Chasing Time

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Chapter: 40

We stopped in front of two white doors, he stuck his head out and a blue beam scanned his face. "Welcome back Liam'' an automated voice said as the doors opened up. He placed me onto something freezing cold which caused my body to shake uncontrollably, "I told you time and time again to have her strapped down" king O'Brien shouted as he shone a bright light into my eyes.

Both doctors stood on either side of me, one strapped my hands while the other strapped my legs down.
"I hope this one works son, your mother and I can not bear this anymore" he said as he placed his fingers against my neck.

He gapped my mouth open and shoved a white piece of cloth in making sure that once the drugs wore off I wouldn't be able to scream. he moved lower and placed a sharp pair of scissors at the seam of my t-shirt, "don't worry dear this will all be over soon" he said whilst the past O'Brien looked up in awe.

I scanned the room in search of the culprit who had caused all of this to happen to me hoping that he would make them stop but he never did, instead he stood silently with his back turned towards me.

What a coward…
Excruciating pain pierced my stomach as a red laser cut into my flash, tears streamed down my cheeks and onto the steel bed beneath me. Liam rushed to my side and cupped my lame hand into his the moment he heard the timer count down from ten.
"Do not worry my love this will all be over before you know it" he said.

My skin was ripped open and a small white beam dropped down, the timer hit one and an automated voice said insertion completed. "See I told you it would be over soon" he whispered into the palm of my hand before kissing it gently.

Another red beam dropped down, it felt as though hot glue was being poured onto the wound they had just created.

"Wow, we need this kind of technology back on Earth" doctor O'Brien shouted excitedly while Liam and his father undone the leather cuffs which tied me down.

He scooped me up and carried me back to the room I was being held in and placed me down gently, "go to sleep my love" he said as he stroked my hair. Complete disgust came over me yet I could not do any about it, I laid there silently not being able to strike him frustrated me.

He placed his lips upon my exposed stomach and left without saying another word making sure to lock the door behind him, I stared at the cream ceiling for a while before a tingling sensation filled my fingers and toes. I immediately tossed my legs off the bed and wobbled towards the mirror.

I ran my fingertips across my pale face, it looked as though they had drained all of the life out of me. I moved lower, my stomach immediately burned the moment I touched it. A ten inch red scar stared back at me as tears flowed down.
What had they done to me…?

I tried touching it once more but something didn't seem right, a small ball started moving inside of me. My eyes shot wide open as I watched it move in circles for a few minutes before stopping.
I must be hallucinating...

I walked towards the bed and gently placed myself down, as soon as I got comfortable the movements started up again and this time it felt as though something wanted to claw its way out of me. I screamed as the pain grew stronger with each moment which passed by.

The door burst open and everyone rushed in, "this isn't impossible" king O'Brien shouted at the top of his lungs.
Mrs. O'Brien sped out of there and ran back in holding onto a pair of leather straps, "no please don't" I yelled as she forced them onto my wrist and ankles, she tied them around the bedpost and watched as I screamed out in pain.

Liam sat beside me and caressed my stomach which had formed a bump,
"W-what's going on?" I stuttered as he continued looking down at my stomach which grew inch by inch.

"Hush my love, he will be here soon" he whispered.

"Who will be here soon?" I screamed like a raging lunatic but he ignored me and continued rubbing my stomach.

His mother walked out and returned with a few towels and a bucket of water, she dunked a towel in and placed it upon my forehead as my temperature spiked up.
"Don't worry darling this will all be over soon" she whispered.

"Nothing seems to be ending in this god awful place" I yelled.
Everyone went on pretending as though I were fine, the two doctors stood in the corner of the room while Liam and his mother looked at one another with huge smiles upon their faces.

"I want to go home Liam" I shouted, getting his attention back onto me, "sure no problem give me my heir and you can go home" he whispered.

My mind was filled with rage, how can I give him something which I do not have…?

"It's time" she said softly as she shoved the towel into my mouth stopping my screams from escaping. "Please let this time work" he said as he placed a kiss upon my forehead.

My lower region felt as though it were being ripped apart asI laid stretched out, "be brave my love" he shouted as his father ordered me to push.
Excruciating pain filled up my entire body for a few seconds and subsided once again, before I had time to think the pain was back.

"Push Jen" he shouted as he cupped his hand into mine, I shook my head from side to side and tried fighting the urge to give him what he wanted but it did not work. I bite down hard while the pain engulfed me, sweat formed upon my forehead while his mother shouted over and over for me to push.

Whit in a few minutes it was all over and a faint tone of a baby filled my ears, "congratulations it's a boy" doctor O'Brien shouted excitedly as he held the baby up for everyone to see.

His blond hair fell into his eyes and his pink lips pouted out as he screamed for dear life, my eyes stayed glued on him as he walked around introducing his new grandson to everyone before he placed him upon my chest.

He squirmed around a bit before he latched onto my newly developed breasts, I looked down at him and my eyes teared up.
How is all of this possible…?
How am I a mother…?

I closed my eyes hoping that I would wake up from the deep slumber I was in but once I opened up my eyes Mrs. O'Brien yanked him away from me and placed him into Liam's arms.

"Welcome to Aztaar my son" he whispered before placing a soft kiss upon his red cheek.
Doctor O'Brien walked around me and placed something against my forearm,"thank you Jennifer" he said loudly before pressing it into my skin.
Liam jumped up with our son held firmly against his chest and yelled "stop" but it was too late, the deed had already been done.

He placed my baby onto my arm which was still tied up and cupped his hand into mine, "please don't leave me again Jen, how is our son going to grow up without you" he said as tears formed in his eyes.

My eyes stayed focused on my son which cried his little heart out whilst I took my last breath. Liam picked our son up and phased up and down for a while, he turned towards his father and shouted "we finally had her and like always you snatched her away from me, this is all your fault!"

He stormed out with our son and placed him into the nursery which I never got to see.
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