Continumental Stories: Volume 1

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When the sun began in the Solar System, its flares swam across its surface as it embraced its place within the universe. It was a beacon for the entire Matter-Fabric; but little did it know, that from the outset of innumerable eras it would be challenged by the very matter it held onto.

Myth riddled in tales of the First and the Ancients (a race of speechless beings with the mental capacity of a thousand minds). The Ancients were said to have lived for aeons, guiding the Matter-Fabric in its earliest form.

Time had given the universe so much, and in return it had been left to grow freely without the fear of being controlled or handled. There was no doubt that the Bearers were grateful to Time for keeping them in forward motion, for its valour when it sacrificed part of the Matter-Fabric to watch as we unfolded a great history in its wake.

With all this, Time’s life span shrunk as we dug deeper into its potential. Its qualities laid bare, we stripped what we could to use for our gain.

It soon came to pass that Time (just like life, just like the universe and everything in it) was coming to an end, and we were the cause of it.

So it did the only thing it knew: Time – fought – back.

The Prime Worlds

Anselopha rests alongside Earth as its counterpart, both are known as the Prime Worlds.

To this day, several others have called Anselopha their home: Dregdans, Entorals, Argons, Prodas, Gedatrons, Juirofens, Librons, Kristelanites and bountiful more; all named as Orilians.

Since before the twenty-first century, humans were unaware of their twin world. Humanity was regarded as a primitive race, with no powers to speak of. Some marvelled at their ability to engineer products to make their lives more efficient, for their exceptional yearning to explore, it became apparent that one day they would soon discover Anselopha.

The Panthcardians came together to ensure the protection of the Matter-Fabric, formed in order to govern the Prime Worlds, they watch over Time’s nature, preserving its longevity. This brought about the first Serilion: a tournament that saw Bearers battling to win the role of a Temporal Lord to the Matter-Fabric. One would be chosen as a Master, an overall controller who would become burdened with its troubles. Bearers were soon chosen, including; Australe, Ulex, Deminza and Stratesh.

Those selected were put through demanding physical and mental tests. Most went mad against the pressures, some were lost in time and those who remained faced a final challenge.

The Three Masters

Arcturus, Cygnus and Orion were awarded the positions as Masters. Reigning for many sendiums, bringing riches and sources of energy to the beings of Anselopha. They helped those who required assistance and promoted peace throughout the universe.

Time soon showed its weakness though, it caused aggressive tears in which the Masters learnt that it was in the process of its adolescence and needed a firm and encouraging hand to see it through. Although it was not a simple feat, there were unusual and unpredictable events that occurred which showed Time as a delicate matter without measure or equal.

Festivias took place, marking Trensgar (the Age of the Masters). For years, governing a peaceful race of Orilians, the Masters defended Anselopha and gave hope and freedom to those who struggled to gain it for themselves. Anselopha grew strong and mighty, living in serenity.

A prosperous Age ensued where everything seemed to be going right in the Matter-Fabric, the Masters sighed with relief. That was when things took a turn for the worst. Some Bearers who survived the Serilion soon went rogue, maddened by the torment. One of them, Stratesh, committed a series of atrocious crimes, he saw fit to inflict chaos, trying to prove himself as worthy as the Masters.

Stratesh’s power matched almost any sceptre that the Panthcardians carried. Growing stronger the more he gathered the power from orbs of each sceptre that he took from dead hands.

Whilst the Masters tried to summon Stratesh within a void, Stratesh conjured a portal that allowed him to escape. Regardless of where he would have turned up, it would be a while before he could return.

Arcturus summoned Polaris and instructed him to form an elite force, the Lorexiuns. They would be at the frontline in enforcing Continumental Laws. For the subsequent sendiums, they spread throughout Anselopha, dealing with all sorts of lawbreakers and watched out for any sign of Stratesh.

One night, Cygnus woke to the sound of Orion muttering and shrieking in his sleep. As he went to wake him from his sleep, Orion reacted instinctively and struck Cygnus in self-defence. Realising what he had done, Orion linked his mind with Arcturus, who came running, and shot a blast of energy, killing himself and Arcturus instantly, out of guilt.

Polaris found their bodies the morning after. Orilians mourned them when they heard the announcement of their deaths.

The Matter-Fabric was left under the protection of Ghezar.

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