Chasing Time

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Chapter: 9

I placed my hands over Seth's eyes and shut my eyes tightly waiting for the inevitable, a loud thud filled my ears and my eyes shot open, his blue eyes stared down at Seth and I.

I jumped up immediately and wrapped my arms around him pulling him into a tight hug. He kissed my cheek gently and Seth closed his eyes, his face turned red as he turned around and stomped his feet out of frustration.

I pulled away from Liam and scooped him up, swinging him around until we both felt dizzy, his sweet laughter filled the air while Liam stood there like a guard dog for a few minutes.

He walked towards us making sure not to startle little Seth, he bent down and pulled something out of his pocket, Seth looked down and jumped for joy before I knew it, his arms wrapped tightly around Liam.

He lifted him up and cupped his hand into mine while we walked in the direction of our tent which was no longer there, I let go of his hand and rushed towards the open field only to be pushed right back straight into his arms.

I stuck my foot out and something stopped me from moving forward, I looked at him and as usual he had that annoying beautiful smirk on his face which sent me into a complete daze.

Open up he said sternly as he shuffled me through, he placed Seth down and opened the palm of his hand revealing a few symbols, he swiped into mid air and a see through blue screen appeared.

Seth's eyes lit up immediately as he tried grabbing it, his hands passed through it and he fell to the ground. His little eyes teared up and he wiped it away, "I want to go home" he whispered up at me. Without giving me a chance Liam tugged him by the hand and ordered him to turn a button on the screen.

He stared at me until I gave him a little nod as approval, he excitedly placed his finger on the screen and turned it ever so slowly.
The moment it reached the end my eyes went wide and he jumped up and down like a complete lunatic.

I rubbed my eyes and pinched Liam's arm causing him to jump and scream, "why did you do that?" He shouted.
I looked at him doe-eyed and kissed his lips softly "I needed to check if I were dreaming" I whispered.

His big blue eyes stared at me in disbelief before he shook his head and laughed softly, he took Seth by the hand and led him into the humongous face brick house standing before us. Seth's screams got me out of the daze I was in, I ran inside to see what was going on but he was not in the huge dining area neither was he in the fancy looking kitchen or any of the rooms.

I called out to him but there was no response, my trembling hands turned the shiny gold door knob which led me to the back yard. My jaw dropped as soon as I laid my eyes on the huge bouncy castle in the middle of the yard. A few feet away there was a tall tree with a blue tree house at the top.

My mind was boggled, Seth has never seen grass before let alone a mansion decorated with beautiful flowers and a tree.
I mean a tree who had a tree…?
Who has a tree…?
Without thinking I ran up to the tree and wrapped my arms around it, as far around it as possible.

Liam looked at me in amazement while Seth continued bouncing up and down until he grew tired, he ran straight passed me and climbed the long wooden ladder. "Be careful" I shouted like an over protective mama bear. He looked down at me and grinned from ear to ear, "he said this is my house in a tree" he shouted back down at me.

I couldn't help but laugh, my little brother was experiencing life's beauty for the first time, he rushed up the steps and screamed even louder than the first time. I sped up and found him plopped down on a green beanbag with a remote similar to one Liam had in his home.

He pushed a button and yelled "ouch" before dropping it down, on closer inspection I noticed a bit of blood which oozed out of his finger. Without any time wasted I sped down the stairs and screamed what the hell into his face.

He paid no attention to me and walked calmly up, they stayed up there for a while before I decided to walk up. They sat alongside one another and laughed loudly, stopping the moment they heard me walk in.

"Watch this" Seth yelled as he opened the palm of his hand revealing the same blue patterns Liam had on his hands, he shouted "I would like two burgers and fries please." A tiny table appeared in the dead center accompanied by two burgers and fries.

I rushed towards him and opened up his hands but nothing was there, "Liam what's going on?" I shouted.
His pretty blue eyes stared up at me and he sighed loudly, "have a seat Jen" he whispered as he stood up giving me room next to Seth.

I rolled my eyes at him in disbelief as he phased up and down mumbling where do I begin over and over again. "Do you remember the time your parents went into Adco?"

"Of course you do" he sighed loudly as I continued staring at him, "just tell her" Seth blurted out before going back to fidgeting with his hands.

Without giving him a chance I stormed out of there.
"How dare he?" I shouted at the top of my lungs, he frustrated every inch of my soul…
Before I knew it he stood behind me with his arms wrapped around my waist, "don't be upset my pretty" he whispered into my ear.

Something inside me felt broken, I immediately turned around to face him and pressed my lips against his. His eyes lit up and he pulled me closer sticking his tongue into my mouth, his tongue caressed mine for a few minutes before I shoved him away.

Even though I was in complete lust mode I needed to know what was done to my baby brother…

He held onto my face and whispered "Seth is not from this time."
I shoved him away even harder this time and shouted into his face yet he stayed absolutely calm.
My face turned red from anger "what do you mean not from this time, I raised him!" I shouted.

The calmness on his face scared me "you're more beautiful when you angry Jennifer" he said but I paid him no mind. Rage came over me like a mad woman on a path to destruction.
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