Chasing Time

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Chapter: 42

She cleared her throat getting my full attention, she placed her hands behind her head and slowly unclipped the tight buttons which held her helmet on. My heart raced in my chest as I waited in anticipation for her to unmask herself.

Her beautiful long brown curly hair fell into her face as she placed her white helmet onto the desk, she swept her hair behind her ears and looked up at me. Her pretty pink lips curled into a smile as her hazelnut brown eyes stared at me.

I swallowed down hard and rubbed my eyes a couple of times, am I dreaming…?
"You're not dreaming Jennifer, I am your true self." She said calmly while she watched me freak out before her.

I tried speaking but no words left my lips, complete shock filled my face as I stared at her, "what the hell is going on?" I yelled.
She stood up and pushed her chair back, "I have waited many years to get you in this time line Jennifer, I will not let you or my Seth be snatched away again."

I stood up and she seated me back down placing the brown envelope in front of me, "take a look" she whispered. My shaky fingers shook while I opened up the envelope, I stuck my hand inside and paused for a moment. Overwhelmed by everything which was happening to me the room started spinning.

She placed her hand upon my shoulder and assured me that everything was going to be ok. I pulled the contents out and placed it upside down on the table in front of me, I took a deep breath and flipped the first photograph around.

It brought joy to my heart, it showed mother and father at lakeside hospital, they looked so happy, mother held a blue blanket tightly against her chest while father looked at her in amazement.

The next photograph showed a man in a black trench coat with his head facing down holding an infant at the door, I took a closer look and noticed Seth's blue blanket. What was he doing with my Seth…?

I flipped the next one over and saw myself with a man in our fields, the smile upon my face told a thousand tales. I paused for a moment in realization that the man who held my hand in the picture was the same man who had left the office.
"I've never met this man before, how is this possible?" I shouted.

She looked at me and smiled sweetly, "there's a lot you cannot remember Jennifer" she said as she turned over another photograph. She looked like me but wore a cunning smile upon her face, the man who was with me in the previous photograph held her around her waist tightly.

The next one scared me, it was a girl who was being kept in a cage. Her eyes had black circles around them and her hair was a mess, she looked as though she hadn't had a proper meal nor had she had a bath in years, there was the very same man holding out a piece of raw steak.

The next girl wore a pink fluffy ball gown, she held a doll resembling her close to her chest as she smiled sweetly and yet again there was that man standing right beside her with his arm wrapped around her.

"How is all of this possible?"
"Who are all these women?" I questioned. She placed her finger upon my lips shushing me before turning over the next photograph, doctor O'Brien who was dressed in a ridiculous blue coat with diamond studs stood beside a beautiful woman in a white ball gown wearing a gold diamond studded crown and at the bottom stood a boy holding onto one of those laser guns.

"What am I looking at, how is all of this important?" I questioned, she ignored my question completely and flipped over the next one revealing the very same man holding my baby Seth in his arms.

She turned over the last photograph and there he was at my doorway holding Seth out towards my mother, her face beamed with joy as she reached out her hands to cradle him. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I remembered how happy we were.

"There's no time to cry" she shouted with a stern look in her eyes.
"You might be cold hearted but I'm not!" I yelled back at her.

She rolled her eyes at me and took a seat back on her huge chair, she reached under the table and pushed a button. "Keep quiet and take a look at what has made me so cold hearted" she said.

My eyes flickered as flashing images played in the dead center of her big oak table. I watched as the man who had escorted me in dragged different versions of myself through dimensions.

His behavior changed with each one, he was kind and loving to the ones who obeyed him and a complete monster to the ones who retaliated against him.
His parents showed her love at first before they chained her in a dungeon the moment she asked to be returned home.

The poor cannibal girl was locked in a cage because she could not understand what was going on and the girl who had a doll pressed against her chest was tortured until she lost her mind.

The one who I met first was made into a warrior yet they weren't satisfied, he bounced in between dimensions looking for the perfect version of me. I shut my eyes the moment I saw myself tied down to a bedpost, "you need to see what he has done" she said calmly.

I shook my head from side to side in complete horror, "please stop this and let us leave" I said through my closed hands.

"Jennifer you better open up your face, or so help me God" she shouted.
I removed my hands and gave her a questionable look, What could she possibly do to me…?
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