in his time," he whispered.
This man is clearly losing his mind..
I hoped of the chair and once again it vanished leaving an open space.

The table opened up and devoured the food which I had left, I stomped my foot down like a little child and rushed towards the door.
I reached out towards it and it magically disappeared, "what the f###$ going on?" I shouted as I turned around only to stare into his face.

I walked towards the kitchen door and reached out hoping that this one would work, I closed my eyes and turned the crystal door knob and it worked, I walked through with my eyes still closed making sure to close his door behind me.

A prickly feeling tickled my toes and a cool breeze hit against my bare legs causing my eyes to shoot wide open. My jaw dropped the moment I looked around only to find a field covered in green grass, I bent down and ran my fingers through before plopping myself down.

This can't be real, everything died ten years ago…

I pinched myself and screamed out loud from the pain, he sat beside me admiring the complete amusement on my face.
I couldn't understand anything that was happening, I had spent so many hours with a man I knew nothing about and saw my little brother still against the door, how was all of this even possible…?
By now the bitterness of the virus should have passed.

I looked at him and demanded answers, he looked at me and his eyes shone in the sunlight. He reached forward and pushed my strands of hair behind my ear, little tingles could be felt inside my stomach and I jumped up immediately.

"What the hell is going on, who are you, what do you want from me?" I shouted down at him. He grabbed me by the wrist and yanked me down forcing me to side beside him once again.

What he told me next got me to think that he needed to be in a mental hospital…
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