Continumental Stories: Volume 1

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The Foretelling


Hooded figures wore long magnificent cloaks as they stalked in the shadows.

Andromeda wore a magenta cloak. Stratesh, a rich blue. Iridius, a jet black. Mhitus, a vibrant emerald. Pisces, a tremendous maroon. And Druiden, a miraculous violet. Their cloaks swept the ground as they shuffled forward. Six of them making their way upon a stone platform shaped like a hexagon. Climbing on in single file, one stood on each of its sides, facing the rest.

These were the Lost Six; the ones that legend spoke were candidates lost within the continuum. Where they had ended up was unclear, at first, even to them. They had now been here for quite some time, however long exactly was something they had greatly debated; Stratesh had thought it to be somewhere close to sixty sendiums. Druiden believed it to be a few montressens. Mhitus claimed that since they were not part of reality any more, that they had been here for a great length of time as well as no time at all.

Whatever the case was, the Lost Six had no means of leaving.

Today was going to change everything, for events that were about to happen, here and now, would come at the cost of a dying future. Very soon everything that had ever existed would perish. A day would come when nothing remained and it pained Andromeda to know that she was helpless.

Not once had the Lost Six encountered anyone else. They were locked in a gap in space and time or someplace unbeknown, or elsewhere out of the universe.

All were brought here when the first Serilion commenced. Each had been tackling their own personal tasks, when they were taken and forced into this foreign place.

‘How has it comes to this?’ Pisces said. ‘We knew this day would arrive and yet we are ridiculously unprepared.’

The others agreed.

‘Now comes the point where we will see a change in the universe and I do fear that everything we know will be gone indefinitely. The only thing we can do is put our hopes in the prophecy.’

‘We are only here since the Superiom betrayed us. He will remain locked behind his Door, as punishment for his crimes. If he were to roam the universe he would conjure all forces to his mercy.’

Andromeda lowered her hood, revealing a scar running from the side of her neck. ‘We are Bearers, are we not? It is our duty to ensure the survival of the continuum. Were we not the ones who stood and watched as one of our own nearly destroyed the whole Matter-Fabric? It is us who will ensure that new measures are put in place to protect Time and everyone in it.’

The Lost Six watched as a globe burst into life, rotating in an anti-clockwise motion, showing faces and images of the strangest of things.

‘We have been gathered here for a reason,’ she said. ‘It is now that I have come to the conclusion that having failed our challenges, we have nevertheless been handed a second chance. This place that we have found ourselves in is unmistakably … Elysium’s End.’

‘It cannot be,’ said Druiden.

‘Yet the evidence is clear,’ continued Andromeda. ‘We are standing on the Elispen, known in mythology as the base-plate of the universe, on the very spot it expanded. From here, all life, all Time has spread out far and wide.’

The symbols etched on the hexagon-stoned platform became clear, now that they had adjusted to this realisation. The symbols on each stone face were decipherable: Time, space, soul, actuality, segmantia and what was no doubt, the last dimension, that none of the company could translate, yet they knew that this dimension was the key to the survival of their universe and without it there was no hope for life or any sort of existence for that matter.

‘Reason was lost to us,’ said Iridius. ‘Now that you have pointed out the obvious Andromeda, I am delighted in your discovery.’

‘Then it was meant to be,’ Mhitus spoke. ‘For the very reason of being the universe’s protectors, we were brought here.’

Elysium’s End was a sacred place and held a pantheon of Bearers. Those who found themselves in Elysium’s End were chosen, above all, to be the wardens of the universe. Whatever their past was, whatever wrong they had done, was pardoned. Here was the place where new beginnings were merited. They had the power, no – the right to destroy the universe or see it grow.

‘Think about it,’ said Druiden. ’Each one of us were once enlisted to the Serilion and would have been Bearers had it not been for unforeseen circumstances.’

‘Or fate, as I see it,’ Stratesh pointed out.


‘It falls to us to do something about the state of the Matter-Fabric,’ said Mhitus. ‘To discourage the tampering of it we have to do all we can to ensure that the future can be whatever it must.’

A variety of colours streaked the globe, the Lost Six watched over in fascination.

‘These points,’ said Andromeda. ‘Are those that are wrong with the Matter-Fabric. They are the tears in the fabric of reality itself. Left exposed they will ensure such chaos that I fear Time cannot cope with.’

Andromeda looked on with bated breath. ‘The Prime Worlds have been divided for so long that they do not known each other. We must unite humans and Orilians, it is the only way to prevent the great collapse. Both races must come together if they want to maintain their place in the universe. We must act accordingly, with what powers we still possess. Anticipate the worst, the universe will come crashing down if we do nothing.’

‘And what of the Continuverse?’ Said Iridius. ‘What will become of them, when creation is destroyed. How then can we be able to patch the Matter-Fabric?’

‘We were once a Time Nation. It remains to us a duty, to watch over the existence and do what we can––’

‘But how?’ Mhitus said. ‘We cannot enter into reality.’

‘No…’ replied Andromeda, tilting her head. ‘Although, we can send a message, after all, we are still Bearers. We must link our minds to guide those who are crucial in the coming of the Darkened Days.’

‘Then we must request help from Polaris. Andromeda, do you have a connection?’

‘His mind has been closed for some time,’ she said.

‘Let’s find another way to channel a message. Breaking down the barriers from our side will require immense power. We have only one shot at this. Druiden, this task rests upon you,’ said Iridius.

Pisces traced his fingers over the coloured dots, his eyes focused on the globe. ‘The Prime Worlds have been in existence for so long that none of us can tell which one came first, Earth or Anselopha,’ he said. ‘How amazing it is to have two different worlds formed as a whole. From here they look like two sides of the same coin and yet we are responsible for both. It has to be in the equation to save humans as well as Orilians, has it not?’

Iridius agreed. ‘Indeed duty requires us to look after both worlds.’

‘Many will now have seen the signs of Time deteriorating,’ said Stratesh. ‘It is by chance that we still remain, while everything we had once, is now lost. Opportunity is wasted if we do nothing.’

‘What can we do?’ Mhitus said. ‘Have you forgotten that we are in this wretched place, with no means of departing?’

‘A misfortune, nothing more, my dear Mhitus,’ assured Andromeda. ‘We shall leave these grounds and assume our duties once more on our return. Until then, we must plan carefully, for the fate of everything might just rest on the actions that we are going to carry out.’

‘Then it is settled,’ said Pisces, authoritatively. ‘We must do all we can to leave Elysium’s End and break back into the universe from which we came.’

‘We cannot delay, for Time will fluctuate to a point where it cannot be restored.’

‘I highly doubt the seat will be afforded to us.’

‘Even if that were the case,’ said Druiden. ‘I don’t see us becoming the First Authority.’

‘Regardless of whether beings see our claim as true, we must do what is necessary until a Master can take the seat. Until one is chosen I see no reason why a defence cannot be put in place.’

‘What of the Castor?’

‘The criminal has not been seen since his encounter with a Sectomancer.’

‘He is anything but!’ Retorted Andromeda. ‘Though we might not know of his whereabouts there are regions where he could be. Once he makes his own way, he must seek the paths that conjoin his destiny with the Traveller’s. In his prime, the Castor must decide if he is to join the fate of the universe and fight to keep Time in motion or lose himself in the process.’

‘And the Traveller? Are we not to pursue him?’

‘That is but a myth.’

‘It is just an ancient prophecy.’

‘Oh, but we must believe in such things.’

Andromeda turned away from their gaze. ‘It is the Traveller who I know perhaps too much of, yet little does he know of me, we both are … linked––’ She faced Pisces, head held high. ‘I believe that he will indeed become a Master, but I fear that when the moment arises, it will be too late.’

‘So we shall set a path for the Traveller to follow, one that will secure his seat. We are limited in our use of power here, but together we can influence the course of destiny, however slight that may be.’

‘For now we must pin our hopes on the Castor. I fear that his part to play will be imperative. He must bring balance to the continuum if we are to have any hopes in outliving this cycle. Before a Master is revealed, we have to put our efforts in aiding the Castor to save creation from being wiped out,’ said Andromeda. ‘When we return to the worlds we must seek him out, to ensure a defence and to guard Time from further damage and do all in our power to stop vicious crimes towards the Matter-Fabric and on the way, we may even walk amongst the Traveller.’

Fate, destiny and all things created and of those to come, lingered in the darkness of space and time.

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