The Hair in a Black Hole

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I remember seeing her somewhere, in fact she was once my friend and when i tried to recall deeper, I’d even kissed her once. Who is she? What she is having for me?

Scifi / Romance
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Chapter 1

And she asked to me one day.

“Why are you staring at me always?”

I thought to blush the question by asking whether the question really meant to me and it’s too evident that it won’t works as I’m the only one left out there.

Besides I never thought she will be asking and was expecting it from her friend as I got more crush on more her than she.

“Well, I’m bit obsessed with your hairstyle” I replied.

“Sorry I didn’t get you” She exclaimed in a tone that clearly underlies that she does get it, but to make sure what she heard.

“I mean, your free hair is distracting me a lot, is it natural hairstyle, did you born with it or did you some thing, I can’t resist myself thinking about it, I cannot simply imagine other hairstyle patterns with your face” I explained.

She tied her hands in a commanding position and said

“Are you okay? And for your information, I’m married and don’t get any ideas”

She is too young to get married and I could see no traits. Besides that, I didn’t really exaggerate on the fact.

“Okay, but your response is quite contrary. I mean I didn’t ask about your marital status. I was just replying to my question. ” I thought to play with it.

“Hey, what you want? What’s your problem?” This time with a raising tone.

“Okay, cool. I don’t know who you’re and I still don’t know your name. I didn’t make any attempts to converse with you. We work in the same office and you often pass by my workstation and it’s quite natural that my eyes met you. I don’t see any wrongdoing here. I just say what I felt about your hair, nothing else”

She is listening it and with a breath pause and she laughed.

“You’re nuts for sure” She laughed and moved to coffee machine

“By the way, Do you have any girlfriends?”

“Well, are we obliged to have girl friends?

“Okay I understand that you’ve none”

She is actually right.

When everyone at the age, looking for girls, I was more checking into books. Later realized, I need girl in my life. But when I came to the field, I was outdated and too late as most of them are occupied already and few were available due to some odd reasons with a stiff competition.

Like Mars does have life in the past, I too’ d many short love stories in my life. Had some spring time with flurry of opportunities. I fell short in those occasions.

But conditions now were more like of Venus’s no possibility of Life anymore. It seems barren and conditions were not supportive.

Ain’t trying too much. I was getting lazier these days, I was more comfortable and safer in just looking at Girls. So, I started looking, just looking. Nothing else, never made any attempts to talk. People say I’m dared to try, maybe they were right.

“Okay, where are we leading this conversation to?

She took the coffee and sipped with her eyes staring at me.

In a brief moment, I don’t know what gesture I’m supposed to make as her continuing stare makes me uncomfortable.

“Well, by the way, I could see of no traits of you getting married? Is it happened recently?

“Yeah, recently”

I’m still not convinced. Because there could be some noticeable attributes such as bright face [ due to the settlements of multiple cementing of facials ], fluffy body or at least some regions[ need no further explanation on the aftermath of the ultimate fantasy event post the union ], vibrant display of ornaments, changes in dress patterns and so on.

But she is projecting none of these and look similar through out the observable time.

“Well” I extended and she noticed my suspicion.

“You want to meet my husband?” She asked.

“Um, I don’t know, why? ” I hesitated. I have no clue on the continuing conversation with her, what could I possibly may talk to her husband.

“But you seems very suspicious”

“No, No, but I’m not sure , how did we land to this conversation?

She laughed and she isn’t faking the laugh. But I don’t know what prompted her. This isn’t a sitcom where laughing tracks are placed at some point in conversation to induce laugh.

“It’s very unfortunate that you don’t have a girlfriend yet” She said.

“Okay, so you’re caring”

“Ah, well, not exactly, but may be” She blushed.

“Wanna play? I elongated.

“Wanna play? She repeated after me with her eyes leaning towards me.

“Cupid?” I finished.

“Cupid?!, why would I play cupid for you?

“Umm, I don’t know what else you can make me into a relationship?”

After a momentary stare, she speaks.

“Come along with me”

I followed her and she is a witch for sure.

She lead me through the stairways.

I want to ask her the destination, but I couldn’t.

And she diverted from stairs to a floor which is isolated for a years I guess.

There are some debris all over the floors, seems like an aftermath of an earthquake.

But I don’t know why this floor alone in the multi storey building was so bad in shape.

How come a disaster strike so accurate that this particular floor alone hit.

“You know what happened here?” I asked her.

“Oh, who cares?” She blushed.

Why does this topic of environment intrigues her?

“Where are we going?”

“I want to show you something”

“What could be possibly she show here in this isolated place?”

I’ve noticed her feet started to pace quickly.

She doesn’t pay attention on the footsteps, though there are glass shattered pieces along the way. I think she visit a lot here.

What if she had already brought many others before myself?

What if she took a glass piece and slit my throat?

What if she took to a place and hit me and stole my wallet?

What if she is a vampire?

What if she took to me a place where she is feeding Zombies and some kind of creatures?

What if she is going to visit me a surprise party? [ My birthday is too far and I hate this very idea of celebrating birthdays ]

What if she took to me an Orgy? [I’m not comfortable though]

What if it is one-one act? [That would be a fine]

If yes, why is she taking me to this place?, her taste seems so weird?

May be she is looking for some privacy.

I keep having these thoughts in my mind without realizing the destiny I’m into.

And she stopped in a big hole.

It is so dark and black

A black which is so black, that I’vent seen before.

She is staring at the hole.

I’m still clueless on what’s going on.

Who the hell is she? What she’s doing?

Damn sure, it’s some occult stuff.

“Okay, let’s go” She said.

“Hey, what is it all about? ” By the time, I ask, she opened the door and dragged me in to the hole and that was the exact last moment, I remember happening. And it’s the end of my bizarre journey.

Something happened in my life, a girl is sending some signals back. All of my life, I was the one who send signals, my transistor doesn’t detect any incoming signals.

But this is un usual.

How am I related to this girl?

I’m not poetic enough to describe her features one by one starting from eyes.

Let’s get straight.

She seems to be a short stature girl having those pointed breasts, shape similar to a equilateral triangle from side view.

Face seems to a new pattern which I have never witnessed before. Facial patterns always intrigues me, how come we’re having numerous combination with just few elements.

The most beautiful thing about her is the hair, it is so swivel, looks like some heads from shampoo ads.

Each hair is so shining and it’s craving to pull the hands in.

Hope she isn’t wearing a wig.

How come some one grow such hair? Is it possible biologically?

In a high definition, each hair seems to be in animation, trying to lure like medusa.

She is approaching me with some seductive smile, But I still don’t know what I did. I just watched her while she move around. How come that sole action turning the girl towards me.

“Hi, can you just follow me ” her voice was so enigmatic and sound so sexy.

I was supposed to ask where, but I’m sure I’vent, instead I just followed her.

She is having the cat walk now, which makes to me recall how she actually walked before, or is it just happened accompanying with these unexpected events.

She leads to me a floor which is an alien word, I don’t know how I existed within the building, something terribly happened over there as it seems to be the perfect metaphor of the most chaotic system.

By the time, I comprehend the environment, all of a sudden, she turn back and kissed me.

Speaking of kiss - It was the most passionate kiss I ever had. Wait, no this is the first kiss I ever had packed with strong sexual desires. This kiss can hold the record of many firsts in my history.

It was french kiss of course, I don’t why french are getting the credit for this involuntary sexual act, isn’t supposed to be exhibit even though the participants can recall that the act they’re going to perform something which is attributed by French.

She is making advance in the kiss front, so I do lead with my hands to hold her tight. For me, Kisses are always incomplete, a misleading act. It can be a good starter, but nevertheless no where near to ultimate destination. All you can do is keep eating the mouth and you knew that you aren’t able to do it completely. So you were just keep trying and trying and there reaches a saturation point.

Beyond the point, you will lose the interest over mouth and you started feeling that you’re wasting time in reception in a big luxury hotel which have many grand suites awaiting.

If you miss the saturation, you will probably find yourselves as cannibal eating your partner.

Of course there are pros in kiss, it leads to overcome the proximity, with such passionate kisses, you’re going your whole body as a sensory Organ. Brain starts receiving many sensory signals and get exhausted.

Of course, there are certain bumps you may find as most exotic.

The duration of the kiss lasted much long so that I’d these much of thoughts I’d.

We both started to breath heavily, so that I started realizing that is why the kiss had reached an end, because of the suffocation, we’d. My brain might have seems overlooked the sufferings my lungs is having in amidst of celebration where champagne of oxytocin showering.

After a brief moment, she hold my hands and started walking.

She is really on to it. I’m not sure if my body is prepared for the sex olympics. He already need some rest after attending opening ceremony.

She took me to a strange door which is painted black and she took a pause and said
“Let’s go”

And opened the door, all I remember was we opened the door.

I saw her somewhere, in fact she is my friend and when i tried to recall, I’d even kissed her. Holy shit.

She is coming towards me with a sarcastic smile.

“How are you?”

“Um, I don’t know”

“Do you know what just happened”

“I don’t know, let me recall, I used to watch you. Few minutes we’d some conversation about something.
Later I also recall, we’d some affair.”

“Woah, woah, wait a minute, when it just happened?”

“Um, you’re right, it was just a kiss, it doesn’t qualifies for an affair”

She is convinced now.

“Okay, you seems so struggling. Let me help you. But promise me, that you won’t say to anyone”

“Yes, please go ahead.” I love hearing secrets, I’m good at keeping the vault, the most of the times, I lost it.

“Okay, do you believe in time travel”

“I’m sure it’s possible. In blackhole, event horizon we can go back to the time”

“Oh, I don’t know that. But glad that you’re convinced that it is possible”

“I got married recently.” She started.

Is she nuts, we’re having a conversation about time travel and black holes and she immediately shifted the topic to her marriage.

“Me and my husband, played truth and dare game. In fact, I chose the game when we ran out of topics, my stupid decision I still regret.

“It was his turn and I started listening things which I didn’t expect to hear from him.

He used to have lot of stories in the past, it’s okay to have, but it’s more disgusting when you hear that he had slept with many.

I didn’t say anything.

Later it was my turn, he asked about myself, but I never had revelation stories like him.”

I told him that I used to have crush with my one of senior, who was supposed to be my close friend’s boyfriend.

And he asked “That’s it?”

Honestly yes, I said yes, it was just a crush. I don’t want to talk more about now"

“Seems you’re bit off when we’ve this topic, are you okay? I know it’s something unpleasant. But I just want to know that after marriage, you’re the one and only person in my life. I wish to continue the same. Even if you told me you’d relations before marriage, I wouldn’t have worried as long as you l be mine after the marriage” He said.

“I’m not a feminist, but you know what I believe in equality. Still our society is like there are certain things if a man does it is fine, but if it is woman, people would raise her eyebrows. For him, it seems to be simple thing, but if I’d this story, I don’t think he would take it up this easily. It is a indeed a pride thing for men to have many girl friends. But if it a women does, they can’t simply accept. There is word called Slut in English, but I’m not sure if we’d similar term exists for calling a men."

We had this conversation with time travel, now moved to her relation, now we’ve reached society. What else left to discuss.

Even during the pause, I didn’t fill any words, she is up to something, let her finish, I thought.

“So I planned something, why can’t I just alter my past to match with him, people says marriage is about being equal right, you heard right LHS = RHS”

Here comes Mathematics

Now I can go to my husband and tell that I’d a story I just remember. I had kissed a boy once."

“But you’re now married right?”

“Yeah, but didn’t you realize that we actually went to past and had kissed, at the time I wasn’t”

“Uh, what??!!!. But how did you discover this time travel stuff”

"You know what I actually don’t remember that part. Perhaps I actually discovered the time travel in the future, now might be I’m living in past. You can’t remember future right?

“Wait, what you mean, we’re now having this conversation in the past?”

“Well it is complex, time is relative thing, it won’t be same for everyone. It depends.”

“I still don’t get it”

“Look, you don’t have to worry much. For you, it is still present.”

“Whatever, you’d just altered my life, now I’d kissed a girl, what if my future wife knows about it?

"She had to go the past and get it equaled." She said and laughed.


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