Chasing Time

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Chapter: 6

We rushed past her house, Seth covered his ears as her screeching came from inside. I needed to get him cleaned up and in line before we missed our only meal, he put up a fuss as I wiped him off insisting that he did not want to get a shot today but unfortunately we had no choice, it's either you go willingly or you are forced by those helmet wearing goons.

We sped back down towards the town and this time it was different, they checked our temperature as we stood there pulling out anyone who did not meet the regulation set by our dear beloved mayor.

Five people stood in the dead center of the broken tar road and were gunned down before our eyes, they dragged their bodies towards the white gates leaving a line of fresh blood behind. Seth clung to my hand for dear life as the man in a helmet approached us.

He grabbed onto my face and forced me to look straight at him before sticking a tongue depressor into my mouth. He moved on to little Seth who was terrified, I squeezed gently warning him not to make a sound, he bent down and took a hold of Seth's face forcing him to look directly at him just then the line across us started getting rowdy. His blue eyes looked up at me as the man ran across to see what the ruckus was all about.

Before we knew it people sped into different directions and was gunned down immediately, Seth covered his ears with the palm of his hands while the gun shots continued. One of the mayor's goons grabbed onto my wrist and pulled me into the half broken down building.

He pulled me into a far end of the building making sure not to be spotted. He removed his helmet and my jaw dropped, I stood there completely dumbfounded until Seth pulled on the shirt I was still wearing snapping me out of the daze I was in.

He placed his hand upon my shoulder and forced me down the moment he heard footsteps on the other side of the building, my poor little Seth looked at me in confusion as I continued staring into his blue eyes. He took a hold of my hand and lifted me up slowly with Seth still attached to me.

He put his finger to my lips before looking around, he pulled me alongside him as my eyes stayed focused on his face. A smirk formed upon his gorgeous face, it was as though he knew actually what I was thinking.

A little blushed formed onto my cheeks as his hand cupped mine, just the thought of his lips against mine created tiny butterflies to form inside me. He took Seth and I through a broken down building making sure we were not to be spotted, as soon as we reached the last one he let go of my hand, whispered that he would see me later and placed a soft kiss upon my forehead.

Seth's eyes grew wider as he stared at the perfect stranger, he yanked me down to his level and shouted "you can not be with that monster," shock filled my face, he had never spoken so abruptly before.

Liam looked down at us for a few minutes and shouted "run," he placed his helmet back on and ran in the opposite direction stopping whoever it was from finding us. I yanked Seth up and forced him to run as fast as his little legs could carry him.

Before we knew it we were in our makeshift home, Seth once again curled himself into my lap and looked up at me, "Are we sleeping hungry tonight?" He whispered as he held onto his stomach.

At that very moment I wanted to throw myself off a cliff, I placed a kiss upon his forehead and laid him onto the dirty torn blanket as I sighed loudly.

If only things were different…

Frustration took over as I phased up and down in front of our little tent, how can I let my baby brother go to sleep starving.
I crept back inside and grabbed the rusty knife off the floor and stormed off.

I contemplated which body part would hurt less, after choosing I took a seat onto the cold hard ground and placed my left hand down.
The thumb it is... I thought to myself as I shoved the sleeve of the shirt into my mouth and placed the knife where my thumb ended.

I closed my eyes and counted down slowly from three, taking in a deep breath I pressed down hard. My heart raced in my chest the moment I felt a hand upon my shoulder stopping me dead in my tracks.
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