Chasing Time

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Chapter: 5

He started off by saying his name was Liam O'Brien and he came from the year 3035.
How is that possible...?

I looked at him with my brow raised, "which means you aren't born yet?" I blurted out before laughing into his face, before I knew it his lips were pressed against mine.

My eyes grew wide as I looked into those eyes which severely intoxicated me, his arms wrapped around my waist and his tongue danced against mine. I shoved him away from me and slapped him straight across his face.

Instead of holding his face he rubbed his thumb gently across his lips, "I knew it would taste like this from the moment I saw you." He whispered with his finger still placed upon his lips.

I wanted to strangle him at that very moment, I demanded he take me back to my Seth and with hesitation he got up and dragged me back into the kitchen, he placed me into the corner warning me not to move. He closed the palms of his hands and separated them inches away from my face revealing numbers which were scattered all over the place.

I reached out to touch it but he gave me a stern look, "would you like to end up in space?" He asked which made me giggle a bit. He smiled sweetly even though I could see something was bothering him, before I could wrap my head around it he pressed his lips against mine "till we meet again," he whispered.

A warm tingly feeling came over me, I looked around and there I was flat on my butt sitting next to Seth. His jaw dropped as he sat there staring at me, he shouted where have you been before wrapping his little hands around my neck.

He pushed himself back and took a closer look at me before hugging me tighter, "you look pretty" he whispered into my ear. His soft laughter surrounded me as I held him close to me.

Loud footsteps came rushing towards us, we jumped up immediately and I shoved Seth behind me. Something didn't seem right, her dirty brown hair dangled in her face as she tried looking at us, a ray of lights shone upon her hand as she reached out to touch me.

Seth held on tightly to the overgrown shirt I was wearing, horrified screeching left her lips. Seth knew the drill the moment he heard it, I reached behind me and forced him down as she stalked us waiting for a perfect opportunity to get her blistered hands on us.

He slowly bent down trying his best not to startle her, as soon as I heard flap move I shoved him out of the door. She paid attention to his shouting as I ran right past her and into the kitchen, she followed me and stood by the door, her red eyes staring holes into me as she stepped closer closing the gap between us.

Seth was now at the kitchen door, he pulled onto the door knob getting her attention off me, I sped past her and was out the side door within a minute making sure to take her keys along with me. I locked that god awful creature inside, Seth and I ran towards the town, we needed to inform them that the deadly disease had attacked one of our own.

As soon as we got to the huge white gates her guards surrounded us, as usual they hid behind their white masks making it hard for anyone to see their faces. They raised their weird looking guns forcing us to get down onto our knees, I tried talking but the one grabbed onto my shoulder and squeezed it gently.

Something about the way he touched me felt familiar, I shook it off and shoved his hand away from me. The man next to him raised his hand to strike me and my little Seth jumped up shouting his lungs out, they shoved him back down and I put my finger to my lips silencing him immediately.

We were yanked up and shoved through the gate, my hatred towards them grew stronger as they forced us forward. He walked beside me and whispered "do not say a word" before walking in front of me.

His voice sounded familiar, I tried getting his attention but he continued walking ignoring me completely. We walked for a while until we approached a massive white and gold door, they forced us to wait outside until they spoke to whoever was hiding in there.

He pulled onto my arm and shoved me against the wall causing his foolish friends to laugh loudly, "please Jennifer don't say a word in there or else you will become a test subject too," he whispered into my ear before yanking me by the hand and tossing me back towards the door.

He walked inside and slammed the door closed behind him as I stood there holding tightly onto Seth's hand. After a few minutes they came back out laughing like little school girls, they grabbed me by my wrist and dragged me along until we reached the white gate.

Without saying a word they tossed us through the gate. Seth ran forward and shouted "she's inside" continuously until one of the guards pulled out what they called silencers, he pointed it towards poor little Seth and pressed the button. His eyes filled with horror as sparks came flowing out of it.

Taunting us brought joy to their lives, he watched me as I grabbed onto Seth's arm and dragged him away from that awful place, how is it possible that every inch apart from the area they lived in was touched by the disease...?
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