Chasing Time

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Chapter: 43

She swiped in mid air and played the video once again, I took a closer look and my jaw dropped.

The door burst open and everyone rushed in, "this is impossible" king O'Brien shouted at the top of his lungs.
Mrs. O'Brien sped out of there and ran back in holding onto a pair of leather straps, "no please don't" I begged as she forced them onto my wrist and ankles, she tied them around the bedpost and watched as I screamed out in pain.

Liam sat beside me and caressed my stomach which had formed a bump.
"W-what's going on?" I stuttered as he continued looking down at my stomach which grew inch by inch.

"Hush my love, he will be here soon" he whispered.
"Who will be here soon?" I screamed like a raging lunatic but he ignored me and continued rubbing my stomach.

His mother walked out and returned with a few towels and a bucket of water, she dunked a towel in and placed it upon my forehead as my temperature spiked up.
"Don't worry darling this will all be over soon" she whispered.

"Nothing seems to be ending in this god awful place" I yelled.
Everyone went on pretending as though I were fine, the two doctors stood in the corner of the room while Liam and his mother looked at one another with huge smiles upon their faces.

"I want to go home Liam" I shouted, getting his attention back onto me, "sure no problem give me my heir and you can go home" he whispered.
My mind was filled with rage, how can I give him something which I do not have…?

"It's time" she said softly as she shoved the towel into my mouth stopping my screams from escaping. "Please let this time work" he said as he placed a kiss upon my forehead.

My lower region felt as though it were being ripped apart asI laid stretched out, "be brave my love" he shouted as his father ordered me to push.
Excruciating pain filled up my entire body for a few seconds and subsided once again, before I had time to think the pain was back.

"Push Jen" he shouted as he cupped his hand into mine, I shook my head from side to side and tried fighting the urge to give him what he wanted but it did not work. I bite down hard while the pain engulfed me, sweat formed upon my forehead while his mother shouted over and for me to push.

Whit in a few minutes it was all over and a faint tone of a baby filled my ears, "congratulations it's a boy" doctor O'Brien shouted excitedly as he held the baby up for everyone to see.

His blond hair fell into his eyes and his pink lips pouted out as he screamed for dear life, my eyes stayed glued on him as he walked around introducing his new grandson to everyone before he placed him upon my chest.

He squirmed around a bit before he latched onto my newly developed breasts.

I looked up at her as tears streamed down my cheeks, "a-are you t-telling me that S-Seth is mine?"

She too had tears in her eyes, "yes Jennifer, Seth is our son" she whispered as a tear fell onto her desk.
"That monster out there had stolen him away from us over and over again on the pretense of loving us then when he could not handle the pressure of looking after our son he sent him back to your timeline, he watched us suffer for all these years" she shouted as she rose from her chair.

She sighed loudly before she started phasing up and down. "He left us to suffer Jen and no matter how many times he tried changing what he had done it always happened, you hadn't started the disease, he did when he took you to Vulgaris" She yelled louder this time.

I stood up and phased up and down myself, everything she said made no senses yet I saw it with my own eyes.
How is all of this possible…?
"Why can't remember anything?"

She stopped phasing and approached me like a speeding bullet and shoved something into my forearm, her figure started blurring out and I felt myself hitting the ground. Memories of him charming me as well as his betrayal came flooding in like an uncontrollable raging river.

He looked at me like I had done something wrong.
My back hit something the moment I landed, Liam laid beside me "you are the most beautiful creature I had ever laid my eyes on" he whispered.

I ignored him completely and moved my arms around feeling the soft hay beneath me, I tossed myself around and stared in amazement as the cows grazed while a man watched them and a lady held her daugher up towards the apple tree. Her little arms stretched out and she picked a huge red apple.

Her mother placed her down and watched as she jumped for joy, "come on honey your father's waiting for us" she said as she pointed in the distance. I jumped off the haystack and ran towards them, as soon as I grew closer my heart almost stopped beating in my chest.

Her dark brown hair fell into her face and her beautiful brown eyes stared down at her little girl as her red lips curled into a smile. The little orange freckles stood out making her features even more radiant.

The moment I stepped closer she shoved her daughter behind her like an overprotective mama bear and immediately asked what I wanted on her property.
Would this meeting affect the timeline…?

I shook my head from side to side confusing her a bit, I stretched out my hand and introduced myself as a real estate agent who was new to the area. She smiled sweetly and took my hand into hers, "you share the same name as my daughter" she said as she pushed little me forward.

I stretched out my hand and waited patiently as Liam joined me, I can't believe what a scaredy cat I was…
He pulled me to the side and gave me a lecture about how I was messing up the timeline but I didn't care all I wanted to do was hug my mother after all these years.

I walked back towards them and bent down, "Hi you can come out now, I won't bite I promise" I whispered.
"Jen, don't" Liam whispered as he bent down beside me.

She peeped her head out and let out a little chuckle before taking a few steps towards us. "I'm Jennifer but my mummy calls me Jen" she said softly as she stuck her hand out.

I smiled a sweet smile and took her little hand into mine, she looked at me and shouted ouch the moment our palms touched. Our mother yanked her up and away from me, I laughed loudly just the thought of me hurting my younger self seemed funny.

She pulled little me all the way into the house and closed the door behind them, "honey we need to get Jen to the hospital" she shouted at the top of her lungs causing my father to leave the cattle and seed into our home.

"I told you not to do anything Jennifer, and as usual you don't listen to me" he shouted as he yanked me towards the barn. He kept repeating you never ever listen over and over again.

I stopped dead in my tracks and stomped my foot down like a little getting his attention "that never grows old Jen" he whispered as he took my hand into his, he flipped over my right hand revealing my palm which had a red dot in the middle.

I was stuck in a loop repeating the same memory over and over again.

The end....

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